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ghostoutlaw t1_irzhn4e wrote

DBZ Abridged covers this in depth how shitty of a parent goku is. It's actually called out several times. And it's fucking hilarious.


ThePresidentsNipples t1_irzjy65 wrote

Consider that dummies child hood though, of course he was a shitty dad. Every one that was raising him up was kinda a bastard.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_is09ee5 wrote

All of his friends were complete sociopaths.

A girl tried to bang every guy who had anything she wanted, even tried to sexually manipulate a child

A shape-shifting borderline sex offender

An old man with a turtle fetish who was an actual sex offender

A womanizing thief who lied and manipulated everyone but his pet cat

Ironically his only decent friend was Krillin whose worst crime was just being a selfish asshole

A giant who practically sold off his daughter at the ripe age of 8

Same daughter who physically abused her forced husband

I don't remember much about Tien and his dwarf clown sidekick but if memory serves they were the only two good dudes

Needless to say the original Dragon Ball was really fucking weird


StewofPuppies t1_is0aor1 wrote

I can't believe you forgot the most important character. Emperor Pilaf


flamethekid t1_is0ef8z wrote

Don't forget Launch who would shoot up Goku Everytime she sneezed.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_is0whog wrote

Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu were part of the Crane School so they were kinda assassins. But they turned out okay after getting beat up once, fair and square in a tournament no less.

Too bad Toriyama hates them for some reason.


OneTrueKingOfOOO t1_is0gdb4 wrote

I watched bits and pieces of DB and DBZ way back when. Just started Super recently and have been thinking “man who are all these people, maybe I should go back and rewatch. Reading this I think I’m good


grumpykruppy t1_is0w0uy wrote

Supposedly DBZ is good.

I haven't heard many positives about original Dragon Ball though.


Saint-just04 t1_is0y0vt wrote

The original DB is awesome, albeit more childlike than dbz.


HammofGlob t1_is10hwh wrote

Og DB is a waay better show! More childish maybe, but much more fun to watch. It actually goes downhill when it transitions to DBZ and all the fights start to drag on for 5 episodes while Goku is on his way there. Piccolo is the lamest villain ever and mr popo is just… offensive. At least they way they draw him is. Kami is one of the only good things about those later eps.