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domesticmail t1_itk1wvn wrote

I live in Durango, which is nearby! So glad they found her - we hear about hikers getting lost ALL THE TIME down here.


smithee2001 t1_itl5ou8 wrote

My extremist take: there should be TSA-style checkpoints at every hiking park entrance to confirm you have the essential gear.

The Search and Rescue team must be annoyed with unprepared hikers... or grateful that the lost souls keep them in business.


Unsd t1_itmau8t wrote

Maybe have a sign for the recommended gear, but at the very least, I like the idea of requiring people to check in with their plans. Their planned route and how long they plan to be out. My husband likes hiking and he goes solo, and I do require him to have all the gear, but he also needs to give me a map of his route, and check in on his sat phone at every pre-established checkpoint, so I know where he is on his timeline. Would at least help if route planning were enforced to make S&R a lot faster.