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LunarLutra t1_itgodwt wrote

“We would not abandon them. I would never leave them. Never,” said Stepp, as volunteers worked on collecting the flock from dozens of coops at the Malama Manu Sanctuary. “If they cannot be fed or watered, they will die. And I can’t live with that."

They packed all those rescued animals into their home and endured the storm, I cannot imagine!


Cosumik t1_ith233u wrote

I couldnt access the article so thank you for posting this lovely quote 🥺


imagemaker-np t1_ithn2cr wrote

And also this (in reference to the birds): "Some whistled and spoke, including several with mischievous vocabularies."


zanep0 t1_itj68rp wrote

House of screams


LunarLutra t1_itj71id wrote

Those who stayed behind have constant ringing in their ears now lol