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meatball77 t1_itkj7oy wrote

My brother probably would have been in one of those situations if he hadn't had his rescue beacon (with insurance). He fell and sprained his ankle a couple days out in the Grand Canyon. Had to be hellocoptered out of there. He's a very experienced hikers, but even experienced hikers can fall and break an ankle.


tripsafe t1_itl4avh wrote

Don't like to imagine what his bill was


meatball77 t1_itm16mi wrote

He had insurance so he didn't have to pay for the rescue. Apparently the service he used covered the rescue and contacts your emergency contact. He is a very experienced hiker which is why he knew to have the service.


tripsafe t1_itn2v5w wrote

Oh that's awesome. It obviously sucks that that happened to him, but it must have been kinda nice to see that it worked and paid off.


meatball77 t1_itn3m3w wrote

He ended up with just a sprain. There's no way he could have gotten himself out of the canyon but there was no long term injury which was nice.