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mbbysky t1_irz686t wrote

Rather than wonder whether a solution exists to maintain that standard of care WHILE respecting various gender expressions, you call this all "nonsense" and "ridiculous"

Very telling

My guess: you care more about how this affects YOU and YOUR potential liability than you do any patient outcomes. The rest is a rationalization, and you've probably internalized it to the point that this comment will enrage you and you'll lean in with defending yourself and your character... Because again, this is all about you

ETA: You literally posted another comment all about how it "does me no good as a first responder," so, looks like I was right.

If you're thinking to reply by citing examples of how it could cause medical complications, then let's circle back to the start: How do address this without throwing this out entirely? If you won't entertain the idea, then you're not about patient outcomes, you're just about resisting change.


EAygge t1_irzlq73 wrote

A side note. Is it not perfectly OK to worry about ones liability? I would not want to cause me or my employer damages just by doing my job. Why would that ever be an issue?


Surfs_The_Box t1_irz7jde wrote

No I mean like men and women are different like medically and surgery and hormones will not change a lot of the differences especially in terms of signs and symptoms