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Majestic_Electric t1_is0utls wrote

Don’t they mean they found an anti-fungal? Antibiotics only work on bacteria.


ActivisionBlizzard t1_is0y4ms wrote

Had to do a bit of digging to answer this. Scientifically, the general understanding is that antibiotics refers to anti-bacterial molecules. Although search the phrase “antibiotic antifungal” and you’ll see that isn’t even fully agreed in the scientific community.

However the lay definition - Oxford English Dictionary definition, and not by chance (I’m guessing) the first result when googling - is that antibiotic is acting against any microorganism.

This is how that article has ended up using the wrong sounding phrase “antibiotic antifungal”. Which suggests that “antibiotic antibacterial” is what they would use for true antibiotics.


daman4567 t1_is167qy wrote

Viruses are the more unique factor here, not being cells and whatnot. Fungus and bacteria are more alike than viruses and literally anything else.


forever_erratic t1_is1m15q wrote

Well, ok, but your comment implies fungi and bacteria are alike. They are not.


Houseton t1_is1ogp2 wrote

They are both living, viruses are not. So they are more alike with each other than with viruses.

Edit:a word


ColdJello t1_is2t60e wrote

Fungi cells are more closely related to our human cells than they are bacteria.. there's so many differences between fungi and bacteria that you can't really say they are closely related.


Successful-Quote8204 t1_is2tvd2 wrote

Which no one was saying. Relative to viruses they’re more alike than not. The difference between a virus and a living cell is like between a jelly fish and a rock.


Icantblametheshame t1_is30jft wrote

Omg! That's exactly what I said! Bacteria and fungus are like the difference between a jelly fish and a whale, not similar at all, yet somehow kind of are, and are wayyy different than them and a rock!


forever_erratic t1_is1oso2 wrote

Right. And yet, bacteria and fungi are still extremely different from one another.


Houseton t1_is1qkyq wrote

You are 100% right on that. Both are living organisms though so they are more alike there than viruses, which aren't living per se.


RobotArtichoke t1_is20tfu wrote

They both compete for the same resources though


_Wyrm_ t1_is3x5nv wrote

Viruses do not compete for resources. They take over cells and force them to make more.

There is no biological process that happens with respect to virii, save when they are created and when they latch onto a cell and inject their gunk in.

Bacteria and fungi, on the other hand, need energy to survive. They must feed off of their host.


cbftw t1_is1ybwg wrote

They're still more alike than virii and anything else in the world


Icantblametheshame t1_is303ov wrote

Yet they are similar. Like a whale and a jelly fish aren't anything alike but yet they are pretty similar and way different than a rock


youwantitwhen t1_is1ot1t wrote

Wrong. Viruses are alive. Correct. Viruses are not alive.


Houseton t1_is1qa5z wrote

My statement implied viruses are not living. I didn't use the term alive..... Not sure what your comment is meant to be though


Unlimitles t1_is79n8z wrote

it's meant to be sarcasm because that person can recognize that this stupid string of comments are just propagandists making perfectly sure to drive home the confusion so people reading don't actually understand anything.

lol I'll be using this as case study to help people understand what Online Propaganda looks and behaves like, reddit is the perfect place to understand it, even helps in seeing it on other platforms because it operates the same.


Houseton t1_is7eqf5 wrote

wat?!? I guess, congrats for your case study ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


[deleted] t1_is1lv0m wrote



DaughterEarth t1_is23n02 wrote

They OC comment did by implication when they mentioned antibiotics only work on bacteria. The reason that often needs to be said is people think they will treat viruses, which they won't.

But there is a such thing as an anti-fungal antibiotic.

The person you replied to is trying to clear it up but apparently lots of you are too offended to pay attention lol


Icantblametheshame t1_is30pkh wrote

Yes cause an anti biotic could be referring to anything that kills life with a specific method


Clemementine t1_is2thjl wrote

Generally those are referred to as antivirals, though.


Icantblametheshame t1_is30twv wrote

And viruses are not living organisms, so anti biotic (Killin living organisms) doesn't apply to them


HensAndChicks t1_is17iy5 wrote

Hah potatoe joke there. >_> you kno cause you gotta dig them outa the ground lol


Stryker1050 t1_is3kt62 wrote

> is that antibiotic is acting against any microorganism.

So antivirals are also antibiotics?


ActivisionBlizzard t1_is4ny7v wrote

No viruses aren’t organisms, micro or otherwise. They are non-living pieces of code. Calling a virus alive is like calling a computer virus a computer.


Fearless-Past9652 t1_is1h129 wrote

No digging needed. It's in the three paragraph article

I'm a doctor and could work it out. It's not hard.


ActivisionBlizzard t1_is1mi2z wrote

Thanks for the super helpful and insightful comment! The digging was required to understand why there are two definitions of antibiotic (when previously I only knew one) and that was certainly not in the article.

Congrats on being a doctor though.


Majestic_Electric t1_is1r122 wrote

Well, not everyone IS a doctor. No need for the smart alec-like attitude. 😛


Fearless-Past9652 t1_is1xjju wrote

I'm pushing back against people thinking they outwitted a title lol That's what a smart alec attitude looks like


Majestic_Electric t1_is1ehu8 wrote

I’m not sure why they call Amphotericin B an antibiotic there. Amphotericin B is used to treat severe fungal infections. The article you linked to even calls it an anti-fungal antimicrobial, which sounds a lot more accurate to me than to use “antibiotic” to describe it because Amphotericin B is not used for bacterial infections.


therapcat t1_is3918x wrote

They said antibiotic not antibacterial. Biotic includes fungi although it’s not commonly known as such as you can tell from this entire thread. I just learned this from the thread below yours


conditerite t1_is3s7rd wrote

My pharmacist referred to is as a ampho-terrible because its nearly toxic itself.


JustSikh t1_is1qjx3 wrote

Medical Microbiologist/Pharmacologist here and I was taught:

  1. Antibiotic is any compound that kills living organisms which include bacteria, fungi and other pathogens;

  2. Antimicrobial is any compound that kills small living organisms such as microbes;

  3. Antibacterial is any compound that specifically kills bacteria.


Majestic_Electric t1_is1r9zi wrote

I’ve heard antibiotic and antibacterial being used interchangeably, so that makes a lot more sense! Thanks for the explanation!


dankpiece t1_is2963m wrote

So you could say an antibiotic can be used to treat viruses? That's confusing


MOdruid t1_is2fmca wrote

Only if you consider viruses a living organism, which no one reasonable does.

So no, no one who knows what they're talking about would say that.


Majestic_Electric t1_is2zq0k wrote

Viruses aren’t considered living creatures because they can’t reproduce on their own (they need to hijack an animal cell to do it). So no, it wouldn’t work on viruses. For this reason, doctors won’t (and shouldn’t) prescribe antibiotics to treat a viral infection.


HinaEater t1_is4mp74 wrote

No. Biotic= life. Virus= not really classified as living.


tehtimman t1_is41yfw wrote

What is your definition of a microbe then?


RedToiletPoopPain t1_is1ml9h wrote

As far as I'm aware:

Antibiotics are for treating bacteria: Penicillin

Antifungals are for treating fungus: Fluconazole

Antivirals are for treating viruses: Emtricitabine

Anthelmintics are for treating parasites: Ivermectin

Antibacterial is something any cleaning fluid has written on it; the product just needs to contain soap and water to be classed as antibacterial. Usually, the product would contain hazardous chemicals that would kill microscopic living organisms, but don't work in the same way as the medications mentioned above. This is because those are usually consumed internally, cleaning products are not generally ingested unless tik-tok has a challenge.


SirButcher t1_is4xc7y wrote

> but don't work in the same way as the medications mentioned above.

I would say they DO work, but while antibiotics don't attack human cells (mostly, which is an important part) cleaning agents attacks everything indiscriminately. If you eat soap or drink bleach it does attack bacteria internally, but just as much your cells too.


Drotrecogin2228 t1_is1jdh8 wrote

Antibiotic refers to anything that kills microorganisms. All antifungals are antibiotics, not all antibiotics are antifungals.


RadsCatMD t1_is2qgtu wrote

It's literally in the name.

Anti- against; -biotic- life like.

Technically, chemotherapeutics are also antibiotics. They're just really bad at preferentially killing external microorganisms.


OsuKannonier t1_is23z80 wrote

Antibiotic technically just means "anti living thing". Bacteria and fungi are both living things. Viruses are not.


thebootsesrules t1_is2d243 wrote

Pharmacist here - antibiotic generally does refer to antibacterial agents, with terms antifungal and antiviral used for those agents. But the word antibiotic technically could be applied to all of the above.


glorioussideboob t1_is2w3eo wrote

Anti- against Biotic- regarding life

Antibiotics commonly refer to bacteria because they're a more common source of infection than fungal, but your statement is not true, it's an umbrella term encompassing antifungals too.

It's a bit like how 'chemotherapy' encompasses all medicines 'chemicals used as therapy' but there are other connotations because of common usage.


Dingus10000 t1_is2v7gp wrote

‘Bio’ doesn’t mean ‘bacteria’ it means ‘life’. Antibiotic means it kills some form of living thing. It’s in the name.


that_other_goat t1_is0xd8y wrote

potatoes just keep giving.

in all seriousness fungal diseases are no joke and this is really good news.


inFeathers t1_is2lsrl wrote

>potatoes just keep giving.

Try telling that to us Irish.


kazarnowicz t1_is2mffl wrote

Okay, I’ll give it a go:

Dear Irish people, potatoes just keep giving.


recaffeinated t1_is4ne4p wrote

Ironically the blight that caused the great famine is caused by a fungal pathogen.


Imjustareddittor t1_is0z4tr wrote

Potato is the absolute king of the staple foods. It's so resilient you can leave it in a dank shed somewhere and it'll magically sprout. It's nutrient dense. It tastes great And now its disease kills fungus.


JayAndViolentMob t1_is1hhzp wrote

Tl; dr: Mashed potatoes. End of story.


Random_Hero1989 t1_is1ri9n wrote

Honorable mention: Baked potatoes with all the fixins


evade26 t1_is2kd3r wrote

make garlic mash

form into a rectangle and cut into cubes


panne them with flour, egg and seasoned panko

deep fry



Pimpwave t1_is2lnhz wrote

Nobody asked you to come in and change my life like that.


evade26 t1_is2n1nn wrote

made them for the first time last night. just used a small pot of oil, you could shallow fry them in a pan as well.


CoolStoryBroLol t1_is2ojad wrote

What exactly is the recipe? Any pics? Sounds delishioso


evade26 t1_is2p9kr wrote

No pics or recipe really but basically

Make mashed potatoes however you like. I like to boil potatoes in salted water while simmering milk with garlic and herbs to season the milk, strain out the bits and add to the potatoes while mashing.

Once you have mashed potatoes form into a sheet thats like 1-2 inches thick on a tray or plate and chuck in the freezer for 30 min to an hour to firm up. even frozen woulr be fine.

In three bowls put some flour, 2 beaten eggs + equal parts of water and Panko with whatever seasoning you want in there.

Get some oil like canola, grapeseed or peanut up to about 350f

take the potatoes and dip in the flour, then the egg then your panko making sure you have a solid even covering of egg and then panko on all surfaces.

repeat until all done

drop the potato bites in the hot oil and fry for 2-4 minutes until golden and crispy on all sides

pull out and toss with some salt

eat as is or dip into gravy or whatever you want


Enemyofusall t1_is167z9 wrote

So maybe my grandma having me rub a cut potato on my wart and the wart disappearing wasn’t just a coincidence/old wive’s tale?! Huh.


rutaceas t1_is2y4ae wrote

In Brasil, every grandmother does that. I have a very early memory of her rubbing a potato on my cousin's fingers and a few weeks later the warts really came off. Grandmas know everything.


Enemyofusall t1_is2ybyy wrote

100%! My grandma was Dutch and I was picking at my wart and she chops the potato in half and says to rub. I’m dumbfounded. Next time I see her she asks how the wart is..I look and it’s gone 😂 Magic.


exipheas t1_is1geeb wrote

I came to write the same comment.


tomsprigs t1_is2s6rh wrote

Me too!!!! Did they bury said potato in backyard after rubbing it on the wart?!


exipheas t1_is2x7su wrote

Yes. But that probably originally came from not wanting to waste food and growing some new potatoes out of it.


adventure_in_gnarnia t1_is2ccdx wrote

Probably just a coincidence. Warts are caused by a form of hpv.

It’s crude but I’ve found heating a paperclip over a candle and burning it down to the root slowly is 100% effective. Doesn’t hurt if you do a lot of quick dabs… it kinda just vaporizes it little by little and cauterizes so there’s little risk of infection. Salicylic acid works but takes forever and requires a consistent application schedule (terrible for ADD). Have had mixed results with freezing… both the kits and liquid nitrogen from the doctor (which they send a hefty bs bill for).


Sorcatarius t1_is36nqe wrote

I had this one on the joint of my thumb, right were it fleshy on top so I didn't really notice it until it got big. Mixed results with a kit, what I found helped a lot was filing it down with a nail file, then jamming that fucking freezing shit on it until it hurt, and then counting the 20 seconds it reccomended. Oh, and every 10 days? Nah, fuck that shit, 3 or 4 times a week.

This is the point where I add the disclaimer that I'm a terrible example and no one should ever repeat what I do unless you're a masochist.


Cindex9183 t1_is3hns6 wrote

I got fucked up and dug mine out with my bare hands. Dug down to the roots and ripped it out. Threw some antifungal shit on it, bandaged it, and took serrapeptase to keep it from coming back. It was too deep for the freezing kit, it always came back. I had the damn thing for like two years, even the doc couldn't kill it.

Good thing I drugged myself first or that would've hurt like a motherfucker. But yeah don't use me as an example either lol.


Sorcatarius t1_is3i77p wrote

That sounds like it would work too, don't think I have anything strong enough to make ripping it out easier though, I'll stick with the slow burn method... though I suppose I could rip it out and then burn it, that would probably do it for sure...


Cindex9183 t1_is8zjrt wrote

I feel like if you ripped it out first you're mostly just burning your flesh after that.....

But yeah I didn't have any tools either, I just have strong fingernails. Especially back then when I was eating super healthy and exercising a lot. My now wife was impressed and horrified lol.


Sorcatarius t1_is955ef wrote

I feel like burning after is insurance, if you didn't quite get it all, if you're going to deal with the pain of ripping out your flesh, might as well go a step further to make sure you don't have to repeat the experience.


lying_Iiar t1_is2nzjj wrote

> requires a consistent application schedule (terrible for ADD)

Super tangential, but can you elaborate on this? I didn't know these things were linked.


adventure_in_gnarnia t1_is2xmqs wrote

Lol, you have to apply salicylic acid twice a day for like two weeks. As someone with ADD it’s not a schedule easily kept, making it pretty ineffective for me.


celticchrys t1_is3rw8k wrote

Yes, and no. Warts aren't caused by a fungus (they're caused by a virus), so something else is going on there.


Sariel007 OP t1_is0pe7a wrote

>Most therapeutic antibiotics actually come from soil microbes, so this discovery broadens the search for new compounds to plant-based microorganisms.

>“We have to look more expansively across much more of the microbial populations available to us,” said Dr. Rita Monson a microbiologist at the University of Cambridge and one of the study’s authors.


T00luser t1_is0v27r wrote

At this point, 1/3 of my bodyweight is toe fungus.



[deleted] t1_is1hqvg wrote



tofu_schmo t1_is1n3qm wrote

if by "treatable" you mean "apply this very expensive liquid to your toe every day for 42 weeks and you should be good" is treatable, then, yeah, I guess it is.


phughes t1_is1yzg4 wrote

I had gross foot fungus and the podiatrist prescribed a pill that I took for a relatively short time (maybe a month IDK it was 8 years ago). After a few months the yellow part grew out completely and now I have normal healthy toenails. Totally worth it.


RobotArtichoke t1_is225co wrote

Those pills wreak havoc on your body


phughes t1_is22b09 wrote

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was almost a decade ago and I (fortunately) didn't have any side effects. And I'm much happier now that my feet aren't disgusting.


tofu_schmo t1_is23m87 wrote

I'm glad that worked for you! Because let me tell you it's a pain applying that liquid everyday for 42 weeks haha


Fml379 t1_isotm18 wrote

Yeah it cured mine but it temporarily destroyed my liver and I had to quit drinking for a year fml


[deleted] t1_is2vphh wrote



[deleted] t1_is24srx wrote



Majestic_Electric t1_is2yylt wrote

Did OTC anti-fungal creams (such as Lotrimin) not work, either?


SilentBtAmazing t1_is30f2o wrote

I’ve never met anyone who said those work for them. I’m guessing if you catch it super early and are super conscientious they might work but for a lot of us they just don’t put a dent in the infection.


Majestic_Electric t1_is317nk wrote

It usually takes a week to see improvement. I’ve used it before (along with antifungal powder) to treat a navel yeast infection, and it worked. Got rid of it after 3 weeks of constant use.


SilentBtAmazing t1_is36ufw wrote

Sorry I thought you meant for toes specifically. Yeah topical seems fine for small ringworm elsewhere etc


[deleted] t1_is1u1cf wrote

Boric acid will help you. Not Borax. Boric Acid.


Pilot_Seascape_402 t1_is3s8fl wrote

Isn’t Boric Acid toxic for pets and small children?


celticchrys t1_is3tjx0 wrote

Topically (touching your skin) it is lethal for insects (critters with an exoskeleton) but generally safe for mammals. 5 grams eaten per 20 kilograms (~44lbs) of body weight can be lethal. So, 5 grams eaten could kill a 44 pound child. So, use it on your nail, and keep the bottle put away out of reach of children, like every other medicine, and it should be fine.


_humanpieceoftoast t1_is0lndg wrote

So that’s what that smell is


Sariel007 OP t1_is0rhho wrote

I grew up on a family farm so I have smelled a lot of bad things... rotting potatoes are easily in the top three. My sister lost one in her kitchen once and when I found it it was mostly liquid.


Program-Continuum t1_is0wesm wrote

Do I have permission to say something disgusting real quick?

Edit: I have gained permission.

Forbidden Caprisun


lying_Iiar t1_is2o9p6 wrote

My sister lived in my house for a while and moved out while leaving me a nice bag of already-rotten potatoes on top of a nice piece of furniture I have--a black walnut "bar" on casters.

That was 18 months ago and the walnut still smells. I've moved it out to the porch until I can sand it down and refinish it.

Rotten potatoes can get me puking with one good whiff.


I_Like_To_Stare t1_is4ttau wrote

Rotting spaghetti is right up there as well. Probably any similar pasta too..


lying_Iiar t1_is79phx wrote

Oh, I know that one. The "roommate left his macaroni pot in the kitchen sink for a week while I was on vacation and it festered into a disease featured in stranger things season 2" odor


HaraBegum t1_is0tr3a wrote

I guess I did not realize the term “antibiotic” could include antifungal. Looks like there are antifungal antibiotics. I think I was taught that antibiotics are for bacterial infections and antifungals are for fungal infections. Guess I need an update.


rislim-remix t1_is1mzrm wrote

No update needed, you were taught correctly. This seems to be a single compound that is both antibiotic and antifungal, and the headline just abbreviated it in a really confusing way.


HaraBegum t1_is2g4ng wrote

Thank you. That helps. I tried search but was not clear about it.


hardtoreadusername t1_is1guji wrote

So do i eat the potatoe? Or put in between my toes?


NoirGamester t1_is1zyjg wrote

Between toes


hardtoreadusername t1_is20c4q wrote

Thank you.


NoirGamester t1_is37071 wrote

Anytime my friend

Edit: really was on the edge of wondering if you're being sarcastic vs a genuine question. Regardless, I usually try to answer either (can't usually tell the difference) and I'm glad this helped!


BellyScratchFTW t1_is0qd4r wrote

I eat a lot of french fries. That explains why I've never had toe fungus, I guess.



alephnulleris t1_is1nko1 wrote

>antibiotic >thwarts fungal infections



EmirSc t1_is12i0f wrote

Garlic its another super food


Sariel007 OP t1_is13ulh wrote

So if I eat enough garlic mashed potatoes I’ll live forever right?


wildo83 t1_is2ncce wrote

I believe the only thing missing is green beans… They have the one missing nutrient or something like that…


things_U_choose_2_b t1_is22pfg wrote

Crush it and leave it to air for around 10 mins before eating, it allows more of the allilin to be converted to alicin.

If I know I'm travelling somewhere using trains or planes, I eat a clove of raw garlic every day for 2-3 days before hand and on the day (with a good supply of chewing gum in pocket).


EmirSc t1_is284zi wrote

yeah i do that crush and wait at night, sometimes I put it in my tea


NeutralHockeyPoster t1_is2t00r wrote



things_U_choose_2_b t1_is2ui5p wrote

Boosts immune system. It's important to take it pre, as according to studies it doesn't have a statistically-significant effect if consumed during a cold / flu.

Reading my comment back it does sound quite random without that nugget of info, so I understand why you asked haha.


NeutralHockeyPoster t1_is34pzg wrote

ahh yea, i guess ur saying people tend to get sick after riding traisn or planes. i missed that


MrWhiteVincent t1_is2spa0 wrote

Me: "Doctor, I think I have an UTI"

Doctor: Go fuck some mashed potatoes!!


bionku t1_is3u7du wrote

So it's an antifungal!


TurnkeyLurker t1_is41ms7 wrote

Seems legit.

Antibiotics shouldn't work on fungal infections, unless the area get scratched and starts a secondary infection that could be treated by an antibiotic.


baimeigui102460 t1_is2vzrj wrote

Cool, I just got a sack of 5lb potatoes. Toss them in the air fryer coated in olive oil and some Redmond Real Salt. Slice them open when they're nice and crisp on the outside and piping hot on the inside. Toss in some grass-fed butter and a little bit more salt and you're good to go.


FayIvy t1_is1eznq wrote

Potatoes are the MVP of the food world!!


Luder714 t1_is1qt68 wrote


When I got a wart my mom told me to rub part of a potato on the art them bury it in the ground and the wart would go away. Not sure if that or the wart medicine did it now.


Sashimiroll16 t1_is1mb3m wrote

Ah yes. From the reliable source: CosmosMagazine


0-Give-a-fucks t1_is2nwnz wrote

After covid, we don't want a fungus among us! Spuds anti-fungal foot cream, comes in buttery or roasted garlic.


viramp t1_is2zhk7 wrote

Is this one of those medical breakthroughs where we never hear anything about it ever again?


BiggsFaleur t1_is40892 wrote

I always knew waffle fries were good for me.


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[deleted] t1_is0o0zu wrote



Faelyn42 t1_is0pcok wrote

Hey so quick tip, never mention that to an Irishman. The reason they only grew potatoes is because that's the only thing they were allowed to grow by the English. The whole Potato Famine was an attempted genocide, the English were growing plenty of food on Irish soil but refused to share it.


CommonConfusables t1_is0rs9h wrote

Potatoes are actually from South America.

The Irish don’t love them - they were forced into using it in their lifestyle due to mistreatment by those in power.


Pilot_Seascape_402 t1_is3s1ws wrote

So what was the disease that attacked the potatoes in Ireland, causing the famine?


CommonConfusables t1_is5y2bl wrote

A fungus and land mismanagement, among other things lightly outlined in the article above.

A dependence on the single crop of potato was a result of British land owners limiting crops to a single one that grew well, followed by a fungal infection from the conditions. Potatoes aren’t native to Ireland, so there will be diseases it encounters there that it wouldn’t in SA.

Single crop growing is not a good idea for anyone. The dust bowl is bound to happen again as long as we continue to till up land for one plant in one spot instead of interspecies growing.


logicallucy t1_is1p88k wrote

Was expecting a much worse name with the new drug nomenclature going on but solanimycin is actually kinda pretty!


IlIFreneticIlI t1_is25t5s wrote

So, literally, when they said shove-a-potato-up-there...?


Virus1901 t1_is2ffg2 wrote

Ah yes.. my day was uplifted so much when I learned of the magical healing potato. Thank you


NaCl_Sailor t1_is2kp28 wrote

Kinda funny how our antibiotics mostly stem from a hidden war between fungi and bacteria


RizzMustbolt t1_is2rmcc wrote

A broad spectrum antifungal? Neat.


hellrising798 t1_is2sseu wrote

Does that imply to McDonald's fries ?


leicams t1_is3h661 wrote

Full disclaimer, as I did not read the article.

But the headline made me think of an episode of Archie’s Weird Mysteries when the potatoes possess people. Because this headline made me think that if they mixed this potato disease with some kind of anti fungal cream that it might either:

a. Mutate into the killer spuds as imagined in the pilot episode of Archie’s Weird Mysteries or, b. have the potential to make a really cool cream with some naturally occurring substances that can help humans.



MrSprichler t1_is3t9xn wrote

Great now the mlm huns granola anti medicine moms will stuff their kids socks with potatoes.

"Its a natural medicine hun, big pharma wont tell you all the rest of the benefits, buy my pills"


SpuddleBuns t1_is4l8r3 wrote

It is a long and well known natural healthcare technique to put cut, raw, potato on a wound, and bandage it, replacing the potato daily.

We're talking centuries, here...

This is also somewhat old "news," as here is an article fromWebMD from 2000...


nekollx t1_is1t60p wrote

I’m Waiting for the anti antibiotics lions to find out! “My body my choice, I’m anti vax and anti biotic!”


RainbowGirl2021 t1_is2lqdy wrote

I'm following a lectin-free diet. I've lost 20 lbs and stopped eating potatoes. Only eat sweet potatoes. 🧡 Potatoes are part of the nightshade family and contain high levels of lectins. Raw potatoes, in particular the skin, appear to contain potentially harmful lectins that may affect your health.Oct 22, 2020