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ralphvonwauwau t1_ismw0ig wrote

Not even close
Headline:"UN condemns brutal killing of eight polio workers in Afghanistan"


v12go-vroom t1_iszn0tw wrote

“Polio workers” lol It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszqkui wrote

And of course you have evidence to support your claim ... right?


v12go-vroom t1_iszsbkj wrote

There were six cases of polio globally last year and zero cases in the United States. What do they need eight whole polio workers workers for? The CIA runs these fake polio operations all the time in order to get their agents in under the auspices of goodwill and charity. Don’t be naïve. Look up prior cases this is documented evidence.


v12go-vroom t1_iszsqj2 wrote

So why the fuck is Bill Gates spending billions of dollars for six polio cases globally? Don’t you see that something doesn’t add up? There’s obviously an alternative agenda.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszygud wrote

So, you are saying you do not have evidence to support your claim, and, BTW, your number of cases is not in agreement with any source I could find, most seem to be in the low 200s for this year. A small amount, but not "six globally".


v12go-vroom t1_iszyt4w wrote

Scroll down. I provided you some links. Both of them are US government websites.


ralphvonwauwau t1_it0026m wrote

> It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up.

nope, don't see anything about the CIA in there...


v12go-vroom t1_it00se0 wrote

So, if after you wake up from a nap and you walk outside and everything is drenched, are you going to assume your neighbor ran around everywhere with a hose and drenched everything down? Or will you come to the natural conclusion that it was raining?


v12go-vroom t1_it00vmf wrote

It’s true that you have no proof that it rained, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck.


v12go-vroom t1_iszyw2h wrote

And 200 cases of polio primarily caused by the polio vaccine itself is not a reason to spend billions of dollars on” Eradicating polio”. Don’t be naïve.


ralphvonwauwau t1_it0062b wrote

> It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up. nope, still don't see anything about the CIA in there... I'm sure you have evidence, lets see it.


v12go-vroom t1_iszsuqw wrote

Polio wasn’t eradicated with vaccination, it was eradicated with better sanitary systems in terms of sewer and water.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszvtrf wrote

The development of polio vaccines in the mid-twentieth century and a robust international response have helped more than one hundred countries become polio-free. New cases in the United States and Israel in 2022 underscore the risk that, until it is eradicated globally, polio can make a comeback in any part of the world.

No, it wasn't sanitary systems that stopped polio. It was the vaccine. If you are going to make such counterfactual claims, at least have a link to the source so we can all laugh at it.


v12go-vroom t1_iszwdo2 wrote


The police department says that they have investigated the alleged cases of abuse of power against themselves and have found themselves innocent.

Back to you John with regularly scheduled programming.

Why are you asking the wolf if the chicken coop is safe? CFR really? Literally the people who own the pharmaceutical companies are going to tell you whether their shit is effective or not? Do you not realize that Pfizer got the largest fine in history for lying to doctors and hiding information?


v12go-vroom t1_iszwtos wrote

Here’s one more link for you to laugh at.

“Virtually all cases in recent years have occurred in children who’ve received four doses of the vaccine, and nearly half [were] in children who have received 10 doses,” said Thekekara Jacob John, a virologist formerly with the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.