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VFequalsVeryFcked t1_irwqbos wrote

Why does the driving licence have a gender on it all?

It seems completely pointless. Do people who live in New York need to prove their gender for something?


booooimaghost t1_irxqr7n wrote

well see ID's are used to identify people


friso1100 t1_irxzbod wrote

Right but what are you going to do if the gender doesn't match with what is written in the id? Nothing really. In practice the picture is enough.

Edit: People down voting me while I'm right... as trans person you would think i know what happens when your id doesn't match your sex.


booooimaghost t1_iry0ros wrote

i'm sure there are some male/female siblings out there that could pass for eachother with a wig or something or short hair, twins and shit. I had a ex who said her dad would dress up as his grandma to take money out the bank, people do all types of crazy shit.


seen somebody else say something about IDing people in car crashes bodies mangled


gender ambiguous people taken to jail need to be put in the correct jail area, yk they separate by sex n all that


I'm sure people have given this some thought and have that on the ID for a reason


friso1100 t1_iry3hkp wrote

Yeah but that doesn't happen with the ID. Look im trans and from the Netherlands. I have the v for vrouw (female) in my passport but that doesn't match my sex. Yet i can travel over the world (some countries were being trans is outlawed of course excepted) but they won't try to match my id to my genitals. Let alone chromosomes.

Of course you could think of the edge case of the car crash. But it has to be an incredibly precise type of crash where all my other indentifing info is lost except my sex and my id... i don't think that is really a good reason.

As for prisons. My personal opinion is that in general we should allow for self identification. How ever when someone is a risk or for other reasons wouldn't be a good fit other measures can be taken. As the exception. And again they don't use id to determine sex here.

For your final point. i wonder if it is given good thought to be fair. Identification is a rather old system and like many old systems you get customs that just don't get questioned over time. Most reasons I've heard are after thoughts.


aioncan t1_irxk8lo wrote

In case of severe accident and dealing with a mangled body and they have to mark what the victims gender on their paperwork


aral_sea_was_here t1_irwrg8m wrote

Maybe to hlp identify people when they're running from police


VFequalsVeryFcked t1_irws5gg wrote

Their name, address, and photo isn't enough?

Officer 1: "Oh, this person has the same name and address, and the photo looks like them. But they said they're male and the licence says female".

Officer 2: "We obviously have the wrong person. I guess the criminal got away."

There are plenty of places where the driving licence does not include their gender and the police have no more difficulties proving it's them than place who include it.

Plus, anybody can now just get an "X" instead of a gender, so how is that different?


hungry_lobster t1_iryjsht wrote

Is this a serious question? If the police are looking for a 33 year old woman? Is the gender of the person you are questioning not important?


Recalled_2_life t1_irykq8z wrote

Yeah I think they mean "sex" Cops don't really care how you "identify"


sjpllyon t1_irwrv4v wrote

I would think it's for when/if that individual is being taken to jail, searched, or taken to prison they can be dealt with by the appropriate gender. Example being I would not liked to be searched in any form by the opposite sex than myself. Not would I like to go to a prison with the opposite sex.


VFequalsVeryFcked t1_irwsxo1 wrote

In the UK you get asked for these details when you're being processed. If you identify as another gender you're asked which gender of officer you'd rather perform the search.

If you get sent to prison then your barrister petitions the judge to send you to a prison for that gender and you go through that process. I would hope that if I ever got arrested in the US (unlikely) that I'd be offered the same as I would be offered in the UK. Rather than just using details off a license.

A license is just proof of ID, not of gender. A way to prove that your details are yours. It seems ridiculous that you have to prove your gender


sjpllyon t1_irwy1w8 wrote

Valid points. But I will add this, maybe it's so the officer at the scene is able to identify quickly if a different gendered officer is required or even how to refer to them.

But honestly, I have no idea. I'm just trying to think of reasons on why it was put on them in the first place.


jgoble15 t1_irxooff wrote

I think part of it is also for emergency services. Might be a bit outdated now, but if a bad wreck happens they can use your license for identification to notify family and also have some basic health info. This is why I think they ask for sex, not gender, on the card


Khaldara t1_irxqnay wrote

Could just be one of those bureaucratic snowball effects too. “You must have a valid state drivers license to qualify for <some other document/service>. That document requires a sex declaration, that declaration must match another verified document, like your license, so now we just made it standard on all identification paperwork” or some other bean counting nonsense


alexjaness t1_irxtaul wrote

yes, so when the officer is tasering them and planting drugs on them they know their preferred pronoun.

(how did you know I'm it the poor grammar and spelling?)


yolk3d t1_iryim41 wrote

I agree. Very useless if you can just change it to "X" anyway. May as well just remove the data point.


Recalled_2_life t1_iryklo2 wrote

The murder suspect is a 5'9" X with brown hair


killertortilla t1_iryvfnx wrote

And you have a picture, how would the gender help you more than having a picture of their face?