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tehpwarp t1_itpuhom wrote

I'm a hardcore carnivore, but if this gives me the satisfaction, and provides the nutrients then why not.


jonathanlink t1_itqkeja wrote

Given the studies around burger replacements, you won’t get same nutrients.


demonmariner t1_itrrycq wrote

Ya, I don't care what it's made of if it tastes good and won't kill me.


Jealous-Elephant t1_itsxyl0 wrote

As long as it’s not just a buncha soy and/or oil like every fake meat ever


meanveganbitch t1_ittp8wg wrote

Because steak is so famously healthy for you


Jealous-Elephant t1_ittpjja wrote

Nope. That’s dumb. This is dumb.


meanveganbitch t1_ittpq01 wrote

TIL clogged arteries are fake news.


Jealous-Elephant t1_ittps2k wrote

Okay keep being obtuse and hyperbolic and see how far that gets ya. Really using those critical thinking skills


meanveganbitch t1_ittpvka wrote

Keep believing the bullshit about nutrition you've been spoon fed by big corporations for your entire life lol. Maybe read a scientific study sometime.


meanveganbitch t1_ittq9wp wrote

Thanks for the "ex vegetarian" spot on the bingo card. It's been a while since I've seen this lie used in the wild. Btw parroting phrases like "bad faith" and "intellectual honesty" doesn't make you sound intelligent. Again, please read a scientific study before claiming I'm "and idiot."


thewhitebuttboy t1_itq8aco wrote

That’s how I feel. You know, I’m straight, but bussy gives me the same satisfaction and provides me with release.


tehpwarp t1_itq9jw8 wrote

That's a good one. :) You know what I mean, but yeah, you have a point. :)


thewhitebuttboy t1_itq9okx wrote

Of course. If I have the option to eat vegan, I always take it. As long as it at least feels like I’m eating meat, I have no problem.


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InSanic13 t1_itriof7 wrote

I'm personally holding out for lab-grown meat, which I imagine will at least fix the nutrition, and will hopefully fix the price if it gets big.


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Kate090996 t1_iu2zn7o wrote

That's not true, most shifted from fetal bovine serum, one example is Mosa Meat, they excluded a animal products from the process since 2019. It was extremely expensive anyway.


WeirdDogLadyIsHere t1_itttpjq wrote

I'm a vegetarian. In the beginning it was more expensive because I relied on those "fake meats" or substitutes to make all the same meals that I used to make in the exact same way, but now that I've learned how to cook vegetarian meals without always using them, it's actually cheaper. For example I make tacos with black beans (actually delicious with the right spices) instead of fake minced meat, or pita bread with halloumi instead of fake chicken. It takes some time and trial and error to learn, but in the end my meals have ended up relying way more on vegetables than the standard piece of meat with some kind of sauce and pasta/rice/potatoes and in the process I have become healthier. I definitely think you're right though, those processed fake meats have way too much salt and are too expensive, and because people think you need those to be a vegetarian, it makes it seem less appealing.


RaycharlesN t1_itr9lh2 wrote

I thought this too, then I did it. I went vegan for like a year and lost 30lbs without really exercising. I ate all sorts of fake meats and still lost weight. I like to eat meat so I fell off the wagon but going plant based was healthy, I could tell.


[deleted] t1_itrhmud wrote



RaycharlesN t1_itrxqjm wrote

Oh I know what you mean, I did lose weight and that is a very big boost to your health (if you’re overweight).. but they’re not really a healthful food. I have actually read that a pescatarian diet is the diet that is connected to the longest life expectancy..


Electrical-Bed8577 t1_ittuqez wrote

Yes, too bad the Ranchers down the river decimated the Pacific NW Salmon so that they could have the water.


SlipS321 t1_itq69sb wrote

Its in the early adopter phase so overpriced, not as good as it is will be. Should get better soon depending on the pickup.


ActualMis t1_itqceb1 wrote

It seems like the reverse is true. Heavily processed, manufactured foods tend to be high in fats and sugars to try and make up for the lack of flavour. Companies chase profits, not nutrition, so relying on for-profit companies to concoct healthy meat-free alternatives may not be the best game plan.


SlipS321 t1_itqfy8m wrote


If you talk in such generalities it is misleading. For instance, I could say unprocessed foods tend to kill more people over time or lead to serious illness.

Is that useful, specific or relevant? No and neither were your comments.

You have to view this in context, these are meat alternatives. You don’t need to believe that they will be perfect to believe they will be a good option.

If you want to create new super foods whole cloth outside of capitalism and convince everyone to eat them more power to you. I think the project of reducing harm in the current system is worthwhile.


ActualMis t1_itqg2tx wrote

> No and neither were your comments.

Try and stay polite, if you are able.


LiosIsHere t1_itq9b4y wrote

Carnivores? We're creating meat-free filet mignon for cats now? Or do they mean humans who eat meat, aka OMNIvores?

Personally, I'd love some meat-free alternatives to steak. I'm tired of all the variations of ground beef and chicken strips.


Jsf8957 t1_itqg1vs wrote

I eat meat, but I’m not opposed to plant-based alternatives. What I don’t think these company’s get, though, is they need to stop trying to be just as good as meat at being meat. That will just never happen because a filet mignon is supposed to taste like meat by the nature of it being a steak.

Stop trying to taste like better meat than meat and start creating actual alternatives. Tofu is pretty gross but it wouldn’t have even caught on as much as it did if it called itself chick’n or be’f the way modern alternatives do. Same with black bean burgers… I’ve gone out of my way before to find a black bean burger because it has a unique flavor and they usually have different toppings to compliment that flavor… not typical burger toppings. If a black bean burger tasted the same as a beef one I would have just grabbed whatever was most convenient with no regard for whether it was meat or not.


philberthfz t1_itr5sna wrote

Counterpoint: I actually want a meatless meat alternative that is a 1:1 replacement. I'd go vegan tomorrow if it didn't mean giving up bacon cheeseburgers. To be sure, having good options that are their own thing is fine and a noble goal. But sometimes, I just want a damn cheeseburger.


Electrical-Bed8577 t1_iturifs wrote

I have found a mushroom that has the texture of steak. I do not like mushrooms. This one is mild, chewy, has the right mouthfeel, tastes great as taco/burrito/pasta sauce. Dried, reconstituted in the pan, chopped. Will edit later when I remember which one, a fan shape. You can mash mix it with beans, tofu, or just less meat and some nuts. More nutritious than meat. Also found that certain nut and rice cheeses are actually pretty tasty. It takes some experimentation... which also makes the dogs happy!


SlipS321 t1_itq6ygd wrote

The goal isn’t to convert carnivores. It is to give them more of what they like and make it better. Give people more options, it is not a campaign to tell people what to eat.


nethobo t1_itpx96k wrote

A friend of mine is vegetarian, and a pretty good cook, so I have tried a good number of the meatless options commercially available. Some of them are very tasty. I have not encountered one that would "convert" me yet. All thus far have been identifiable as not-meat due to texture or taste. Ultimately I don't think we will ever be meat free as a society, but as lab grown meat and meatless product advances, we will get MUCH closer to it.


synthjunkie t1_itq74ve wrote

Some vegan meats are really tasty. I do worry about the nutrients or lacktherof in them though. Some of them have high sodium and fat content too so it's still a hit or miss


breadandbunny t1_itqhmvx wrote

The fake meats are a doozy for health for sure. That's why it's so much better to just make tofu recipes from scratch, or do a lot of nuts, seeds, and beans for protein. Kidney beans, almonds, walnuts have great high biological value protein!


meanveganbitch t1_ittpbez wrote

People complain about vegan meals being unhealthy but then eat McDonald's.


unicornsfartsparkles t1_itqdjk6 wrote

Americans could learn to eat less meat. You can go vegetarian or vegan for a few days a week.

That being said, I don't mind eating vegan food, but meat substitute vegan food tends to be fucking gross.


mattski69 t1_itsrdaf wrote

People have to remember that plant-based meat alternatives are going to get better (taste, nutrition, price) over time. Traditional meet isn't going to improve. In the not-too-distant future, the plant-based alternatives will be better than traditional meat on all three metrics. Do you remember your computer from 1990? Compare that to what you are using today. Plant-based meat will follow the same trajectory.


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smallcooper t1_itpxymf wrote

I will still eat meat but it will be nice to be able to finally show my vegetarian friends how I cook steak. I like this


Hour-Ad-3635 t1_itqun5y wrote

Yeah.. no... can't replace applewood smoked bacon wrapped around a big cut of beef tenderloin. Nonesense.


OhioVsEverything t1_itqwfv0 wrote

Taste, feel, cost

If the first two don't change and the third isnt more, I'm in.


Tobias_Atwood t1_itrpr4z wrote

I don't know if plant based synthetic meat will ever be comparable in taste or texture. I think lab grown meat will hit all the required notes much more readily.

I suppose it will all come down to whichever one scratches all the right spots while at the same time being commercially cheaper than real meat.


lupina101 t1_itprncj wrote

Meet is the most nutrient dense food on the planet, so probably not.


pmmbok t1_itpuzyh wrote

I will try it when I have a chance. Why not ?


OliveGS t1_itpucy2 wrote



meanveganbitch t1_ittpcir wrote

Yeah food is no good unless an animal and the environment suffered horrifically for it. Animal cruelty is so uplifting.


sour_raccoon4 t1_itq6a0h wrote

Eating less meat should be about a responsibility to the planet and your health rather than only because fake meat tastes better. People are so hopelessly addicted lol


vagueblur901 t1_itrsymw wrote

Lab grown meat is going to be the ultimate answer to factory farming, plant based foods have already been available and it's not winning over the majority. That's not an opinion that's literally what the market's are showing.


meanveganbitch t1_ittphcn wrote

Plant based food isn't winning over the majority because the majority of people literally don't even know what that means. The majority of people can't even read.


boharat t1_itsyf6p wrote

If it's 1:1, I would imagine so, if the people eating it weren't precious about the source


originalhandy t1_itqi6c6 wrote

I'll eat veggies and meat but not processed garbage like this that in 10 years they'll admit is bad and causes cancer or some shit because we all know we need to eat less processed crap