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sjb2059 t1_ithlil4 wrote

Honestly, as someone who has had a large parrot, the fact that nobody has mentioned having a finger amputated in this process really indicates that everyone who handled the birds knew what they were doing.

I LOVE my Morgan the African Grey, but I am also extremely respectful of her beak strength. I have experienced regrowing the fingertip nerves to know the possibilities.


Mertard t1_itiajit wrote

African Greys are the sassiest mfs out there


LilRach05 t1_itjiw2v wrote

Most are just a-holes! (Gandalf has bitten me 3 times)


Mertard t1_itk5nwr wrote

Bird has completely pierced my lip once :(


LilRach05 t1_itl0qom wrote

Yipes, you got me beat. Hope your lip has healed up


Mertard t1_itl70ls wrote

It has, but the shirt I was wearing that day has a permanent bloodstain


LilRach05 t1_itl8uhl wrote

A permanent monument to your lip injury.

But now the bird has a taste for human blood, beware!!!

(For the humor impaired, this a joke, I know all parrots already have thirst for human blood!)