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distractionfactory t1_ismty6r wrote



dolphins3 t1_ismvbbb wrote

Antivaxxers have fucked up the last several containments of polio. It's even reemerged in the US:


ulf5576 t1_isnafur wrote

they only found strains contained in the polio vaccine in sewage water , but no polio could be confirmed in humans .. the few rare cases every few years all have their polio from the vaccine though ..


fatbob42 t1_isnb0og wrote

There are still some wild cases (worldwide) but, (at least a few years ago) there were more vaccine-derived cases, which was why they were switching vaccines to the more expensive one.


Coldovia t1_iso0s6m wrote

Wrong, a case was found in Rockland County NY USA a few months ago. In a person.


NathamelCamel t1_isnqe6y wrote

Are you talking just about the western world because it's still a problem in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan due to lack of vaccination


St3vion t1_isnzojz wrote

The inactivated vaccine version can mutate to become active again and infect those with weak immunity, ie the unvaxxed...


AnonymousWritings t1_iso6gsw wrote

TBH, the CIA fucked it up by running a fake vaccination program for hepatitis in Pakistan as a scheme to find Bin Laden. Ruined people's trust over there that foreign medical workers are actually there to help, contributed a lot to the local antivax stuff.


v12go-vroom t1_iszmi9a wrote

So it wasn’t “antivax stuff” it was actually real loss of trust based on lies and fraud? Not “antivax StUFF”.


AnonymousWritings t1_it02kpx wrote

Well yes, antivax stuff based on a real incident of badly mishandled trust from lies and fraud.


v12go-vroom t1_it04jmn wrote

People are not anti-VAX, they are anti-lies and corruption.


v12go-vroom t1_it042vl wrote

The phrase “anti-VAX stuff” implies that people who are anti-VAX have no leg to stand on in terms of arguments when in reality they have a lot of prior precedence to stand on.


fatbob42 t1_isnb5l1 wrote

The US fucked it up in Afghanistan as well by using the vaccination campaign to collect DNA from Bin Laden’s house. It’ll take decades to live that down.


[deleted] t1_isnn8bs wrote

Are those the same anti vaxxers that questioned covid vaccine effacy long before the Pfizer ceo admitted they actually had no idea wether the vaccine stopped transmission ?


sei556 t1_iso5h2l wrote

I see this argument so often recently and as someone from germany, I am so confused.

Around here it was pretty much said everywhere that the vaccine does not stop transmission. It was also said by scientists on TV that it doesn't stop you from getting it either, it will only make you have milder symptoms and saves you from the hospital in most cases.

Which, if you remember back, was a huge issue because hospitals were filled up to the brim.

People here still got vaccinated - because it was (and still is) a reasonable thing to do.


dolphins3 t1_isoi709 wrote

Unfortunately, antivax has been mainstreamed in US society as a GOP political position. Trump wanted Covid to just go away and not deal with it, so he promoted all the "Covid isn't a big deal" people and quack cures, and antivaxxers along with it.


Rodereck t1_isq6awe wrote

Hhhmm yet what Trump said is how we treat covid currently??? Funny how something we treated as a pandemic is now being treated as a seasonal cold cause the thing they promised to help stop it was such a shiit product it made things worse...Two weeks to flatten the curve lols!


dolphins3 t1_isqie3o wrote

>Funny how something we treated as a pandemic is now being treated as a seasonal cold cause the thing they promised to help stop it was such a shiit product it made things worse...

Oh wow an antivaxxer in the wild


Rodereck t1_isqw6pc wrote

I apologize vaxer I didn't mean to startle you I hope u don't have a heart attack =(


Carighan t1_isps9lu wrote

Yeah exactly. For the first few mutations we thought we could prevent it entirely (and I'm not sure but I think we can actually?), but that was quickly clear it won't work for later variants.

And yeah, you get vaccinated. I mean it's free, every little bit helps other people around you and frankly it's not a big deal. It's just a vaccine. People can be so weird about such mundane things.


Rodereck t1_isq5xd0 wrote

It an issue when almost everything our government has told us about the vaccines turned out to not be true, idk if u like your leadership lying to you but it's a slippery slope and it's doesn't take rocket science to see they're lying to hide their motives...


slutgenius t1_isqb24s wrote

Bullshit, sure they had some clarity issues and fumbled a few things, but TRE45ON, really phucked this country without a kiss with his blatant malfeasance.

We needed strong intelligent leadership and we got the Orange Blob, who is SOFA KING repulsive, he lost a fair election to Biden, the embodiment of wet white bread.


Rodereck t1_isqbgy5 wrote

Huhhh ??? nobody even mentioned trump and Biden is just a paid actor that can't read his lines half the time lols...


slutgenius t1_isqc3md wrote

You said our government lied, and then placed nebulous blame.

I narrowed it down to the source. TRE45ON

It was one man that led us down the path where we couldn't even respond properly.

Even when he was warned over and over by our own Pentagon.


Rodereck t1_isqcdvp wrote

I'm not crazy for Trump but what did he have to do with our government lying to us about soo many things in the past 2 years lmao???


slutgenius t1_isqcpag wrote

tRumpo dismantled the Pandemic response team, ignored our own vital intel, lied/denied there was an issue and then touted un-proven/unsafe remedies. He also ignored the pandemic playbook that was left by Obama. Obama successfully fought and won against 3 pandemics. Trump IGNORED the pandemic response playbook.

He also failed to protect Americans when it was finally admitted and when states were taking action he fomented discord among his cultists. i.e Michigan.

We were a leaderless nation at the worst time.

It not a hard dot to connect.


Rodereck t1_isqdmyp wrote

You know when Trump was in office he was working with the medical companies to get the vaccine released faster and liberals were all saying that they would never trust a vaccine promoted by the Trump administration then months later when the Biden administration was put into office those same hypocrites were first in line to get the very vaccines that Trump was trying to endorse lmao. Like I said I'm not Trump fan but the hypocrisy some ppl say is absolutely disgusting especially when nobody even brought him up in the first place lols. But regardless of how much u hate Trump he had nothing to do with the hundreds of lies the current administration has been telling us for the past 2 years which we now know most of it turned out to be untrue and the divide this administration has put on our country and practically started a persecution that cost millions of Americans their livelihood all so they can fatten their pockets...


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Rodereck t1_isqf3r9 wrote

Bruh I don't even know how your trying to turn it into a Trump thing from what I said. Honestly you sound pretty obsessed with your Trump hate club and I'm not here to talk about that, u can rage about it in your anti Trumo clubs but I don't want any part in that lols and the reason I didn't list all the lies out administration has told us over the years is because there's soo many but u can continue to be in denial about that too. Trump isn't the reason everything is bad in the country and I suggest u seek counseling lols...


sei556 t1_iss8xh2 wrote

I've just read the official covid preparedness plan of your gov. It was released in march (?) this year and already truthfully talks about the vaccine (that its cause is to stop hospitalizations and death, not transmission).

I bet if I dig deeper I'll find earlier dates with that info to, just how they were honest about it here aswell.


Rodereck t1_iss94n8 wrote

So I take it you're not American if you had to read into that and didn't personally experience all the hypocrisy and things that were said lols


sei556 t1_issa0wy wrote

Yes, I'm not. But it's literally explained in an article on your goverment website which is from march. And back then nobody complained about this Statement, its only now where the narrative is pushed that this is new information.


Rodereck t1_issascz wrote

I'm clearly not talking about a covid preparedness plan that was supposedly updated in March. If you haven't seen the hypocrisy and lies our government has told everyone in the past 2 years by now then you choose to ignore it or probably only watch uncredible news stations like CNN. The fact that ppl can still defend these organizations despite the bombshells that have been released is baffling to say the least...


sei556 t1_issctof wrote

Well this thread was talking about the covid vaccine, so it only makes sense to mention it.

What other lies and hypocrisy you mean? Care to elaborate?

Also, no, I never watched CNN (except for that one time during the election because it had better covering than our tv stations).

Our neutral TV stations actually do cover the US quite a bit every once in a while since you are a big international player and your politics are important to us aswell.


Rodereck t1_issdxkj wrote

Actually this thread was talking about Bill gates pushing "his" polio vaccines on other countries. You want an example ok well here's just one of the many lies that we're told. Initially in the beginning of the pandemic our government was spreading mass "Misinformation " saying that if you were to get the covid vaccine you couldn't get covid, then when we found out that was a lie the new lie became you can't spread it if your vaccinated then when we found out that was a lie the current lie is it'll stop severe hospitalizations. There's been many other things we found out weren't true that our own government had been spreading and having ppl believe but when these organizations spread "Misinformation " there's no one to hold them accountable for it... Also I don't know what country you are from but I highly doubt your news station are unbiased about the news they air.


sei556 t1_isslemo wrote

Can you actually link any speech where this was said? That the vaccine prevents you from getting it. Because if so that's pretty rough

Actually every citizen here has to pay a monthly fee to fund unbiased news. Of course, if something objectively bad happens, they report it as something bad - but overall they just report what factually happaned/was said.

It's inherintly boring to watch but a good source of information on what's going on.

I made some research, and here are some official statements regarding the covid vaccine in the past 3 years that were publicly available in the US (and also directed at US citizen)

The TLDR is:

There was very little missinformation at the beginning which was INSTANTLY reacted to by scientists and health departments.

(Edit: added quotations)


Dec. 21.2021


>If you are not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned. You’re at a high risk of getting sick. And if you get sick, you’re likely to spread it to others, including friends and family. And the unvaccinated have a significantly higher risk of ending up in a hospital or even dying.
>Almost everyone who has died from COVID-19 in the past many months has been unvaccinated. Unvaccinated.
>But if you’re among the majority of Americans who are fully vaccinated, and especially if you’ve gotten the booster shot — that third shot — you’re much — you have much, much less reason to worry. You have a high degree of protection against severe illness.
>And because Omicron spreads so easily, we’ll see some fully vaccinated people get COVID, potentially in large numbers. There will be positive cases in every office, even here in the White House, among the unv- — among the vaccinated — among the vaccinated — from Omicron.
>But these cases are highly unlikely to lead to serious illness.
>Vaccinated people who get COVID may get ill, but they’re protected from severe illness and death. That’s why you should still remain vigilant.

I agree that the first sentence may lead to misinformation. Not sure if it's just poor wording, but I get how that one was misleading. Overall, he makes pretty clear that the vaccine does not save you from getting sick though.


Sep 09. 2021


>I want to emphasize that the vaccines provide very strong protection from severe illness from COVID-19. I know there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation. But the world’s leading scientists confirm that if you are fully vaccinated, your risk of severe illness from COVID-19 is very low.

Again, mentioning how vaccinated people can still get sick but the chances of severe illness are lower (which is true to the current scientific standpoint)


March 17.2021


>"I would recommend it," Mr Trump said during an interview on Fox News Primetime on Tuesday.
>"I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly."

Trump recommending vaccine. I also have to agree that here he makes it seem as if the vaccine stops transmission with "I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it" (because they will still get it even with the vaccine)

However, in a later interview in december he said the same as Biden (that the vaccine merely protects you from severe illness.


Dec 08. 2020

>The president said the vaccine “will save millions of lives and soon end the pandemic once and for all.” The assertion contradicted health officials who note that it will be months before many Americans can be inoculated and that eradication of COVID-19 is far from assured.

Source: VOA

>Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, meanwhile, said millions of vaccine doses are being shipped but that, despite the good news, Americans must “double down” on public health measures.
>“As Americans get vaccinated, we need to continue taking steps like washing our hands, social distancing, and wearing face coverings to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities,” Azar said in a statement.

So this is the most of missinformation I could find. And it's not even that bad. Trump made an overstatement with how good the vaccine was, but this was instantly disproved by scientists and PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.


sei556 t1_issnrzu wrote

This one is interesting, because he contradicts himself in the video.

He says

>[...]That any virus, including the delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms on non-vaccinated people[...]

Which does imply they can still get it - but then the next sentence he basically says you not gonna get it if you get the vaccine.

So yeah, this is indeed a pretty bad speech of him and terrible wording.

Reading the article onwards:

>While vaccinations have been shown to protect against severe infection and death, they are less effective at preventing infections altogether. Biden's complete remarks during the CNN Town Hall included this context, although he did overstate and say that the vaccines would protect against infection in general.
>"If you're vaccinated, you're not going to be hospitalized, you're not going to be in the IC [intensive care] unit, and you're not going to die," Biden said during the event. "So it's gigantically important that...we all act like Americans who care about our fellow Americans," he added.

So yes, he did spread some missinformation with that first overstatement, but it was directly disputed by himself.

I see how such poor wording can cause confusion and make people angry, but since the real info was out there even before that and he did say it correctly the same day, I don't really see this as a huge issue.


Rodereck t1_issp6vh wrote

The real info wasn't out there. At the time of the president saying this, this was the actual general consensus and if you said otherwise you were banned or shunned. All the media was going around telling ppl that if you were vaccinated you couldn't get covid and your helping the community lols. The reason you can't find a lot of info on this major fck up is because the government along with Google have made every attempt to suppress and cover up all the misinformation that they've put out over the years so the things that everyone knows they said that was completely untrue are hard to find on the internet today because they had it forcefully removed. Cdc has even been caught ghost editing their policies without changing dates on edits. This is just one of the many lies that were told and if this is your first time hearing about this then that means the censorship has been working...


sei556 t1_ist4e7o wrote

But if you read my reply carefully, you'd know that Biden himself corrected it in the context at the same event where this first quote was said.

It was missinformation, but also put out of context and the real info was in the exact same speech (if the source you linked can be trusted)


Rodereck t1_ist5214 wrote

No man it wasn't wrong word choice or something he misspoke, our president and the organizations under him were legit saying that if you were vaccinated you couldn't get covid in the beginning and like I said this is just 1 of the many lies that had been told...


sei556 t1_ist6k13 wrote

I'm not saying he didn't.

I did confirm that what he said was wrong.

But you need to read/listen to the context given. It's literally on the site you linked and I quoted it above.


Rodereck t1_ist9phh wrote

I just linked that site cause it was the 1st one I saw that had the video of when he said it. The article doesn't elaborate the misinformation and divide at the time that this happened and frankly they all try to sugarcoat what he did. If someone like u or me were to go around saying false medical information especially on reddit we would be shunned or banned but when your own President is making false medical statements to the entire world there's no checks and balances. If it was a one time thing it might be somewhat acceptable but when you look back and realize a majority of the things they told the general public was a lie or made up it makes you question the administration's credibility...


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gamingyee t1_isn8eua wrote

that would require the education system being good in the first place


LazyLich t1_iso0fhe wrote

It aaaaall circles back to the education system. Seems that most of the problems of the world would be fixed in part if we properly funded and revamped or education systems


oxfouzer t1_isnh7i4 wrote

Like “hey, we tried to eliminate polio using vaccines and now most polio in the world is caused by polio vaccines”? That kind of vaccine education?


Rehnion t1_iso2bu2 wrote

Almost a thousand posts in /r/conspiracy from this user, which is really, really telling.


oxfouzer t1_isodxn9 wrote

Critical thinker. You should try it.


Rehnion t1_isq04x2 wrote

The irony of this coming from someone with almost a thousand posts in /r/conspiracy is really something else.


oxfouzer t1_isodw8i wrote

Critical thinker. You should try it.


pocketbadger t1_isnn6y2 wrote

Is vaccine derived polio the dominant strain and if so, is it because it the efforts to eliminate or reduce wild strains of polio have been largely successful?


oxfouzer t1_isodo8d wrote

Yes, and maybe? But also Polio was a scam all along…


oxfouzer t1_isodqce wrote

Yes, and maybe? But also Polio was a scam all along…


pocketbadger t1_isofva8 wrote

How so?


dolphins3 t1_isoj6yc wrote

I think it's conspiracy theory is that polio isn't real, which doesn't make any sense.


oxfouzer t1_isojpni wrote

If you’re actually interested, you’ll do some academic research like I did.


pocketbadger t1_isolj3w wrote

Just link your research, if I try to search for what you described, it will bring up conspiracy nonsense.


oxfouzer t1_isolqdm wrote

Ah yes, years of research. Let me just go find, copy l, and paste a hundred articles that you won’t read. I’ll get right on that bro,


pocketbadger t1_isonnfs wrote

I’ve been searching for information on this and have come up short which is why the burden of proof rests on the person making the claim.


oxfouzer t1_isonzst wrote

You must not care too much, then. I don’t need to waste my time if you’re unwilling to spend any of yours. Good luck!


pocketbadger t1_isom9w7 wrote

You just claimed polio is a hoax, just link one paper. Your favourite one.


oxfouzer t1_isomzfx wrote

I don’t even need a link to prove the vaccine was irrelevant - check polio rates over the years… then check when yhe vaccine was introduced.

It follows the same exact trend that Measles did. The same trend that Covid did. The vaccine comes AFTER the disease already essentially disappears.

If that interests you, continue to do your own investigation. I have a feeling you’re just gonna pull some bullshit “nuhuh” and keep faffing along


Icidel t1_isutand wrote

link an article


oxfouzer t1_isutm15 wrote

Do exactly what I said, using whatever resource you trust. You’ll see exactly what I said.


123flip t1_isnxz2t wrote

Yes. A testament to how successful vaccines have been at eradicating the disease.


oxfouzer t1_isodsvs wrote

Polio was a scam all along. People are still falling for this shii?


NathamelCamel t1_isnqjrx wrote

No, more like "listen up you dumb ass Taliban regional leaders. This vaccine won't make your populous believe in satan and do immoral acts, it means they won't die or be crippled by a preventable disease"... so pretty much the same strategy for anti-vaxxers


DamonFields t1_isn11dk wrote

We're almost did it once except for the lunatics and the religious crackpots.


pselie4 t1_isn9s10 wrote

And don't forget the contribution of the CIA. This was on Hepatitis B, but still they ruined the trust people have in medical care takers.


p-d-ball t1_isnfrh9 wrote

Wow. That should be illegal. It probably is in Pakistan, but the US should forbid such kinds of espionage campaigns.


RDO_Desmond t1_ismscc9 wrote

That's very nice of him and good news for those who don't want to be crippled.


v12go-vroom t1_iszmuf5 wrote

That’s not how any of these vaccination campaigns work. Do you really think they’re doing it out of charity? Man I have a bridge to sell you.


RDO_Desmond t1_it0syj1 wrote

They are using charitable funds from a foundation. They didn't have to help provide polio vaccines. They choose to. Don't know whether you've known anyone with polio. I have.


jc236 t1_ismosnu wrote

Good luck getting into Afghanistan lol


cabeeza t1_ismpuzi wrote

New York could be even harder.


ralphvonwauwau t1_ismw0ig wrote

Not even close
Headline:"UN condemns brutal killing of eight polio workers in Afghanistan"


v12go-vroom t1_iszn0tw wrote

“Polio workers” lol It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszqkui wrote

And of course you have evidence to support your claim ... right?


v12go-vroom t1_iszsbkj wrote

There were six cases of polio globally last year and zero cases in the United States. What do they need eight whole polio workers workers for? The CIA runs these fake polio operations all the time in order to get their agents in under the auspices of goodwill and charity. Don’t be naïve. Look up prior cases this is documented evidence.


v12go-vroom t1_iszsqj2 wrote

So why the fuck is Bill Gates spending billions of dollars for six polio cases globally? Don’t you see that something doesn’t add up? There’s obviously an alternative agenda.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszygud wrote

So, you are saying you do not have evidence to support your claim, and, BTW, your number of cases is not in agreement with any source I could find, most seem to be in the low 200s for this year. A small amount, but not "six globally".


v12go-vroom t1_iszyt4w wrote

Scroll down. I provided you some links. Both of them are US government websites.


ralphvonwauwau t1_it0026m wrote

> It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up.

nope, don't see anything about the CIA in there...


v12go-vroom t1_it00se0 wrote

So, if after you wake up from a nap and you walk outside and everything is drenched, are you going to assume your neighbor ran around everywhere with a hose and drenched everything down? Or will you come to the natural conclusion that it was raining?


v12go-vroom t1_it00vmf wrote

It’s true that you have no proof that it rained, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck.


v12go-vroom t1_iszyw2h wrote

And 200 cases of polio primarily caused by the polio vaccine itself is not a reason to spend billions of dollars on” Eradicating polio”. Don’t be naïve.


ralphvonwauwau t1_it0062b wrote

> It was the CIA killing their own people to cover up. nope, still don't see anything about the CIA in there... I'm sure you have evidence, lets see it.


v12go-vroom t1_iszsuqw wrote

Polio wasn’t eradicated with vaccination, it was eradicated with better sanitary systems in terms of sewer and water.


ralphvonwauwau t1_iszvtrf wrote

The development of polio vaccines in the mid-twentieth century and a robust international response have helped more than one hundred countries become polio-free. New cases in the United States and Israel in 2022 underscore the risk that, until it is eradicated globally, polio can make a comeback in any part of the world.

No, it wasn't sanitary systems that stopped polio. It was the vaccine. If you are going to make such counterfactual claims, at least have a link to the source so we can all laugh at it.


v12go-vroom t1_iszwdo2 wrote


The police department says that they have investigated the alleged cases of abuse of power against themselves and have found themselves innocent.

Back to you John with regularly scheduled programming.

Why are you asking the wolf if the chicken coop is safe? CFR really? Literally the people who own the pharmaceutical companies are going to tell you whether their shit is effective or not? Do you not realize that Pfizer got the largest fine in history for lying to doctors and hiding information?


v12go-vroom t1_iszwtos wrote

Here’s one more link for you to laugh at.

“Virtually all cases in recent years have occurred in children who’ve received four doses of the vaccine, and nearly half [were] in children who have received 10 doses,” said Thekekara Jacob John, a virologist formerly with the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.


tkeRe1337 t1_isnf162 wrote

Anti vaxxers gonna fuck this up


P12oooF t1_isnrhho wrote

*gets in line for 10th booster.


tkeRe1337 t1_isnw262 wrote

I am actually not vaccinated for covid haha but the regular vaccines I’m all for and my daughter has gotten most of them.


P12oooF t1_iswh6gc wrote

Lol how did I get upvoted and you downvoted. Wierd community.


tkeRe1337 t1_iswhm1d wrote

Probably thought u were rly taking the 10th booster rofl


Rodereck t1_isq6l6h wrote

Polio Vaccine is an actual vaccine people have been using for decade not like this drug so called "Vaccine" that they had to change the definition for but you're probably too brain washed to know that lols


tkeRe1337 t1_isryd1e wrote

Im not even vaccinated against covid so how about you relax on your assumptions man


Rodereck t1_iss9832 wrote

So according to society if you're not vaccinated your an antivaxer but u on here throwing shade though lols


tkeRe1337 t1_issabl8 wrote

Not taking the polio vaccine is different though because there is research on it and clearly worth it. And ppl not giving their kids established snd safe vaccines risk the health of other kids not old enough to get a vaccine yet.

Not interested in having a vaccine discussion with you though so have a nice day!


AmMitch t1_isntdlm wrote

If this thread is any indication, morons will ensure no good deed goes unpunished, as usual.


AnonymousWritings t1_iso6a8y wrote

Pretty sure it would be eradicated already if the CIA hadn't ruined trust in medical professionals in Pakistan by running fake vaccination centers as a scheme to get the DNA of bin laden's relatives.


beastandy1 t1_isnp9y8 wrote

Ask him about his failed attempt in Africa


NathamelCamel t1_isnr2qx wrote

?? Polio isn't in Africa anymore because of those efforts. The only places where it is active are areas that actively resist against vaccination efforts like in Taliban controlled Afghanistan and Pakistan


Rodereck t1_isq7l5g wrote

This isn't the 1st time Bill gates started a vaccination campaign. He pushed tetanus Vaccines onto Kenyan children that "Coincidently" sterilized them and his organization has had a major medical malpractice brought up to the WHO. The Bill gates foundation has had a long list of dirty policies but as we know u throw enough money at ppl they look the other way and this the guy ppl are trusting for polio vaccines lmao. If u believe I'm making it up go look it up but u won't find it on any liberal news stations like CNN where they censor any negative news about their "donors" but it is all sadly true...


Bazzatron t1_isnvj68 wrote

What? Just doing it instead of posting sarcastic tweets about it?

Fuck me it's almost like you can achieve unimaginable results when you apply a modicum of a functionally unlimited budget.


OrangeOk1358 t1_iso267h wrote

At least Gates us attempting to make the world a better place while Musk is busy being Putin's lapdog by threatening cutoff Starlink service to Ukraine.


Rodereck t1_isq9ywy wrote

Gates is trying to destroy the world lmao


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oxfouzer t1_isnh4e9 wrote

… what?

Vaccine derived polio is the dominant strain and has been for like 20 years…


GoodMerlinpeen t1_iso3ixf wrote

It was only in 2017 that vaccine derived polio overtook wild polio infections -

However, in the US vaccines they use inactive polio strains (IVP), presumably more funding can help move to IVP in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we well as help the uptake of vaccines in general.


oxfouzer t1_isoe27n wrote

Polio is and always has been a scam, regardless.


[deleted] t1_iss1b12 wrote



oxfouzer t1_iss20et wrote

I was as naïve as you once, too. It’s definitely harder to learn the truth than to just repeat the lie


gudbote t1_isntik4 wrote

Too bad Karen from Bumbelch, Nebrahoma believes it's all a plan to implant microchips and allow billionaire Bill Gates to control her life.


ProgySuperNova t1_isnuuba wrote

Facebook anti-vaxxers to the rescue!

"I feed my children polio infected feces to help build their natural immune system"


buckhardcastle t1_isod0ae wrote

I love when they think the vaccine isn’t natural immunity. The whole point is to use the body’s natura immunity. If I hear it one more time, I’m going to start telling them they’re not allowed to wear glasses or get surgery. Your medical privileges have been revoked, Jennifer. These people want to ride the Natural Fallacy into the ground, they should be free to do it. Just no more cars, clothing or computers.


Rodereck t1_isq7ywv wrote

Vaxers are soo brainwashed they have no idea what vaccines even do lmao


Rodereck t1_isq7w2o wrote

This is a conversation for adults and I don't think your mother would appreciate you saying such foolish things on the internet, so pls go take a nap!


blueberrysir t1_iso0qnr wrote

Didn’t this already happen?


ligger66 t1_iso21ei wrote

Doesn't matter how much they pledge if they can't stop the anti vacsers from sticking their egos in the way.


Rodereck t1_isq9ooc wrote

Just going off your name ligger66 and the things you say this guy must know what he's talking about lmao what a troll...


flunkyclaus t1_isq5v8d wrote

I am a human being. Bill Gates is a human being. I cannot fathom the prospect of having as big an impact on the world as he has had / is doing, or having the mindset to take on such challenges. Awesome to see.


Rodereck t1_isqactt wrote

The ppl here that think Gates pushing "his" vaccines on more poor countries giving his fail track record is a good thing are probably the same ones who endorsed the Tuskegee experiments lols...


Circlemadeeverything t1_isqf50n wrote

It’s nice that some billionaires have a clue. Go help people. While you’re alive. See your money put to some value.


Brief_Carrot t1_isnpno5 wrote

I learned from the Amber Heard trials that "pledged" does not equal "donated"


Chibibowa t1_iso49m1 wrote

She set a f precedent and people gonna abuse it now. She’s more useless than I thought.


8bitbruh t1_isns7l0 wrote

Enjoy your tax break ig


dasdas90 t1_isnz5gz wrote

More like depressing news.


SidxTalks t1_iso17ep wrote

Some more information on his philanthropy

He paralyzed hundreds of thousands in India, they made him leave

His vaccines actually CAUSED polio

Another of his vaccines cause the death of 7 kids, and injury of 1200

Efforts he funded were found things were done without consent and massive ethic violations ... pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court

In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a phase 3 trial of GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,949 children

Killed 151 infants

Without consent paralyzed 60 kids in Africa :

Link to even the original news article printed in Africa is in here:

In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Their DTP vax, is killing more children then the disease itself

And committed human rights violations


0verlimit t1_iso7aqp wrote

So I don’t think posting a bunch of links without a bit of context will help people understand the flaws of the Gates approach to medical intervention.

Vaccines have MUCH more good than harm to society as a whole. There is really no way to contest that. They have done so much good to society but I just want to offer a more skeptical view of the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation, with its funding and power, has warped and taken the sphere of global health interventions in a way no other institution has. It has found itself integrated in so many global health institutions such as WHO, GAVI and many others. And as a result, they have built a monopoly on humanitarian aid via philanthrocapitalism. And while they funded many endeavors in research and biotechnology, there is an overconfidence in the power of biotechnologies, such as vaccines for dysentery, rather than fixing deficiencies in social determinants, such as lack of access to sources clean water in third world countries. I mean, why fix access to clean food and water when we can just give these people vaccines or medicine to prove how great biotechnology is? And as the technological monolith as he is, Gates has mentioned and only promoted his personal motive of biotech related developments.

In general, Gates’s funding has turned the landscape of public health into a business that has skewed research to primarily vaccines as a pancreas for social determinants, warped global health initiatives to the motives of billionaires, and created a world where less developed countries are reliant on the biological development of biotech in developed countries rather than receive sustainable aid and development.

I know this is a lot and Gates is doing more than any of us will do in our lives but just have a little bit of skepticism on if you think any billionaire or person in general could take over and influence a whole aspect of global health because of their money.

Edit: It seems I have attracted a couple of crazies with this post. I know about Gate’s history and failed vaccination drives but also how he has arguably saved more lives than he has destroyed despite how much I don’t like him and his approach to public health. I know how much power and influence he has but I’m not writing a whole fucking thesis in a Reddit comment that’s already too long to begin with.


Rodereck t1_isq92yp wrote

These vaccines aren't new unlike this crap we have now yet it seems everytime Bill Gates imposes "his" vaccines on ppl from poor countries there's always some kind of mishap where the ppl that take them suffer irreparable damage and it gets brushed under the rug. You can claim to be in denial of his misdoings and try to turn it into some vax vs antivax argument which it is not but you can't deny that his organization has a long list of Medical mishaps when he trys to push "his" vaccines on poorer countries and it's easy to read into it but you won't find it on liberal news stations like CNN. I honestly can't believe people are soo foolish to trust a person who blatantly said he plans to depopulate the world and has such a shitty track record as him but if you don't believe all the red flags then you should go try out his latest products lols...


SidxTalks t1_iso9b93 wrote

Are you one of the guys employed by gates?


0verlimit t1_isob0eb wrote

I fucking wish. I just believe in more holistic and social determinants based approaches to public health and just disagree heavily against the vaccine-dependent policies of Gates. I especially just don’t think rich people like Gates should have that much influence of global health.


Carighan t1_isq2djf wrote

Are you one of the guys employed by Alex Jones? You sure sound like you'd fit right in!


burritobro666 t1_iso8prn wrote

thEIr Are MiCrChIPs IN TeH VaCciNes!


KazkaFaron t1_ispr37d wrote

loli pledge a billion fucks, tell me when they actually donate it


bullseye2112 t1_isnub2z wrote

It already should’ve been but fucking anti-Vaxxers aren’t helping.


rimalp t1_ispqixt wrote

Meanwhile, Musk hoards $300 billion like a dragon, sides with Russia on the Ukraine invasion and supports China's plan of invading Taiwan.

Like the gates foundation he could do so much good even with a fraction of that money.


DonHohnson t1_isrbijv wrote

Yea he's siding with Russia alright by enabling Ukraine's military with their only vital communication on the battlefield resulting in one of the very large reasons Ukraine is on the offensive ? Gtfo here good sir! I don't care if he wants to be paid or not it's a lot more effective then "sanctions ". Cheers !


ChessIsAwesome t1_iso1mfq wrote

So he can monotize and own the cure.


spoollyger t1_isnczci wrote

I pledge a 2 billion dollars. I win.


Taboli t1_isnoiwj wrote

Bill gates continue his business journey. Being ignorant means thinking this article is a positive only news.


NathamelCamel t1_isnquqw wrote

IIRC he's matching donation money for Rotary International's effort in polio eradication. This is essentially a tax write-off, though the cause that it is going to is good and the amount is reasonable given the fact that it is extremely difficult to eradicate a disease


thetruthteller t1_isnvcni wrote

Just think that maybe a month of profits for Microsoft can cure all of global polio


nostalgiadusk t1_isn9qha wrote

all negative comments will be removed?? well if that isnt censorship then god knows what is. Did bill gates pay for this news? surely not?!?!? bill gates is a really honest guy.....


_qst2o91_ t1_isnb5fi wrote

Well what's there negative to say about this article? Are you pro polio or something? It's a 100% good thing that's going on lol


mithie007 t1_isnff9x wrote

You know if there's one group in this polical climate that's destroying America, it's the Pro-Polio lobby and the Big Polio conglomerates fucking it up for the rest of us.

If I had a nickle every time some bigshot celebrity goes to congress to rant about the wonders of polio...


nostalgiadusk t1_isnbdht wrote

could have said the same thing about covid 3 years ago. but i suppose you dont see the irony. incredible insight there from qst, he knows whats up for sure


_qst2o91_ t1_isnbm6z wrote

Ok bro and you're mad you can't talk unconstructive trash about people or things you don't personally like so grow up


[deleted] t1_isnby3t wrote



_qst2o91_ t1_isncif5 wrote

He's got money going to people who have spent their lives researching it, and he's been researching at his foundation for years upon years, backed by billions of his dollars in funding

He's an expert on this now, and even if you say he isn't, he has a team who most definitely are, he knows what he's doing, BRO


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zephinus t1_isnfx34 wrote

yes Dr Gates is an expert on this now. Don't worry these people shooting down anyone with a different opinion or having a worried attitude are the same people who would become nazi's in nazi germany for sure, don't question anything just do your job and adopt the hive culture mind.


Extension-Ad-2760 t1_isng4p9 wrote

You know this is literally the entire sub? The point is to have a cynicism-free space, which is quite rare. You can see cynicism about this on other subs if you want.

Also they don't actually remove the comments, I've said negative things before


nostalgiadusk t1_isnkixp wrote

I did not know this was a blanket thing across this entire sub. That makes MUCH more sense. Many thanks