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Y0ung_Greg t1_is9988f wrote

Fun fact; they play bird songs at Tokyo subway stations to stop people getting stressed out on their morning commute.


pete1901 t1_is9ernb wrote

They also run trains on time in Japan which is a novel concept we haven't figured out yet in the UK...


akeean t1_is9w13d wrote

"Has science gone too far?!"


floppysausage16 t1_is9g1zj wrote

Nah its not the birds that reduce anxiety and paranoia. It's the act of you getting off your damn phone for a few seconds.


a-real-life-dolphin t1_is9i8m9 wrote

I moved a little while ago and can now hear birds every day and it’s lovely.


Rubik842 t1_is9ga6j wrote

The birds are talking to each other in code. They are plotting against me. I knew it!


cutelyaware t1_is9lvnx wrote

Maybe that's because people who live in places with songbirds are less stressed than people who live in urban blight.


Traditional_Long_383 t1_isa3um9 wrote

Wow who would have guessed, nature benefits people. Mind blown!


VioletteFMR t1_is9llhl wrote

Goddamn birds always mocking me!


RedToiletPoopPain t1_is9nlfq wrote

I want to get the songbirds back in our area but there's too many magpies, crows and herons.

One year we had 3 sparrows for a month or so and then they vanished.

We also get a single robin most years but couldn't tell if it's the same one.

I've planted trees and bushes with berries, I've got a bird house feeding station that the pigeons and magpies get into.

If I do anything that may scare the bigger birds it would also scare the smaller birds, such as a fake owl or falcon cries played on a speaker.

Going to put up 3 small bird boxes on the side of the house that doesn't get direct sunlight all day and see if that helps in a few years.

We have cats in the area too so I'm not surprised the birds stay away.

I wonder if playing birdsong would attract them or just put them in danger?


Numerous_Oils t1_isdlujc wrote

Don't just touch grass, people.

Hear birds.


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ThisSorrowfulLife t1_isb1l58 wrote

No it can increase anxiety and paranoia, it is extremely aggravating for some. I agree with another commenter though that the relaxing part is getting off your phone for a minute.


NathanTheKlutz t1_iug0scq wrote

Another reason why I plan to plant a native chokecherry tree in my yard next spring. Between the berries and the caterpillars which go for the leaves, the birds should have a great place to enjoy a meal.