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TinyBean24 t1_itki6ut wrote

Most people only die once…live your best life!


PasswordisP4ssword t1_itlled9 wrote

My grandfather told me the thing he regrets about motorcycling is not starting sooner. I got my own and feel the same way!


joemaniaci t1_itlntfz wrote

Ironically I'm happy I started later at 30. If I had a motorcycle in my early 20s I'd be dead.


Gyoza-shishou t1_itoghyk wrote

Me with 5 broken ribs a month into riding my motorcycle; 🥲


mechapoitier t1_itmszkz wrote

Ironically as long as you don’t get a fast bike first you’re probably better off starting riding later. You’re more likely to ride safer because that whole danger seeking trait will have worn off.

I started riding at 23 years old and it’s a miracle I survived. A young guy can buy a bike that does 0-60 in supercar territory for less than the price of a 15-year-old Honda Accord.


WayneKrane t1_itnb93l wrote

I bought a sports car when I was in my late teens. I’m absolutely shocked I did not kill myself. I definitely think it’s wiser to ride more dangerous vehicles later in life. I’m in my 30s now and have WAY less testosterone and adrenaline running through me.


eazeaze t1_itnba8o wrote

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felixrocket7835 t1_itmjacl wrote

awesome, though i do hope he doesnt have an overly loud exhaust


earic23 t1_itnoy15 wrote

I hope he does


beamer145 t1_itnrpfi wrote

As someone with a (rather silent) motorcycle myself I see your sentiment a lot and I 100 pct don't get it. It's like the apartment neighbor that per se wants to play loud music annoying everyone around them. Why do you want to be that neighbor that everybody hates ? A desperate need to be in the center of attention when you pass somewhere , even if it is negative attention ? There is a small safety aspect to loudness if you are lane splitting, but I do not feel that is a justified reason to constantly annoy everyone around you, and I can rev a bit to make more noise if the need arises. Also loud motorcycles are causing more and more bans on nice roads for ALL motorcycles because ppl are just fed up with it.


earic23 t1_itr5xxe wrote

I’m all for semi-loud, because a) its nice to hear your machine, and b) there’s absolutely a safety aspect to it in a lot of situations in an urban environment. Cars simply don’t see us. I live in LA, and I’ve still had cars literally back into me because they couldn’t see me and couldn’t hear me even with a semi-loud aftermarket pipe. My goal isn’t to annoy anyone, but if I’ve gotta choose between a neighbor/random driver/resident near a moto road being annoyed by a sound, or my safety, sorry but that guy can deal with 5 seconds of noise. And idk what roads are getting banned for motorcycles cuz of sound. I’ve never even heard of such a thing and we have some of the best residential moto roads in the world. What are you riding?


beamer145 t1_itruddf wrote

Mmmm I don't have a need to hear my machine, if they were not so bloody expensive and have limited range I would have an electric one actually :). If you feel this kind of audio feedback gives you more driving pleasure, would having artificial engine sounds in the speakers of eg your helmet or in ear headphones be a substitute for the real thing (can't be that hard to generate sounds based on your actual drive behavior so it feels realistic, and you could have different parameters to make the sound configurable to whatever mood you are in that day) ? So far I never felt unsafe because of the lack of engine noise, but I did notice that cars don't hear me when I lane split at red lights so I am stuck behind them. Solvable by revving a bit more. But if there is another loud motorcycle with me they make place immediately :), so I (partially) agree with that point. I actually once had a car backing into me, during one of my first moto drivers lessons but luckily my instructor saw it and honked which solved that problem. I am in Europe though, so maybe that is related why I less have the feeling cars are trying to kill me if I don't make a lot of noise ( So far I was never in the US so no idea what it is like there). The motorcycle bans are pretty "popular" in Germany now eg And I understand those people too (in favor of the bans), because you might pass in 5 seconds, but one minute later the next one is there already and you don't have a moment of rest. But as a motorcycle owner I also want to do those roads of course (I have a campervan in which I can fit the motorcycle so I have driven everywhere in Europe). Mine is a honda nc750x, so not really something terribly impressive and sexy I am afraid, but I like it. Anyway, safe travels !


earic23 t1_itsdt07 wrote

I get that, but as someone whose always enjoyed cars and motorcycles, I've always had an appreciation for their sound. I'll be the first to admit that super loud straight pipe harleys aren't doing anyone any favors. It's flat out unnecessary, but I do enjoy a complimentary grumble to go with the engine noise. I see the electric bikes around town, and even as someone who is extra vigilant in looking for bikes while driving, they've still snuck up on me a couple times as they're dead silent minus a little whirring sound. What pisses me off is people that have zero stake in the game (that don't ride) having an opinion about it because of noise. They don't even have the first idea of the risks involved in riding, or the constant CONSTANT barrage of people trying to change lanes into us or are just pissed because we can split lanes. If they live by a main road, sure I guess, but that's why those houses cost 200 grand less, cuz noise.


ZellNorth t1_itnqpnf wrote

I get it’s for safety so cars can hear you but it’s so annoying when you’re not the one riding.


felixrocket7835 t1_itpghpk wrote

Loud exhausts actually kill, not save lives, they can distract pedestrians and motorists heavily just to put attention on a bike, it can, for example, make a pedestrian not able to hear an oncoming car because some biker has an extremely loud exhaust which is 5x louder than the cars around him.

No proper study has ever concluded that loud exhausts save lives.


earic23 t1_itr5ars wrote

As someone whose rode for 15 years, they 100% save the lives of the person on the motorcycle because no one can see us. It’s on pedestrians to look for cars and take care of themselves. Motorcyclists watch for everything, including pedestrians. There’s obviously obnoxiously loud, and semi loud. I’m all for semi loud.


tomdurkin t1_itnfcla wrote

Good o you! I waited until I was 65


freethradv22 t1_ito6gfw wrote

Do you still do it? That sounds awesome :D PS Your little avatar’s outfit is adorable


mathpat t1_itkm6g3 wrote

Chris Porter approves.


sfdragonboy t1_itnj92q wrote

Shoot, not stupid at all!!!! I am envious!!! Just be safe and enjoy your life!!!!


redditshy t1_itnjxbw wrote

Yaaaas! I hereby declare I will learn to ride, and have my own wheels, by the time I am 47.


Run-Amokk t1_itnnnse wrote

I know this is the internet, but I gotta say it could also be the last thing you do...we had a 75 yr old lose control all by himself just down the road. Weeks in ICU and sadly he just recently passed. If you're not considering this with utmost respect for the bike and road conditions...I'd recommend finding something else.


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dmccrostie t1_itl5nko wrote

Stupid? No. Freeing and fun? Yes.


earic23 t1_itnp5i8 wrote

I learned to ride at 18, and crashed my way through my mid 20's. Starting later in life might be the right move. I'm 37 now, still fast, but not stupid fast anymore. Highly encourage people to give it a try, especially if you feel like you need a stress outlet


Shandrakorthe1st t1_ito76v5 wrote

Eh several times safer than riding a horse, you do you.


The_Liamster t1_iu2a9o0 wrote

My uncle learned to ride a motorcycle at 50 and he wishes he had done so sooner


Faelysis t1_itkw66o wrote

Am I missing something but what's stupid about riding/owning motorcycle? It's another vehicle and nothing stupid about this. As long as you have fun and enjoy your activities, nothing is stupid.


Chopped_Liver_ t1_itlg54f wrote

Stupid is a strong word but the problem is at his age it won’t be long until he physically can’t hold the bike up anymore. My wife’s grandfather recently had to sell his bike and switch to a Spyder (three wheels) for that exact reason. He’s a pretty physically fit old guy, still mows his massive yard and does house work, but at some point you just can’t hold a 300-500 pound machine upright.


Faelysis t1_itlypiu wrote

Different person, different case. Not because the person you know needed to stop that everyone will stop like him. Some will be able to ride their bike longer, some others can’t. If a 90’s old guy can still climb Everest, It simply a matter of individual choice and own skill.


TalkOk6693 t1_itljtq3 wrote

Lol bullshit. Skydiving is stupid as fuck. I’d still do it. Skateboarding in my 30’s? Kinda stupid , I still do it . Why tell yourself is not dumb when it clearly is? Be honest with yourself and then enjoy it .


Zawn-_- t1_itopt03 wrote

Let me start this rebuttal by saying I've been riding since I was 11, my father since he was 17 half a dozen decades ago, and my mother since she was 9 or 10. I've been racing since I was 17.

Riding a motorcycle is fucking dumb. There is no barrier between me and anything I might hit if I mess up, like in cars. Cars have seatbelts, crumple zones, and a general bit of armour between myself and that tree. Best bet for crashing a bike is just hope you weren't going too fast and try to roll.

Wind can push you into the other lane, because you just aren't heavy enough to stop it. Your traction is limited by only two small wheels. Rain will kill you. A street bike on gravel is like having rugs pulled out from under you the entire drive and gravel on pavement can topple you. This is a short list of daily dangers to motorcyclists.

Riding is dumb. Never deny that. But fun means more to me than my stupidity.


oneofmanyany t1_itn8n39 wrote

There are a lot of low character people who ride motorcycles. Other than that it's fine.