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chargers949 t1_itl2mn4 wrote

Wow that’s a great point what is the wilderness emergency hand signal for help? With guns you shoot 3 times. Same with mirror or whistle you try to signal SOS. 3 short, 3 long, and 3 short.

But what the hell hand signal do you make to show emergency?! That is significantly different from hello happy to meet you i love you.


Pantssassin t1_itl3yy1 wrote

It has been a while so I might have misremembered but waving your arms over your head means help, making an x means you require medical assistance, making a Y means yes, and making an N with one arm up and one down means no. So if it is a situation where rescuers are mistaken you can signal that you don't need help


OhDavidMyNacho t1_itlmkoj wrote

Waving both arms over your head is the recognized distress signal. Like how arms move when doing jumping jacks, but your arms cross at the top.


mamahazard t1_itm6rcj wrote

Place your thumb in palm, set other 4 fingers over thumb. Like a fist, but do not punch with this.