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xiguy1 t1_itjuq4u wrote

Good thinking. What are you using for a sat phone? I’m thinking about getting one.


miniwave t1_itkpfiv wrote

For the less-serious hiker the iPhone 14 has a satellite SOS feature. Can’t call but can send an SMS.


YouWantAPieceOfMe t1_itkyr0j wrote

Important note that it’s not active yet. Should be next month IIRC.


Jlsajdfowjqfpoiwfi t1_itl4x5g wrote

The little SOS icon pops up on my phone when I’m in the mountains already. It’s not activated yet?


YouWantAPieceOfMe t1_itlb2ia wrote

On their website it still says "Available in November":

The SOS icon means it can't reach your cell network, but it can reach A network to make emergency calls. Well, to be clear in my quick search it's not clear that it means it can reach a network, more simply that your network isn't available - but you can still try to make an emergency call.


Jlsajdfowjqfpoiwfi t1_itlb8x0 wrote

Ah I see. Thanks for the info. That’s actually really misleading by Apple lol

I definitely thought I had the feature already


parsifal t1_itkzxwm wrote

(Launching by the end of this year and requires a software update. An awesome feature I’m thankful for.)


kelce t1_itjwqam wrote

I have the garmin inreach mini2!


iama_bad_person t1_itkfibv wrote

I was about to ask where your PLB was but that's even better. People I hike with think I'm paranoid but I never hike without it.


Pantssassin t1_itl5t7t wrote

I also second the in reach mini 2. Worked well on my 4 day trip in NH this year. I was able to pretty reliably send updates to my family although I wouldn't use it if you wanted to use the automatic tracking intervals because I don't think it has the battery for that on longer trips. I would just send updates when taking a break or if I were to need to change my route I set up a way to let them know and could send more frequent updates.