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ScootScott t1_itk0r7x wrote

I really hope she have insurance, that rescue could bankrupt her.


HappyLittleFirefly t1_itl19l7 wrote

Search and Rescue services themselves are free, they don't want people avoiding calling for help for fear of a hefty bill. As far as I know, the helicopter ride is the gray area where charges may start (depends on medical treatment during flight, whether it's equivalent to an ambulance ride, or something to that effect). If it is treated as equivalent to an ambulance then I imagine that her health insurance would kick in then in whatever capacity it handles ambulance rides.

I'm really not sure of all the details, but I do know that SAR itself is free (at least in my state, Colorado). Never hesitate to call if you need it!

The sooner you call in a life threatening situation, the less you'll have to worry about that medical helicopter gray area.


Schwartzy94 t1_itkkuuz wrote

Do insurance cover for selfie stupidity?

No seriously those kinds of falling to your death while taking photos type accidnets have increased so much that insurance companies must have rules for that nowdays surely...

how much does a helicopter transport cost in usa?


cathpah t1_itksd9o wrote

How do you know it was a selfie? That seems like quite an assumption.

I give her credit for getting out into nature, surviving a hellish fall, and dragging herself through a dense forest to safety.


Dekorath t1_itkusbm wrote

My father had to be life flighted from one hospital to another due to heart issues over 15 years ago and that alone was 5 figures. Not sure of the exact amount as I was a teenager.