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Midwestern_Childhood t1_itgjz1x wrote

These are good humans: both the owners of the bird sanctuary and the people helping them by moving their birds. Good luck to them all.


Jonkinch t1_itmgt57 wrote

Lol, I took the headline as at first “Birds escaped and flew away during hurricane and people rescued them to return them to the owners”


wolfgang784 t1_itgl8vy wrote

Aw so good to hear. A lot of parrots, especially these larger rarer breeds, are quite smart and it has been proven that they can process and understand complex emotions. Poor things.

That said - they are still animals and will act unpredictably when scared. Big props to these people for rescuing them all. Large scared/angry/defensive birds can be terrifying to be near let alone handle and their beaks are not just for show. To go at em with bare hands and nets - either the rescuers were truly dedicated, or nobody told them the proper danger level first lol.


smallcoyfish t1_itgqxmp wrote

I'm guessing (watched video without sound) that those grabbing the birds had some experience. Those towel and hand holds are very effective if you do them right, and it only takes a few painful mistakes to teach you quickly.


sjb2059 t1_ithlil4 wrote

Honestly, as someone who has had a large parrot, the fact that nobody has mentioned having a finger amputated in this process really indicates that everyone who handled the birds knew what they were doing.

I LOVE my Morgan the African Grey, but I am also extremely respectful of her beak strength. I have experienced regrowing the fingertip nerves to know the possibilities.


Mertard t1_itiajit wrote

African Greys are the sassiest mfs out there


LilRach05 t1_itjiw2v wrote

Most are just a-holes! (Gandalf has bitten me 3 times)


Mertard t1_itk5nwr wrote

Bird has completely pierced my lip once :(


LilRach05 t1_itl0qom wrote

Yipes, you got me beat. Hope your lip has healed up


Mertard t1_itl70ls wrote

It has, but the shirt I was wearing that day has a permanent bloodstain


LilRach05 t1_itl8uhl wrote

A permanent monument to your lip injury.

But now the bird has a taste for human blood, beware!!!

(For the humor impaired, this a joke, I know all parrots already have thirst for human blood!)


LunarLutra t1_itgodwt wrote

“We would not abandon them. I would never leave them. Never,” said Stepp, as volunteers worked on collecting the flock from dozens of coops at the Malama Manu Sanctuary. “If they cannot be fed or watered, they will die. And I can’t live with that."

They packed all those rescued animals into their home and endured the storm, I cannot imagine!


Cosumik t1_ith233u wrote

I couldnt access the article so thank you for posting this lovely quote 🥺


imagemaker-np t1_ithn2cr wrote

And also this (in reference to the birds): "Some whistled and spoke, including several with mischievous vocabularies."


zanep0 t1_itj68rp wrote

House of screams


LunarLutra t1_itj71id wrote

Those who stayed behind have constant ringing in their ears now lol


cFullwood t1_itgoiej wrote

Great story. To those who don't live here or know anyone in the area, a local company, Honc Construction, went in just after the storm and made a usable "bridge." Big props to the owner that said, fuck what you want County, and just went in there with dozers. He really helped out a desperate community


Smokey_tha_bear9000 t1_itho5v9 wrote

No he didn’t. FDOT authorized the repairs after Steve Honc pleaded with the Governor and then Honc acted as a subcontractor under the State of Florida.

He didn’t just go rogue.


cFullwood t1_iti96p7 wrote

Right on. I'm just glad he took any form of quick repair. I know there was more to it but nobody is giving the full story here right now. I'm mostly going off the people I know that are connected to others


CallidoraBlack t1_ithp2ge wrote

He might have if the governor had ignored him. Would have been worth it.


Kitchen-Entrance8015 t1_ith3aji wrote

Yeah I am so glad they were rescued parrots can get stressed and can literally start ripping out their own feathers so to get them rescued and get them out really quick is a great idea


Starfire2313 t1_itgn79q wrote

For some reason this has me bawling.


tenkohime t1_iti6y24 wrote

My heart is warmed. I had no idea this place existed before.


nocloudno t1_itidwey wrote

I thought this was nottheonion for a second saying that these rare birds were taken from a secluded island and put into cages somewhere else.


FreedomPaws t1_itk5x4p wrote

Thank you so much for those that did this.

"Heros are those that help those that cannot helpnl themselves".



Jfuentes6 t1_itiy6ki wrote

What about the non rare ones that were also trapped?


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b00b00jeffries t1_itkckmh wrote

This is great news. Many thanks to all involved for helping rescue those birds and their caretaker humans.


Troll-Tollbooth t1_itkr0q2 wrote

Nice to see a post in this sub that isn't democrat or Biden propaganda.


bobthehills t1_itisn44 wrote

Birds aren’t real.


FunnySynthesis t1_itgyyel wrote

The word from my CEO uncles is the rare bird market is becoming oversatured now.


SacredSpirit123 t1_ith25vp wrote

If you’re implying that these are being sold as pets, they’re not. They were rescued from the hurricane out of goodwill.


FuckitThrowaway02 t1_iths0eq wrote

Personal collection of rare and exotic birds transported with free labor


Sariel007 OP t1_itjik6w wrote

Imagine being this willfully ignorant and taking such pride in it that you post for all the world to see.