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cFullwood t1_itgoiej wrote

Great story. To those who don't live here or know anyone in the area, a local company, Honc Construction, went in just after the storm and made a usable "bridge." Big props to the owner that said, fuck what you want County, and just went in there with dozers. He really helped out a desperate community


Smokey_tha_bear9000 t1_itho5v9 wrote

No he didn’t. FDOT authorized the repairs after Steve Honc pleaded with the Governor and then Honc acted as a subcontractor under the State of Florida.

He didn’t just go rogue.


cFullwood t1_iti96p7 wrote

Right on. I'm just glad he took any form of quick repair. I know there was more to it but nobody is giving the full story here right now. I'm mostly going off the people I know that are connected to others


CallidoraBlack t1_ithp2ge wrote

He might have if the governor had ignored him. Would have been worth it.