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Greenmind76 t1_is40e7c wrote

Condoms are pretty pricey and should also be tax deductible.


Firehed t1_is46kyl wrote

They should absolutely be tax free, but I wouldn't call them expensive.


Greenmind76 t1_is4huzg wrote

Skyn brand was the only brand my now ex could use and we spent more on those in a month than 3 months worth of her feminine hygiene products..then I got the snip snip.

Then she broke up with me. D:


---ShineyHiney--- t1_is5qv3b wrote

You cannot, at all, compare one woman’s feminine product needs to another. There is a WHOLLLLLLEEEEEEEE ASSSSSSSSS spectrum of possibilities in between


Greenmind76 t1_is5su8c wrote

I stated earlier that I feel they should be free or near free and was not attempting to make a comparison. My apologies. I've also dated or been married to several women who had extremely heavy flow. My now ex would wear diapers for the first 4-5 days, once she was able to work from home.


rc042 t1_is5enc4 wrote

Swing by your local planned Parenthood, you can pickup condoms for free there.


Greenmind76 t1_is5lr7k wrote

There is no planned parenthood where I live. I also got a vasectomy last year so other than STD prevention they're no longer necessary.