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cdiddy19 t1_irwsryd wrote

I thought the same thing... Then I was like, I'm probably jaded.

So I read the article, they had five lemurs, and birthed 8.

To be fair, the females are only receptive to mate for a day or two out of the entire year, which means their numbers are very few


stillwaterbrown t1_irww8jo wrote

Kiwi lemurs are all about the slow jams and little blue pills.


davis946 t1_irxbl9h wrote

From what, 2 to 4?



Ozzman4200 t1_irxmabm wrote

Geez New Zealand, leave some for the rest of us.


The13thReservoirDog t1_iry2n6i wrote

They had these at a place i used to work

they would sit in the funniest positions waiting for the sun to come up

like little buddhas


Quasa3 t1_iry4v3v wrote

Anyone else sing 'You got to move it, move it," in your head as soon as you saw these little guys?


TheW83 t1_irycjjp wrote

Interesting. I saw (I believe 4) of these at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa,FL earlier this year. I didn't know they were endangered.


nxram t1_iryedhl wrote

So.. New Zooland?


Tbkssom t1_iryiach wrote

Plot twist: they didn’t get any new lemurs, it’s just that more of them are endangered now


Aww_Uglyduckling t1_irz9zpj wrote

Twice as likely a prostitute is going to get her face bitten...


ThomasEdmund84 t1_irzu4h0 wrote

Does that lemur look super buff to everyone else?


taz-nz t1_irzu57d wrote

You couldn't even read the first paragraph.

"After its four females gave birth to twins"

4 x 2 = 8

1 male + 4 females = 5

5 + 8 = 13

2 x 5 = 10

13 > 10 (so 13 is more than double)