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arts_hole t1_itn8x34 wrote

This is not uplifting news. He hasn't been elected by the people and he's a Tory. His and his party's policys have and continue to make life very difficult for people in this country while making himself and his rich friends, richer.


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp14b1 wrote

No PM is ever "elected by the people." That's not how our system works. Never has been.


DeadFyre t1_itnaje7 wrote

He's elected in the exact same process every Prime Minister is elected: By a selection process by the MPs of his own party, who have a majority in Parliament. Besides, Boris Johnson was "elected by the people", and he's a giant twat, which is why Sunak is being selected to replace him in the first place.

For that matter, so was Donald J. Trump. My point is, don't be quite so precious as to the judgment of the electorate, and you'll look like less of a doofus.


super_coffee t1_itnc6bx wrote

In fairness Trump lost the popular vote by like 3 million votes


DeadFyre t1_itndig1 wrote

And that would matter if it were the United People of America, but it's the United States of America, and it's states that get votes, apportioned by their population, and weighted to ensure that small states aren't bullied by big ones.


throwtheclownaway20 t1_itneajc wrote

Instead, small states full of leeching, uneducated bigots get to bully 80% of the population! What a genius system!


DeadFyre t1_itneok5 wrote

You mean small states like New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Vermont?


throwtheclownaway20 t1_itnfx4q wrote

How the fuck do they bully anyone? Also, please tell me you're not talking about physically small states here, because that would be the dumbest shit I've heard all day


super_coffee t1_itnevx8 wrote

It matters if you care about democracy. One person should get one vote. And it’s weighted so that small states have totally disproportionate influence.


dog_superiority t1_itn9b8y wrote

Funny how the race baiting only works one way.


arts_hole t1_itn9gl6 wrote

Wheres the race baiting?


dog_superiority t1_itna1jd wrote

Oh, gee, I don't know.

It's hilarious how you guys act like diversity is a great thing until it's politically inconvenient. Suddenly diversity doesn't mean shit.


smoinuddin1110 t1_itnalcj wrote

So you are comparing a disapproval opinion of political leader with people of color being represented in movies?


Heyheyheyone OP t1_itnaaoa wrote

A POC is a POC that's uplifting enough in my book. The Conservatives seem to have become the progressives in the UK. First they gave the country the first ever female PM and now the first ethnic minority PM.

I wonder when the Labour party is going to have its first ever female or ethnic minority leader?


NewHedgehog2547 t1_itnddeh wrote

This has to be bait? They just crashed the economy with their right wing tax cuts which is likely to lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths due to austerity in the long term. (Google austerity deaths UK) Try not to speak if you have nothing informed to say. Fucking hell.


Curious_Jellyfish_37 t1_itncs8o wrote

After the last election... 6% of Conservative MPs are ethnic minorities; 22% of Labour MPs. 25% of Conservative MPs are women; 53% of Labour MPs.


lexilogo t1_itnbwap wrote

>A POC is a POC that's uplifting enough in my book.

Not according to your account history, which seems to revolve around hating immigrants living in HMOs near you and how much you want the city to raze their homes to the ground. Did their excess satellite dishes murder your parents, or something?

>I wonder when the Labour party is going to have its first ever female or ethnic minority leader

I guess when they go through three Prime Ministers who weren't elected by the people in a row, the third time will be the charm then, too


Heyheyheyone OP t1_itndstl wrote

Eh? I did say HMOs are inefficient use of space, are poorly maintained, mostly look shit and should be rebuilt - didn't realise this has anything to do with immigrants until you tell me. What's your problem with immigrants?

Still wondering when the very progressive Labour MPs and party members are going to choose their first ever female or ethnic minority leader, let alone PMs.


NewHedgehog2547 t1_itnf58z wrote

Why are you more concerned with gender and ethnicity than the material conditions of the minorites you claim to care about? Please stop posting


Heyheyheyone OP t1_itnfy3u wrote

That's gender and ethnic diversity for you. Never realised representation doesn't matter until now.


NewHedgehog2547 t1_itnktel wrote

Of course representation matters. It matters in lots of ways and in lots of areas! But when you equate being progressive with happening to have a leader with minority characteristics you're making a mistake. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman prime minister. But she was a Tory and a bastard and her policies made peoples lives worse (including and especially minorities). Calling the Tory party of 1975-1990 progressive when they regressed the nation significantly would make no sense. The same is the case now.


10-10-2022 t1_itnal3k wrote

Uplifting new? He lost to someone who didn't even last 50 days and she wasn't even elected nor again was this dude.

Uplifting news? Why simply because he's of "color" that's really a really low bar.


TheLego_Senate t1_itna6is wrote

This is like celebrating Giorgia Meloni being Itlay's first female PM. The news becomes a lot less uplifting when you know anything about these people besides which minority group they belong to.


tnetennba9 t1_itnaxyr wrote

Yippee! I’m sure an unelected billionaire is exactly what this country needs


Azgardian3000 t1_itogh5c wrote

UK elects a party not the PM.


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp0ito wrote

Good lord, someone who actually understands the British electoral system.


tnetennba9 t1_itp9yag wrote

I’m aware. But the country voted for the plans and ideas presented by the conservatives ~3 years ago. It seems Rishi (and Truss) has their own ideas which they want to implement, which we didn’t vote on.


Nocturnal--Animals t1_itpmwrr wrote

That's the issue there is how much contribution suffrage has. Once you vote. Its pretty much locked in for 5 years to work out set ups between the lot.

We only get a chance if MPs act on principle , Now why would they ever do it .


ShadyAidyX t1_itn9n8x wrote

Bravo! He’ll also make history as the sixth unelected prime minister without a mandate in my limited memory of voting

Major, Brown, May, Johnson, Truss, Sunak

And yes, I know we don’t vote for PM’s, but nevertheless a significant portion of the public vote for the figurehead, not just the party or the constituency


ro55mo t1_itp8vyv wrote

The way I look at it is we have the letter and spirit of democracy.

The letter of UK democracy has been obeyed for sure.

In terms of the spirit of the democracy, they are pissing in our faces.


ilovelemondrizzle t1_itnbsf1 wrote

Well to be fair if you can have as big an impact as Truss, I think it should warrant an election - despite the argument that you vote for the party and not the leader.

That being said, at least May and Johnson called an election to solidify their premiership. I recognise that won’t happen now given their poor standings but there you go.


ShadyAidyX t1_itndglc wrote

Very true. It’s been such a harsh few years in politics that I’d almost completely forgotten that they’d called elections

I’m with you - the Leader of the country makes up such a significant part of the ruling parties psyche that any change of leadership means that fundamentally, the party itself is not the one that was voted into office. A GE should be required by law under these circumstances

All this talk of mandates is bullshit. Calling a GE is the only mandate inherited with a change of leader under these circumstances


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp0wc4 wrote

No Prime Minister is ever elected. Because the UK voting system is not presidential. You vote for your local candidate and the party with the most candidates appoints their leader as PM and that PM appoints the cabinet of ministers. Prime Ministers are all appointed. And changing midterm is almost as common as not.

Take the time to properly look at your ballet in 2025. You won't see the PM's name on that ballet unless you vote in their constituency. Never has been on the ballet. Likely never will be in your lifetime.


ShadyAidyX t1_itp3vyl wrote

As you keep pointing out (and as I also mentioned)

The system is to vote for the party. Many people vote for the person, not just the party

In many places where politics is discussed in public, the discussion is often of the leaders, not the parties - “well, BoJo is a geezer, innit? Top bloke!” or “Starmer is a boring git, wouldn’t share a pint with ‘im” or “Corbyn will send us back to the 70’s” or “Blair is such a breath of fresh air” or “Cameron is such a modern leader compared to Tories of old”


Throwaway-me- t1_itna1qb wrote

OP, do you know anything about UK politics? Because Sunak is NOT uplifting...


CatAvailable3953 t1_itng382 wrote

Nor did he “run” against Truss. She resigned as PM because she was gonna run an aggressive tax cut plan (you can speculate for who) and big money flipped out because of inflation, weak economy etc. They know.


dice_away t1_itna38e wrote

He's not a good person


NewHedgehog2547 t1_itn9qj1 wrote

He's about to enact some of the worst austerity this country has seen. He's the second completely undemocratically elected conservative prime minister elected in recent times. The previous one completely destroyed our economy with huge unaccounted for tax cuts (which now the poor will have to pay for with said austerity) His being in power is nothing to be happy about. What a joke.


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp190f wrote

Actually, he wasn't on an austerity jag when Johnson sacked him. He was planning to borrow and spend.

Are you sure you live in the UK?


NerdyDan t1_itnj6by wrote

this must be an ironic post right?

someone like him being the first POC anything will tarnish the reputation of any future POC PMs


Adorable-Ad-3223 t1_itnoans wrote

Ok. After reading a bit about him this is bad and will be bad for POC who don't also happen to be born rich.


boxsmith91 t1_itndf4l wrote

It's just Kamala Harris 2.0.

Who cares if he's of color, he's supposedly a billionaire and you don't become a billionaire by being a good person.


Krelleth t1_itnf2ke wrote

His wife is worth almost $1B USD due to her parents owning a large chunk of Infosys, one of India's largest tech companies. He himself is not a billionaire.

Now as to her tax dodges, that's where the real scandal seems to be.


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp1bxr wrote

His wife is worth about £750 million. That's not "almost a billion".


ShadyAidyX t1_itp35ll wrote

I think when a swing of £200 million takes you closer to a £billion than it does to a big fat £zero the argument becomes absolutely irrelevant

Rich people laughing at peasants scrambling for beans while they argue whether the rich person has 8 zeros or 9 zeros in their bank account


effinami t1_ito755h wrote

This doesn’t belong in this thread at allllll


Volcic-tentacles t1_itp2fsz wrote

As Sunak himself vociferously pointed out, Benjamin Disraeli was a Jew. Funny how Jews become "white" when a brown person enters the picture.


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MRMOJORISINYT t1_itqi9xh wrote

thats like celebrating that you got aids over cancer


PinkyInkyPonky t1_itqjyl0 wrote

"...of colour" what an awful expression! We all have a colour! And anyway, most of us haven't even thought about it. Do you know why? Because it doesn't matter!!! Any colour is fine. What matters is that he does a good job!!


FordSkin t1_itqlnuz wrote

I get the sentiment that he’s not gonna be that good, but it is uplifting to see the racial barriers that have been removed


Radiant_Egg_2769 t1_itrinry wrote

It’s a hollow victory, he didn’t earn a single vote from the British public. He’s just being shoved down their throats.


Agitated-Garbage-65 t1_itod2xa wrote

Who cares as long as he is competent. Really politicians come in all shapes and sizes and colours but what we really want is competence


scoutsadie t1_itn7zvq wrote

as an american, I don't know much about him and have not yet read about his professional background. given his party, I probably wouldn't agree with him politically, but I am glad to see a him as a person of color achieve this office.