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Jammintoad t1_itjng9i wrote

Imo the more experienced hiker you are the more likely you actually bring shit with you in case you bite off more than you can chew


Spicey_Pickled_Okra t1_itl1lis wrote

The opposite is true, in my experience. Experts pack their needs, beginners pack their fears.


xyrer t1_itl2hzh wrote

Overconfidence is a killer. You don't need it until you need it.


Spicey_Pickled_Okra t1_itl42lj wrote

Agreed, but with experience comes knowledge of what you actually do need and what you dont. Most people I know, myself included, trim fat from their kit as they get more experienced. Not the other way around.


xyrer t1_itl4ndo wrote

Yeah. I don't mean you should pack everything possible, but the list posted here seems reasonable


Spicey_Pickled_Okra t1_itl5jb1 wrote

In my opinion it is too focused on food and fire. Shelter and water are more urgent needs. If it gets cold and wet at night, you can die in less than 24 hrs. If you dont have clean water, you can die in 72 hrs.


xyrer t1_itl5y5e wrote

Hm. Fair point.


Spicey_Pickled_Okra t1_itl6twi wrote

And thats what I mean. Youd be better off with a poncho and a sawyer mini water filter. And that knowledge comes from experience, not anxiety.


handsomehares t1_itlqb97 wrote

Especially because I can drink your piss to stay alive.

Not mine, I don’t care for the taste.


NeoHenderson t1_itl5k5g wrote

My dad is like that except he brings the same stuff but smaller and lighter versions. A lot of people don’t get it. They’ll get him bulky camping lights and stuff for Christmas but I know he’d really like the worlds smallest and lightest water purifier or some shit


Jammintoad t1_itm0pwy wrote

I do a lot of desert hiking. I mainly had in mind those that take a single water bottle for a long hike in 85-100 degree weather. I agree it's always a balance between taking what you absolutely must need and over packing. Risk management is a balance


Runs_With_Bears t1_itnajgs wrote

100% correct. You trim fat and upgrade gear as you gain experience. Jesus the shit I used to pack. Once you do a 14 mile hike carrying shit you realize you were never going to need you don’t bring it the next time.


AsyncUhhWait t1_itmy0ax wrote

Lmfao did you just make that up to feel superior about how you pack things?