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ghostoutlaw t1_irylv5q wrote

Is it a senzu plant?


StewofPuppies t1_irzenka wrote

Can I just say Goku was a terrible dad giving Cell a senzu bean so he could beat the shit out of Gohan. He didnt even want to fight.


ghostoutlaw t1_irzhn4e wrote

DBZ Abridged covers this in depth how shitty of a parent goku is. It's actually called out several times. And it's fucking hilarious.


ThePresidentsNipples t1_irzjy65 wrote

Consider that dummies child hood though, of course he was a shitty dad. Every one that was raising him up was kinda a bastard.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_is09ee5 wrote

All of his friends were complete sociopaths.

A girl tried to bang every guy who had anything she wanted, even tried to sexually manipulate a child

A shape-shifting borderline sex offender

An old man with a turtle fetish who was an actual sex offender

A womanizing thief who lied and manipulated everyone but his pet cat

Ironically his only decent friend was Krillin whose worst crime was just being a selfish asshole

A giant who practically sold off his daughter at the ripe age of 8

Same daughter who physically abused her forced husband

I don't remember much about Tien and his dwarf clown sidekick but if memory serves they were the only two good dudes

Needless to say the original Dragon Ball was really fucking weird


StewofPuppies t1_is0aor1 wrote

I can't believe you forgot the most important character. Emperor Pilaf


flamethekid t1_is0ef8z wrote

Don't forget Launch who would shoot up Goku Everytime she sneezed.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_is0whog wrote

Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu were part of the Crane School so they were kinda assassins. But they turned out okay after getting beat up once, fair and square in a tournament no less.

Too bad Toriyama hates them for some reason.


OneTrueKingOfOOO t1_is0gdb4 wrote

I watched bits and pieces of DB and DBZ way back when. Just started Super recently and have been thinking “man who are all these people, maybe I should go back and rewatch. Reading this I think I’m good


grumpykruppy t1_is0w0uy wrote

Supposedly DBZ is good.

I haven't heard many positives about original Dragon Ball though.


Saint-just04 t1_is0y0vt wrote

The original DB is awesome, albeit more childlike than dbz.


HammofGlob t1_is10hwh wrote

Og DB is a waay better show! More childish maybe, but much more fun to watch. It actually goes downhill when it transitions to DBZ and all the fights start to drag on for 5 episodes while Goku is on his way there. Piccolo is the lamest villain ever and mr popo is just… offensive. At least they way they draw him is. Kami is one of the only good things about those later eps.


MaestroPariah t1_irzftq2 wrote

Came in hoping for a DBZ comment and was not disappointed.

Good on you, human.


ovaltine_spice t1_irzw0kg wrote

Ok I'm going to be that guy.

The mainline of that arc is that Goku realises he can't beat Cell. He knows if he is gone, and there isn't someone strong enough, everyone is doomed.

He knew Gohan was more powerful than him.

Gohan had to beat cell at his strongest, or he wouldn't be strong enough later and everyone would be dead anyway.

All roads lead to everyone dead if Gohan couldn't reach his potential.

^^Edit: It leads to one of the best episodes. That depicts the week before the Cell games. Everyone expects him to be amped like usual, but he spends the entire time just chilling with his family, not training and telling Gohan to take a beat too. He knows it could all go south.

However, Goku is still a shitty father. Vegeta 4 lyf.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_is09v9n wrote

Ah yes Vegeta "stop crying I'll take you the park after I beat you"

Real father of the year


ovaltine_spice t1_is0k7sh wrote

At least he's a present father and husband.

For the most part he trained at home. Instead of swanning off to the desert for months. Not even coming home.

And you can call it 'beating', he was training his son, then at least he did take him to the park after. And in the context of the show, he isn't shown to hate it. It's played like he pestered Vegeta into training him.

Vegeta refuses until Trunks reveals he can go Super Saiyan.


StewofPuppies t1_is0agq4 wrote

Hey, I'm sure Trunks toughened up after that. Personality wise he does seem tougher than the aloof Gohan and Goten.


Hecticfreeze t1_is2finn wrote

Goku being a shit dad is directly addressed in the manga. He's basically a child in an adults body who never grew up because he never had a proper childhood himself, was forced into a marriage that he didn't really understand the concept of, and saw his kids as more like new friends to hang out with than children he was directly responsible for.

Also all the men in the manga are giant perverts.


StewofPuppies t1_is2iw13 wrote

I think it also overlooks the fact they decide the fate of the universe based on rock paper scissors and who gets first dibs and it isn't just Goku its everyone. Even Krillin and Vegeta.