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mechapoitier t1_itmszkz wrote

Ironically as long as you don’t get a fast bike first you’re probably better off starting riding later. You’re more likely to ride safer because that whole danger seeking trait will have worn off.

I started riding at 23 years old and it’s a miracle I survived. A young guy can buy a bike that does 0-60 in supercar territory for less than the price of a 15-year-old Honda Accord.


WayneKrane t1_itnb93l wrote

I bought a sports car when I was in my late teens. I’m absolutely shocked I did not kill myself. I definitely think it’s wiser to ride more dangerous vehicles later in life. I’m in my 30s now and have WAY less testosterone and adrenaline running through me.


eazeaze t1_itnba8o wrote

Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

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Belgium: 106

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05

Botswana: 3911270

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Bulgaria: 0035 9249 17 223

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You are not alone. Please reach out.

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