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Saltiest_Seahorse t1_isoakf0 wrote

Article summary: 9 month pregnant woman as a was in a multicar collision accident. While experiencing severe cramps and contractions, she got out and helped keep a lady trapped in an overturned car calm and stable until medics arrived. She went to the hospital where it was discovered the collision caused the baby to turn sideways in the womb. Thankfully, she was okay and gave birth to a healthy girl.

She was a firefighter and was on deskduty during the pregnancy.


benabart t1_isoh9nh wrote

Thanks. This is far less grim that what I expected.


Shufflepants t1_isoq04l wrote

Yeah, from the title I thought this was gonna be another one of those "capitalism is fucked, but here's a reframing to make the situation seem heartwarming" like all those stories about gofundme's being fulfilled for live saving medical procedures, teachers giving up their own PTO for another teacher who ran out because they had to miss so much work for chemo, or like some 8 year old selling lemonade to make money to give to homeless people. Thought this was gonna be like "9 months pregnant firefighter forced to be on the job fighting fires because her county doesn't allow any maternity leave".


Palindromeracecar t1_isn5ekb wrote

All I hear is woman lacking proper maternity leave forced to worked until labor


Aalnius t1_isnlm6u wrote

She was involved in a multi car crash and decided to help someone who was trapped.


Saltiest_Seahorse t1_iso4j6n wrote

Should read the article next time


Unrigg3D t1_isoczvh wrote

Should do some research on when women should be taking maternity leave instead of working.


Saltiest_Seahorse t1_isqjs4l wrote

Reiterate my point: Maybe read the article. She wasn't working during the accident--she was in one of the crashed cars.


Unrigg3D t1_isqncfh wrote

I did, maybe you read it. It says she works desk duty still.


BunchaCreeps t1_isoa4m5 wrote

Check either your ears or your eyes, cuz it’s one of the pairs is lying to you


smegdawg t1_isoi38y wrote

Then you need to get your ears cleaned...


bourbonandcustard t1_isoluik wrote

It says she was on desk duty during her pregnancy, they don’t say if she was still working or not.


lucky_hermit t1_isn7cqc wrote

After she gave birth, she left the child with the father and jogged to the gym to lift weights while listening to Burning Heart by Survivor.


Kinsei01 t1_isoh3y0 wrote

Don't know why she needed to go to the gym. She had those massive badass ovaries she could bench press!


civgarth t1_ismm78p wrote

Plot twist. She gave birth four months later. The baby is healthy and everyone is very happy. Their nanny just arrived and the child is learning how to speak Tagalog.


Pedalos t1_isniul7 wrote

She was already 9 month pregnant, that must have been one huge baby


Mageris t1_ismvsws wrote

This is actually uplifting and wholesome. Glad to hear they're all doing well.


Winddancer87 t1_iso24rj wrote

That's amazing after being involved in that accident that she chose to help others instead of focusing on herself. I can see why she's a firefighter.


ZonardCity t1_isolv1w wrote

Most badass human ever


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KazkaFaron t1_ispt58v wrote

afab: all firefighters are badass


neutronstar343 t1_isoltmf wrote

We shouldn't normalize forcing pregnant women to work, give birth, and go to work immediately after.


The-Great-Beast-666 t1_isodkn8 wrote

Tell me you live in America without telling me you live in America


kcaJkcalB t1_isnkxhi wrote

She was working at 9 months pregnant that’s fucked yo


Aalnius t1_isnlmjr wrote

She was involved in a multi car crash and decided to help someone who was trapped.