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Sdomttiderkcuf t1_itlx7en wrote

It’s insane that she survived the cold of the last 2 days at altitude.

That train doesn’t run that often so it’s indeed good someone saw her. That’s why you should always bring emergency gear with you, not hike alone, and have a way to signal for help.


MizElaneous t1_itm4ohn wrote

If I didn't hike alone, I'd almost never get to go hiking. That said, I do usually take an InReach with me so I can call for help.


Sdomttiderkcuf t1_itmzug7 wrote

If you were in Colorado and someone hadn’t totaled my car, I’d be your hiking buddy.


MizElaneous t1_itohw5p wrote

If I was in Colorado, I'd totally pick you up in my car and take you hiking with me!


DestinationPoutine t1_iuby49v wrote

>If I didn't hike alone, I'd almost never get to go hiking.

Same. I plan carefully. Watch the weather. Give someone a map that shows where I’ll park and the trails that I intend to check out. Tell them when I plan to be back. Send them a live tracking link. Bring the Ten Essentials and more. Dress in layers. All the usual stuff. This is not difficult.

On the rare occasions when I do have a hiking partner, I still do all of the above.