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The_Noble_Oak t1_isyyzyz wrote

I hope there's an exception carved out for rescues who partner with pet food stores. My local SPCA houses cats at the pet store so they have more visibility and more chances to be adopted.

It's all run by the SPCA themselves. They send their volunteers there to feed and care for the cats.


Tobias_Atwood t1_isyrt5w wrote

Every time I've been in a pet store and saw the puppies and kittens I couldn't help wonder what happened if they never got bought.

I'm sure Cruella de Vil had some pointers to give...


Sariel007 OP t1_isylz9p wrote





_Blackstar t1_iszysm5 wrote

Rescues make better pets anyway and you can't change my mind. For a small fee you're getting a dog that's already been fixed, has all its current immunizations, has been screened for any major health issues, and comes potty trained.

The best part though, is that period where they grow to love you. Watching the transformation of their personality as the look on their face goes from "So how long until you send me back?" to "HOLY FUCK HE'S HOME, HE'S HOME, HE'S FINALLY FUCKING HOME LET ME WAG MY ENTIRE BUTT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"


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enderverse87 t1_isyn1uz wrote

No pet stores? So only Puppy Mills selling on Facebook now, it just became much harder to regulate.


Sariel007 OP t1_isyql81 wrote

Where do you think those pet stores are getting their pets. hint it is those puppy mills.


_Blackstar t1_iszy2yy wrote

Oh thank God, now I can buy my puppies wholesale and cut out the middleman.



Bender3455 t1_isziywh wrote

I feel like this is sad news. We use Pet Stores over here in TN to get a LOT of dogs and cats adopted, even the ones that aren't housed by the pet stores themselves.


Lunupines t1_iszndr0 wrote

Is it a rescues run thing? There’s exceptions for that

The proposal would allow retailers to provide space in their stores for rescue organizations or shelters to offer those animals for adoption, “which may continue to spur business for their other retail merchandise,” according to the county.