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E8_Lettuce_wrap t1_is351yn wrote

Someone check it for lead


Catas12 t1_is3ulsk wrote

my first thought too. and check for pumpkin fillets


sylpher250 t1_is43ezb wrote

Next thing you know they're slicing open MMA fighters and boxers at weigh-ins


Stoomba t1_is57qd6 wrote

But those guys want to weigh less, not more.

Check them for helium, not lead.

Also get them some water


niobiumnnul t1_is347r9 wrote

> Travis Gienger's Rhino Gourd weighed in at a staggering 2,560 pounds on Monday.

Good god.
I wonder how he transports that thing...


futureruler t1_is3gvq9 wrote

Competitors for this kind of thing generally will grow it on a pallet, makes it easier to get a forklift under it and get it on a truck


cmcewen t1_is5f9xh wrote

Pallet and a tractor to lift onto truck. There’s clips of them doing it


Y0ung_Greg t1_is3u5o7 wrote

Wrong sub. That pumpkin is way too heavy to be uplifted.


kdzry t1_is3hv1h wrote

We got weights in pumpkin!


quartertopi t1_is3619m wrote

Jeez! This looks like the someone's mum those jokes are all about


MortisSafetyTortoise t1_is5cr0e wrote

Are you British? Do they do “your mom” jokes there? I kinda figured they were universal but I’m smack dab in the middle of states so I don’t really know.


quartertopi t1_is5efd3 wrote

No, I'm German. We have our "Deine Mudder" jokes as adaptation. But to be honest, I only know "your mum" jokes from tv and the web.


Different-Horse-4578 t1_is3wncr wrote

I think the truly amazing thing is the grower transported that monster halfway across a continent (from Minnesota to California.)


tiptoetumbly t1_is4cf4g wrote

But did he put his wife in the pumpkin shell to keep her very well?


whadya_want t1_is3h892 wrote

This is cool! I'd like to see this with my own eyes, but what's uplifting about this?


Bloodinthewater0611 t1_is3yoip wrote

Omg my neighbors are so cute. It’s a small town here. They literally live streamed the weigh off. It was a huge deal here. But who watches a live stream of this??? Small town excitement is so sweet sometimes.


SweetPeaRiaing t1_is4k6n7 wrote

Oh shoot is that another half mooner?


_qst2o91_ t1_is3x0si wrote

How does this happen? Cause it's all the same plant as what my shit pumpkins are coming from right?

Are they just giving it exact measurements of every mineral / food that it needs every day or something?


TennesseeTennessee t1_is4zsdx wrote

They grow a very large pumpkin plant but terminate all other pumpkin buds/flowers. So you have a huge pumpkin plant within 100s of leaves all sending nutrients to one bud. Also, you’re correct, to maximize growth there can be no limiting factors so the plant has all the water and nutrients it needs in proper ratios.


dannyd1337 t1_is3ygbm wrote

Check for lead and buttplugs, all we need is another cheating scandal.


powabiatch t1_is49odk wrote

It doesn’t look crushed to me


floppysausage16 t1_is4ju3s wrote


But I'm disappointed in my lack of attention to detail. All i read was "National -------- Heaviest Pumpkin Crushed...."

Needless to say, I was sad when I didn't see a big ass pumpkin explode.


Kyane6 t1_is3x0wo wrote

But why did they have to crush it


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danidr t1_is3xw6m wrote

I mean… there’s some upside to global warming then.



novashocker t1_is5cffs wrote

Hmm how to cut it and check for weights 🤔


cmcewen t1_is5fh9i wrote

Cool. But 150lbs short of world record so eh. /s


LightOverWater t1_is5qvqp wrote

Still waiting for the video of it being crushed.


Pingy_Junk t1_is5spdf wrote

They could’ve carved a really sick Jack o lantern with that


FagboyHhhehhehe t1_is5xbhq wrote

I live not far from the guy who just set the record for biggest pumpkin in Illinois. He displays it on the front lawn and carves it.


myaccountplz t1_is5aa2t wrote

We got weights in vegetables!