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FyudoMyo t1_it5juv4 wrote

“Pornography consumption was not linked to decreased relationship or sexual satisfaction when masturbation frequency was controlled for. “I’d want clarification in that. There is a difference between a casual user or even a couple who casually use together versus an individual who spends hours a day every day mapping their arousal states toward pixels in a screen. Many people who struggle with crippling porn addiction have reported porn induced erectile dysfunction. An inability to achieve an erection in the presence of a partner at least sufficient enough to engage in sex acts. It’s a thing. I don’t think that this study went that far into extreme dosage levels of exposure to porn.


TheFreakish t1_it9i9zq wrote

>Many people who struggle with crippling porn addiction have reported porn induced erectile dysfunction. An inability to achieve an erection in the presence of a partner at least sufficient enough to engage in sex acts. It’s a thing.

It's possible some people just aren't fullfilled in their relationships. I've stressed out over ED when it turned out to just be bad sexual chemistry 🤣

I'm kinky.

I like kinky sex.

I like hot kinky sex.

I like sexual exploration.

Just a word of wisdom to people out there. It's not superficial to leave a relationship over bad sex.


FyudoMyo t1_it9tl4y wrote

This is true. One of the reasons “waiting till marriage” is t a good idea anymore. Bad sexually chemistry is a thing and people shouldn’t stay in those relationships


domotor2 t1_it6jnlu wrote

This is not true for those with a serious porn addiction. It's like saying drinking alcohol does not cause people to lose their jobs - it does only in excess.


knowitallz t1_itr26a3 wrote

Read the details. It says when controlled for frequency of masturbation. So if you jerk it a lot then it does cause erectile dysfunction


Nomad_Cosmonaut t1_it5bx4x wrote

That was honestly a consideration?? This is my first of hearing of this


WeirdboyWarboss t1_it6so6c wrote

You'll hear it from conservatives and nofap weirdos when anything related to sex or relationships comes up.


moose-goat t1_it78y2h wrote

It really does mess with my head though and I’m neither of those things. Since I quit watching porn my sex drive is way higher and I do find it easier to get an erection.


WeirdboyWarboss t1_it89hqk wrote

It helps some people, hurts other people, there is no scientific backing for moderate porn viewing being negative in general.

>A 2014 article emphasizes that scientific research rarely discusses so-called “pornography addiction,” or its suggested role in ED. Yet the term is common on Internet forums and other non-clinical sources, and may even be used in treatment. This supposed link between erectile dysfunction and pornography has fueled a lucrative industry, despite there being little scientific evidence to support the link.

>Men who feel guilty about their use of pornography may struggle with ED due to this guilt. In this way, a belief that pornography is wrong or is linked to ED can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


heywood_jablowme69 t1_it9dwcj wrote

Yes. I tried to tell my girlfriend that watching pornography for 6 hours a day was not the reason that I could not have sex with her. Vindicated!


Papa_Pesto t1_it5czxd wrote

Right??? How is that even a thought??? Couples watch porn together. People get aroused. End scene.


zoidbergenious t1_it6pz57 wrote

really ? mind-blowing. whats next, video games are not causing mass shootings ? masturbation is not making you blind or letting hairs grow on your hand ?


TheMadMetalhead t1_ithkop2 wrote

I can test to the fact that porn is bad for you and not healthy to your mental well-being. Since getting away from porn, I've been able to have a much more fulfilling relationship with the love of my life.


Middle_Data_9563 t1_it5o4tm wrote

I find it's most common when I'm not attracted to the other person


Remarkable-Walrus-27 t1_it6ioi6 wrote

Fixation on a certain thing can lead to wanting that and the rest is less intriguing. Personal experience.


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Hgafsd1 t1_it95pn1 wrote

This on r/upliftingnews is the most Reddit thing I’ve ever seen


knowitallz t1_itr1yli wrote

So it's not porn. It's jerking off too much..

That makes sense


Hopeful_1768 t1_it6fkg0 wrote

who would have ever thought so....
but a lot of, tons of, research needed to be done