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Mega_Trainer t1_is59hvc wrote

It's honestly wild that a human has a good enough smell to detect this. I remember reading the article about her situation and I think her accuracy was 100%. The only person in the group who didn't have Parkinsons that she smelled ended up developing it some time later. I wonder if we will create a device to detect the smell or if they've isolated the compound producing the smell that they can detect with blood tests


Nobias447 t1_is5m1s4 wrote

We simply cant rule out the idea that her smelling people is giving them Parkinsons. /s


crazy_gambit t1_is5fg5m wrote

She's probably not the only one that has a sense of smell good enough to detect it, but she was also exposed to the smell for a very long time, so she learned to identify it. Amazing nonetheless.


theshowmustgo1on t1_is8t8px wrote

I was thinking the same thing. I bet so many people can actually smell diseases n such but just have no idea what that smell represents. I'm sure if they knew they would help people with their gift, I know I would.


Just_wanna_talk t1_is5ptwz wrote

Also that she's accurate enough to pick out that particular smell. Sometimes I can't even confidently say if I'm smelling vanilla, coconut, or banana.


FlippantMan t1_is8n40p wrote

Yeah this exactly is the wild part to me. Like I can smell all kinds of things. I just don't know what they are.


Brutalitor t1_is5tins wrote

They say in this article that they swab someone's neck with a cotton ball and they can examine that ball for enzymes that indicate Parkinson's.


couchasianktina t1_is4laxz wrote

Can someone better explain the position of the medical ethicists? In a world where nobody would take them seriously, I can see how information like that could be confusing and difficult to deal with.... But hasn't this woman demonstrated enough accuracy that some doctor(s) would believe her and be able to counsel these potential patients by her referral? Especially since (if I'm reading the article correctly) early-stage treatment are mild lifestyle modifications and not invasive procedures?


random_shitter t1_is4rbjv wrote

My amateur 2 cents: in theory you're probably right, in practice... I'd imagine a calm, peaceful reaction is not guaranteed if somebody randomly comes walking up to someone to give them an out-of-the-blue lifechanging diagnosis which has a large rizsk of not be getting serious, either by the person or their doctor.


[deleted] t1_is55kc8 wrote



random_shitter t1_is5nbdo wrote

Yeah, well, there may be a perceived difference between going to a doctor and walking down aisle 4.


Paolo2ss t1_is5m54s wrote

The doctors 100% believe her. Just in the same way that diabetes urine has a certain small, this woman proved that this sickness also has a certain smell.


ParkieDude t1_is78wgm wrote

Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease is typically after the person knows "something isn't right" but tries to find out what it is.

A few, upon diagnosis, go into deep despair and do not recover.

Most live in denial for a few years.

Others are "OK, what should I do now."

The last thing anyone wants is a random stranger walking up to them and telling them.


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PrettyKuhli t1_is5o7gz wrote

My mother could smell UTIs before family members knew they had them, and she can smell stomach problems on people’s breath. Idk how she does it, but she says those two smells are VERY strong. I wonder if it’s similar?


90sPositivity t1_is7w1pm wrote

I have chronic kidney stones and can 'taste' when my kidneys are failing. Kinda metallic on my breath.


szai t1_isedkot wrote

My pee smelled weird when I was going through fulminant liver failure. I think in my case it was bilirubin. I wouldn't be surprised if I was sweating it out as well. My whole body was stained yellow. It definitely has a smell though.


Ishana92 t1_is5g0tw wrote

How does that work? What is she actually smelling/detecting? In other words how does she smell brain degeneration?


frozen_beet11 t1_is5ifdq wrote

I’d guess she can smell a protein breakdown, enzyme presence, certain acid that exists when the brain is experiencing these symptoms. Just a guess, no real knowledge on my end.


chodthewacko t1_is5jzre wrote

She's not smelling the brain degeneration. I believe She's smelling a enzyme/chemical combination uniquely created by Parkinsons that comes out when they sweat.


Camarila t1_is56b8d wrote

That's absolutely amazing!


alexius339 t1_is5j29z wrote

Imagine one day she just gets that smell with no one around.. and realises its her


booglemouse t1_is6gkc2 wrote

I know a (former) nurse who recognized her own brain aneurysm symptoms, saved her own life by being able to react quickly and get to help in time. Knowledge is power, I guess.


Falcfire t1_is5lf9i wrote

I imagine there's a mix of good and bad feelings there. Like "hey we found a tumor, sure sucks but good thing we found it now and can start treatment ASAP, might delay the worst long enough you won't even notice"


stratjr123 t1_is68ia9 wrote

Why don't they just figure out what exactly she is smelling, like what chemical is something and then develop tech or drugs around that?


Mai-ah t1_is6ah1e wrote

I think thats the idea?


stratjr123 t1_is6c1mk wrote

I'm a redditor my dear, i don't read articles before i comment


words_of_j t1_is6kuw5 wrote

I can smell it when folks are coming down with illness, or fighting off something. It’s not a pleasant smell - I just want to stop breathing until I’m clear of it. The smell shows up most when a cold or flu is going around in a group I’m part of (school or work). It’s pretty spot on, and the smell is there a day or three before symptoms start.


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Viffer98 t1_is6m2bn wrote

I expect she will be played by Dolph Lundgren when the movie comes out.