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booooimaghost t1_iry0ros wrote

i'm sure there are some male/female siblings out there that could pass for eachother with a wig or something or short hair, twins and shit. I had a ex who said her dad would dress up as his grandma to take money out the bank, people do all types of crazy shit.


seen somebody else say something about IDing people in car crashes bodies mangled


gender ambiguous people taken to jail need to be put in the correct jail area, yk they separate by sex n all that


I'm sure people have given this some thought and have that on the ID for a reason


friso1100 t1_iry3hkp wrote

Yeah but that doesn't happen with the ID. Look im trans and from the Netherlands. I have the v for vrouw (female) in my passport but that doesn't match my sex. Yet i can travel over the world (some countries were being trans is outlawed of course excepted) but they won't try to match my id to my genitals. Let alone chromosomes.

Of course you could think of the edge case of the car crash. But it has to be an incredibly precise type of crash where all my other indentifing info is lost except my sex and my id... i don't think that is really a good reason.

As for prisons. My personal opinion is that in general we should allow for self identification. How ever when someone is a risk or for other reasons wouldn't be a good fit other measures can be taken. As the exception. And again they don't use id to determine sex here.

For your final point. i wonder if it is given good thought to be fair. Identification is a rather old system and like many old systems you get customs that just don't get questioned over time. Most reasons I've heard are after thoughts.