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offeringathought t1_irx64pa wrote

The article uses the term gender but the license says sex. Do people consider these terms as indistinguishable in this context?


friso1100 t1_iry0ktz wrote

It's mostly a leftover from when as a society we didn't label the divide between gender and sex i think. It would make more sense for the id to say gender. That's the way it's used in practice


speederaser t1_irz6xx1 wrote

That makes me wonder why we have it on the license at all? Surely there's a reason.

If it's so a medic can identify the correct medicine to give you based on your sex while you are unconscious/dying, that would be pretty important to have that correct on your license.


friso1100 t1_irzv8th wrote

I don't think they use your license for that. Also it is just not that simple. I'm trans so i use hormones. This means a lot of processes in my body run as if i was a woman. Not everything of course, but it certainly isn't black and white. So if you did follow my id and i wasn't able to change it then they may make mistakes the other direction in. But again, i don't believe they use your id for that.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_is0isjx wrote

Why list race? Lots of people don't fall neatly into race boxes.


speederaser t1_is29oqp wrote

Probably for visual identification right? But I agree, race is obviously a bad solution. What if we instead assigned everyone a hexadecimal color code like in MS Paint? That would be much more effective.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_is2vflg wrote

Just don't list it at all. It's a problematic concept to begin with


speederaser t1_is32oq5 wrote

That's an option, I'm just seeing if we can improve upon the original reason it was put there. If it's so the Silver Alert system works, then that's pretty important, we can just decouple it from Race.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_is3fh2p wrote

The original reason is that we used to use very rudimentary concepts to differentiate people.


speederaser t1_is3lan3 wrote

Agreed. Hex color codes would be a modern solution.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_is401tz wrote

For what? There's a photo of the person right there. Just look.


speederaser t1_is44c1h wrote

Well when licenses were invented they probably couldn't just send a quick pic of the person. So color id was necessary. If that was the reason behind it, then we could eliminate any need to list race or color because everybody has cell phones now.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_is0inso wrote

Language is muddy. There no getting around that. You have to understand what concepts are being referred to and not get lost in semantics.


minnieboss t1_irxr1vk wrote


edit: why the downvotes, that's just a factual answer about the legal context?


LaserAntlers t1_iry201v wrote

But they're not?? A person's gender identity is not their biological sex. There is an important medical distinction and should be a deliberate legal distinction as well.


minnieboss t1_iry2a8y wrote

Too bad, gonna change my legal sex to X to match my gender and no one can stop me.


LaserAntlers t1_iry2p9u wrote

I mean you do you, not really my problem; just stating the facts and adjacent shoulds.