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JustAPerson2001 t1_itll2ak wrote

Yeah not uplifting I can tell you that much.


cranial_cybernaut t1_itlstb6 wrote



unripenedboyparts t1_itnzobd wrote

I'm not surprised there's a sub for this, I'm just surprised at the name.


craychek t1_itm2dsv wrote

Agreed. Soooooooo not up lifting. An alternative headline would be “children unable to afford to get cancer care, must rely on child artist for help”


celaconacr t1_itmwrnb wrote

12 year old demonstrates compassion to politicians


rwbronco t1_itntw1m wrote

“La Roche takes money from child to give life saving medication to other children” doesn’t have the same ring to it


devBowman t1_itpfyxl wrote

This sub is just the other side of r/ABoringDystopia


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tmp04567 t1_ito6g38 wrote

Tbh it's just a painting, but yeah US boomers rellying on their kids to cover their healthcare is really quite a symbol, lol 😆


VinTheHater t1_itlr6c8 wrote

/r/ThereWasAnAttempt to post uplifting news.


geetarzrkool t1_itlskuc wrote

"Child forced to work to pay for life saving pediatric medical care in the "Richest Country" on Earth" (ftfy)

How is this "Uplifting" again?


AndroidMyAndroid t1_itnvd8u wrote

Only in America do children have the opportunity to support themselves and pay their own way when they get sick so they aren't leeching off their family and/or the government!

/s AF


AtTheFirePit t1_itl33o0 wrote

how is this uplifting


smokeyfantastico t1_itl3fcf wrote

Cause he's keeping the orphan crushing machine going I guess...gifgif


space_physics t1_itlkbpo wrote

What is this about?


space_physics t1_itn4gor wrote

Just to make sure I understand metaphor the orphan crushing machine represents current society in America?


redcolumbine t1_itntx3h wrote

Or, more generally, capitalism, which is what determines this particular aspect of American society.


Enk1ndle t1_itlvw8u wrote

I mean the kid is showing compassion, willing to work towards helping those in need so props to him...

But yeah, hard to see that when the situation is so obviously fucked up.


daemon_panda t1_itlh5ye wrote

This was a wonderful reminder to fix my voting problems now


TherronKeen t1_itl9ml1 wrote

This is right up there with the elementary school kids creating their own jobs so their classmates can afford food.

Absolutely depressing as fuck.


AutumnLeaves1939 t1_itltf8m wrote

Uplifting would be that families wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for cancer treatment



jovahkaveeta t1_itoy61y wrote

We have a public system in Canada and people go to the USA to pay for treatments because doctors refuse to even try in some cases (due to cost benefit analysis)


newfie9870 t1_itpq4bq wrote

Wait, what???

I'm Canadian and never heard of that. In fact my mom needed an extremely expensive surgery and treatment (probably hundreds of thousands in costs) that wasn't guaranteed to save her life and they did it.

What kind of treatment do people go to USA to get?


jovahkaveeta t1_itq3ky8 wrote

Recent news story for a lady with cancer in the abdomen (I think maybe tied to colon?) . Doctors refused to operate and she ended up going to the US and pay 100k for the operation because she wanted to try even though chances were rather low that she would survive / get better. Still she felt that she should have the opportunity to try regardless.

Edit: it was appendix cancer.

The doctor claims that he sees quite a few Canadian patients looking to get the treatment and for whatever reason Canadian doctors either are not allowed or refuse to do the surgery.


newfie9870 t1_itq8btz wrote

Shit that's heartbreaking.

I'm glad we have free healthcare but our system is fucked and poorly managed. Here in Quebec people are dying because of emergency room wait times


raliberti2 t1_itl4n6b wrote

Ooh.. the state of American health care is such a fucking travesty that cancer patients have to rely on the goodwill of a child. So uplifting.


murphydcat t1_itm4tre wrote

Yeah, but we have freedom and Jesus and guns. Lots and lots of guns.


rwbronco t1_itnusb3 wrote

I wonder what the breakdown would be if you surveyed, say, 10,000 Americans and asked “you can choose unrestricted access for all to guns, or unrestricted access for all to medicine.”

The answers to commonly asked questions would be provided: if you chose #2 NOBODY would have guns, criminals included. If you chose #1 NOBODY would receive medicine for free, veterans, elderly, and welfare recipients included.

I mean, right off the bat there’s the logistical problem of “how do we handle the suddenly unchecked wildlife population?” but I’m going to wager that it’d be about 65% medicine, 35% guns.


TGayderz t1_itljsyu wrote

Start the damn revolution lol


Vulspyr t1_itmu55v wrote

12 year old Iowa boy sells paintings to help pay for cancer treatment that tax dollars should already be paying for. Aka child labour.


DeusExLibrus t1_itn7wru wrote

Yeah, these sorts of stories always confuse and depress me. Why is this held up as good news when its caused by a shortcoming of the government? Every other developed country has implemented a social safety net including socialized medicine, but because Americans still can't distinquish between socialism and fascism, we end up with messed up "good news" stories like this!


unripenedboyparts t1_itnzwbr wrote

We really need a rule against child labor stories, especially ones involving healthcare. This type of story has become a trope because of how demoralizing it is.


Mightyhorse82 t1_itl84gt wrote

“Just tack on another trillion to the military budget and tell these cancer kids to fuck off!”


Rhamba t1_itl9nie wrote

Child labour to combat excruciatingly greedy medical corporations: NOT GOOD NEWS.


skinwill t1_itli6ta wrote

St. Jude is a 501(c)(3)!

Patients are not charged for care. The place runs on donations.


Rhamba t1_itltlsn wrote

That is equally NOT GOOD NEWS.


matt_minderbinder t1_itnqivf wrote

While st. Jude's does good work they're a miniature bandaid on a body that's bleeding out. Just like with charities like Wounded Warrior Project, it's as much a sign of am immoral system and failed government as anything else. None of this should be necessary in the richest country on the planet.


skinwill t1_itnqtr2 wrote

I agree. But until everything is fixed. It’s what we got.


skeezylavern17 t1_itmj633 wrote

World’s Wealthiest Nation Relies on Child Artist to Help Cancer Patients Rather Than Providing Free Heath Care


Netsrak69 t1_itl72b9 wrote

If cancer patients have to rely on the good will of a kid, then society has failed, this is bad news being rebranded.


ObsidianHarbor t1_itmlhr3 wrote

If we aren't going to have universal healthcare, at least cover the healthcare of kids FFS.


Sword_Thain t1_itp3zew wrote

If only there was some sort of pro life organizations.


bigtimephonk t1_itms4jn wrote

Capitalism forces children to sell art to afford life-saving treatments.


were-shark007 t1_itmjmq2 wrote

Shitty Fact, child labor needed to save lives based the greed of insurance companies........................................................................................................ ............... ........... ......... ....... .... .. . Eat The Rich!!!!


DeusExLibrus t1_itn8eah wrote

Someone with more patience than I have needs to teach my countrymen the difference between social democracy and fascism, because they were so utterly brainwashed during the Cold War that they can't tell the difference between beneficial government programs and a dictatorship.


Drinkable_Pig t1_itmd8vz wrote

Thanks OP, now I have to downvote a kid selling paintings to raise money for cancer.

Not Uplifting news


clumsy_poet t1_itlajrf wrote

Kid feels desperate to help because adult society profits off of kids with cancer.


MadeBySkateboarding t1_itmf29l wrote


Not really all that uplifting.


franticporcupine t1_itmch7l wrote

I know this is supposed to be uplifting and I don’t want to take away from this selfless kid but this is wicked depressing.


piper4hire t1_itlagyw wrote

this is inappropriate for this sub as it’s completely sad and depressing


urktheturtle t1_itmffvi wrote

12 year old Iowa boy forced to sell paintings to help kids with cancer, because our dystopian hellscape prevents anyone from paying medical bills.


Voidbearer2kn17 t1_itlf95z wrote

While in some regards this is praiseworthy, it also highlights the crappiness of the American healthcare system


skinwill t1_itlilpp wrote

The system is broken but this hospital and this kid are doing something about it!

St. Jude is a 501(c)(3)!

Patients are not charged for care. The hospital works on donations.


lordvbcool t1_itlz307 wrote

What st jude is doing is amazing and people working for it and donating to it are doing good in the world

That being said, the simple fact that they need to exist is sign of a broken system

Human, especially children, shouldn't rely on donation to get medical treatment


138151337 t1_itltmbk wrote

I love and appreciate the work they are doing to make healthcare available for those who need it.

But, unfortunately, I don't think they are doing much to help a broken system. They pay operating costs via donations, but what about the donation I make to my country's wellbeing every paycheck, ever time I spend money?

I'm not saying they're doing any harm, I just think we need more people/ organizations fighting to combat the issue directly. And I think term limits are probably a good first step.


skinwill t1_itlzsqw wrote

St Jude does not control term limits. In the meantime. They are helping kids.


FiendishHawk t1_itmhyjf wrote

They could speak out against the fucked-up US healthcare system.

Healthcare is expensive beyond what donations can provide.


tabuu9 t1_itm9vjy wrote



themusicmusicjb t1_itmj35m wrote

Child labor helps pay for Healthcare for children with terminal illness. This sub has really been trying to sell some intense propaganda as to what qualifies as "feel good news"


Ayziak t1_itmj7mo wrote

Ngl this is real "orphan crushing machine" vibes


Grogosh t1_itnr397 wrote

when I give food to the poor, they call me a saint, when i ask why the poor have no food. they call me a communist.


geetarzrkool t1_itlssm5 wrote

Can't wait for the Mods to gaslight and lock this thread. Shut. It. Down! LOL!!!!


FoghornDickHorn t1_itmkwjr wrote

Next week: “concerned local citizens berate 12 year old artist for having a rainbow in the background of painting.”


geetarzrkool t1_itlsz65 wrote

According to the Mods, facts and truth will be deemed "Negative Comments" and will be removed. Prove me wrong. :)


LeaFett t1_itm2ow9 wrote

The least uplifting news I’ve ever read. Failing country sentences sick kids to death so healthy kids most collect money to help pay for sick kids healthcare.

Fuck all of this


Sweetbeans23807 t1_itlvmlj wrote

It’s sweet and he has a big heart, but it’s beyond sad that this has to be done vs reforming our healthcare system to ensure pediatric oncology patients can get treatment without parents losing their house to medical debt


Joseluki t1_itlxh3j wrote

Child labor paying for child healthcare.


Obi_Vayne_Kenobi t1_itm5dkm wrote

N o t h i n g a b o u t h i s i s u p l i f t i n g


Seastarstiletto t1_itm8ezl wrote

Capitalism instead of healthcare. Ain’t America Great!?!


deerdanceamk t1_itm9unl wrote

I'm just also here to say that this makes me extremely sad.


Stoomba t1_itn2p5d wrote

On one hand, uplifting. On the bigger hand, not uplifting because we shouldn't live in a society that requires such things.


DeusExLibrus t1_itn8l8p wrote

These stories aren't uplifting. They're a depressing reminder that a terrifyingly large percentage of my countrymen can't tell the difference between beneficial government programs and a dictatorship.


jinxykatte t1_itnoqch wrote

In the civilised parts of the world we don't charge kids (or adults) for cancer payments (or any other illness)


maxwms t1_itnqnhf wrote

Richest country on earth btw 🤡


FlowerBuddy t1_ito1f3y wrote

That probably won’t even cover half of the crushing medical bills the family of a cancer patient would have to pay.

BUT, let’s not let that cloud the appraisal this young man should receive for fundraising to help others. And hey, not a bad artist either.


Thederpyeagle t1_itnt26u wrote

Not uplifting Proof that a system where medical treatment is capitalised forces such horrific and saddening tales


thewoolf44 t1_itnu75a wrote

Get this bullshit off this sub


Boggie135 t1_itnup9h wrote

How is this uplifting? Medical costs so high a kid has to sell his art so his friends can afford life saving medical care? This is depressing


[deleted] t1_itnyyj7 wrote

This is fucking sad and should make everyone mad that rich people don’t give a fuck yet kids have to do their job.


ByronScottJones t1_itnzf89 wrote

There's nothing uplifting about children having to work to save others from cancer related medical bills. No other country does this.


Ghiraheem t1_ito0km8 wrote

Your daily reminder that the world is an unfair and cruel place. How OP thinks this is uplifting is beyond me.


hapigilpr t1_ito2hmr wrote

That's really nice of him and he's a great little kid for doing that. REALLY sucks that he would ever have to think he had to do that.


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Aggravating-Hair7931 t1_itnztj2 wrote

Yup. St Jude rather let their cancer patient untreated, unless it is paid by another child.


kiddenz t1_ito3s2c wrote

See, we do have single payer healthcare


TheGreyMatters t1_ito8p1q wrote

A child has to make money for other children to get cancer treatment FTFY


randomvandal t1_itohra7 wrote

This isn't uplifting. It's sad as fuck.


BluudLust t1_itok4zg wrote

"Child labor is required to pay medical bills of other children."


humanitariangenocide t1_itomu62 wrote

What a big heart this boy has! I wonder what he would have raised money for if our elected leaders had hearts half as big as his and voted to approve medicare for all


goodboybane t1_itoo8ss wrote

"Child is suffering. UPLIFTING 🤗🤗🤗"


BobNoxious211 t1_itoqpvf wrote

Kids with cancer need 12-year-old artist to help pay their medical bills.



Sioframay t1_itoy26w wrote

This child is amazing but children deserve free healthcare even if the rest of us don't (we do but that's not the point.)


joppa9 t1_itpf46j wrote

"this content is not available in your region."


RaycharlesN t1_itr9sfv wrote

I have mixed emotions, I’m so happy to see a young child care for other humans and yet disappointed that it’s needed and shit it’s cancer and there isn’t anything uplifting about that


Moist_Metal_7376 t1_itnnca4 wrote

Every post on this sub has a top comment saying it isnt uplifting lol