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Mega_Trainer t1_is59hvc wrote

It's honestly wild that a human has a good enough smell to detect this. I remember reading the article about her situation and I think her accuracy was 100%. The only person in the group who didn't have Parkinsons that she smelled ended up developing it some time later. I wonder if we will create a device to detect the smell or if they've isolated the compound producing the smell that they can detect with blood tests


Nobias447 t1_is5m1s4 wrote

We simply cant rule out the idea that her smelling people is giving them Parkinsons. /s


crazy_gambit t1_is5fg5m wrote

She's probably not the only one that has a sense of smell good enough to detect it, but she was also exposed to the smell for a very long time, so she learned to identify it. Amazing nonetheless.


theshowmustgo1on t1_is8t8px wrote

I was thinking the same thing. I bet so many people can actually smell diseases n such but just have no idea what that smell represents. I'm sure if they knew they would help people with their gift, I know I would.


Just_wanna_talk t1_is5ptwz wrote

Also that she's accurate enough to pick out that particular smell. Sometimes I can't even confidently say if I'm smelling vanilla, coconut, or banana.


FlippantMan t1_is8n40p wrote

Yeah this exactly is the wild part to me. Like I can smell all kinds of things. I just don't know what they are.


Brutalitor t1_is5tins wrote

They say in this article that they swab someone's neck with a cotton ball and they can examine that ball for enzymes that indicate Parkinson's.