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kmo9e t1_ispkwee wrote

You have been able to buy glasses otc for a long time if you’re not picky about how accurate they are.


Plantas666 t1_isq34h3 wrote

I thought they only sold reading glasses without a prescription? That's all I've ever seen. Nothing for people with myopia.


Skyblacker t1_isrbod4 wrote

You can buy prescription glasses online.


Plantas666 t1_isrbsiv wrote

You defenitely need a prescription to buy them online. Even for the cheap ass places


Skyblacker t1_isrc0ut wrote

And an eye exam is, what, forty bucks?


Plantas666 t1_isrdz2p wrote

Yeah if you see a doctor and get a prescription it's literally not OTC is what I'm saying. Idk what your going on about


achillymoose t1_isrjk35 wrote

Zennis are accurate and cheap as dirt. I haven't gotten glasses anywhere else since I stopped buying from optical shops