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Surfs_The_Box t1_irz1f42 wrote


RoastedRhino t1_irzkzmz wrote

Why? (Serious question)


Xeludon t1_is0ajk9 wrote

Because men and women are biologically different, and a significant amount of medical things that work for one don't work for the other and can even be fatal.


RoastedRhino t1_is0cwb1 wrote

OK, but would a doctor/ER decide based on an ID? Which in some cases would list the gender, in some cases the biological sex?

If medical reasons matter, then allergies should be there before biological sex, and in any case the medical data should not be there to be inspected by anybody that handles ID.

Of all things, biological sex seems something that a doctor can ask or (if the patient cannot respond) verify by other means.

From what I know, they don't even trust your blood type indication and test you anyway (and provide you with universal donor blood in the meanwhile).


Xeludon t1_is0dxt6 wrote

In an emergency situation, with an unconscious patient who is close to death, what do you think is easier; confirming by I.D. or getting permission to go through private medical records, then sorting through them on a computer until you find the sex of the patient?


RoastedRhino t1_is0i9nx wrote

In an emergency situation close to death? You look at the person and you take the best educated guess of whether they are biologically male or female. Do you think they look at their driving license?


Xeludon t1_is0jl1l wrote

There's many, many emergency responders in this thread who are all saying they do, and a quick Google search will show you that they do if they need to.

If you have a very butch or very effeminate person and you can't tell, do you think taking a guess is appropriate?

Guessing in an emergency situation gets people killed.