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picklefluffer t1_itycng8 wrote

Yay Mexicans!!!


DuckyDoodleDandy t1_itz8z03 wrote

First abortion as a constitutional right, now same sex marriage.

Go Mexico!


picklefluffer t1_itzu0oq wrote

Great example and hope it encourages other countries to follow suit. Mexican people I’ve met in the states have truly been some of the kindest and most friendly so not surprised they’re taking these steps to protect their rights in Mexico


accountno543210 t1_itzwzhx wrote

I don't like this talk. Mexicans are just like everyone else. Just like Hispanics, and just like everyone else. If you're an asshole, you'll get different results.

Edit: Why you go and all edit your comment and shit?


picklefluffer t1_itzxv7v wrote

I meant it more like “their cultural values make them more likely to be nice people and I’ve had positive experiences with them, so I personally think this fits with their culture and isn’t surprising”. Of course there are bad people in every race/country but those aren’t the ones I’m talking about here so why bring them up? Especially in a sub about uplifting news.


accountno543210 t1_iu2tsic wrote

LMAO I am very, very Mexican. You are racist. I appreciate the love tho. 😘


Ssesamee t1_iu27ccq wrote

Nah. Mexicans are one of my favorite peoples from personal experience. I enjoy their culture as well more than many others.

It’s also not fair and straight up false to say “they are just like everyone else”. Every separate group of races, ethnicity, etc. are all different from each other. Otherwise, there wouldn’t exist such a big difference in cultures around the world.


midimontage t1_iu2210x wrote

Imagine celebrating murdering kids 🤣🤣


Mr_Lucky_147 t1_iu24j7g wrote

Imagine hating people having the right to healthcare 🙄


midimontage t1_iu26tl1 wrote

Imagine calling murdering kids 'healthcare' 🤣🤣 this is what a lifetime of indoctrination looks like


barbaraleon t1_iu2r79o wrote

Nah, it’s more like “not being a single mom if you’re not financially and mentally capable care”, you bitter person.


Puyofan1958639 t1_iu3m19b wrote

Imagine thinking growing up in an orphanage is a more benevolent outcome


fxx_255 t1_iueenef wrote

Hey, I'd like to ask which country you live in? Because I'd like to see how strong your social net is for single mothers struggling to pay the bills, or how well child protective services staff are paid, is college free in your country? How about healthcare from a single parent standpoint?

Now what about children that are orphaned? Does your country provide free tuition for college? How well do these kids eat? How well regulated and available are orphanages?

Is your country funding these services even more by taking away the right to abortion? How much in taxes do you pay and how much of it goes towards taking care of all these extra kids?


Simcan99 t1_itz2wk1 wrote

Yaya, Mexicans doing things that American want to undo.


DIO_Penguin t1_itzgjut wrote

Maybe one day it will be Americans climbing over the wall lmao


ElleRisalo t1_itzh8y8 wrote

They already do for that sweet affordable health care. Think the Wall is more to keep Americans in these days lol.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_itzk9j1 wrote

That and the propaganda that it's actually Mexicans coming to America instead of folks from all the South American countries we fucked up or displaced from their homes due to climate change.


Fidodo t1_itzme6q wrote

Or escaping violence we encouraged or enabled.


Kattekop_BE t1_iu0lrqf wrote

someone clearly forgot the cartels in Mexico ruining peoples lives resulting ib thousands wanting to freel Mexico...


teslaguy12 t1_iu0jmxv wrote

Just a few months ago the CGNJ was driving around literally blowing up random buildings with grenade launchers and spraying machine guns into buildings full of civilians with impunity, all because the government arrested their leader.

I wouldn't wanna touch Mexico with a 10 foot pole, government is powerless to stop this stuff and civilians aren't allowed the tools to defend themselves from it either.


pelosnecios t1_iu0q0hn wrote

powerless? it's more like unwilling. fucking corrupt government is the problem.


teslaguy12 t1_iu1ce96 wrote

Makes it seem like the legalization of gay marriage is more of a PR move than anything else, if they can't even be bothered to stop cartels from murdering people with machine guns and grenade launchers.


utahmike91 t1_iu1fihi wrote

the cartels outnumber any police force/Mexican army and even if they tried to stop them, the cartels will hang your entire extended family from a bridge including your dogs

unwilling isn't really the right word here

keep in mind the cartels are international crime sydicates that rake in BILLIONS upon billions per year, anything they want they will get


Competitive_Sky8182 t1_iu24c45 wrote

Maybe in USA guns have worked as a deterrent, but as a mexican: More guns would worsen the violence here. Neighbors discussions often end in bloody brawls as they are, ex-husbands/ex-boyfriends are killers, etc


Competitive_Sky8182 t1_iu20u9t wrote

I work in the public health care system in a border state. Can confirm, and some of them have preventable sequels from old fractures they didnt get to rest, decades of untreared diabetes, etc


ElleRisalo t1_iu22jvt wrote

Ya my cousin from Canada is a head nurse in one of the northern states (forget which) and she got hired just because she speaks English and French say most patients who go through are south states Americans.


lcmaier t1_itzqff3 wrote

The Mexican murder rate is 5x the US. Cartels killed like 40 college students with the help of the military in 2014, and the case somehow fell apart. Actual brain rot to think Mexico is a better place, on average, to live than the US


ElleRisalo t1_itzzwev wrote

Did anyone say it was better?


lcmaier t1_iu04bka wrote

What part of "the wall is to keep Americans out lol" was confusing


ElleRisalo t1_iu0g0gg wrote

I didn't say that, is it illiterate day or something.

I said it's to keep Americans in.


lcmaier t1_iu0gfnb wrote

That would imply that Americans want to leave, implying Mexico is more desirable than the US. Why are you being so pedantic about this


ElleRisalo t1_iu0hxxg wrote

I didn't say they want to leave, I said they are crossing the border to get cheaper health care.

The implocation being the US doesn't want Americans doing that.

If you don't understand a comment you shouldn't attempt to infer what people mean....

Also the irony of calling me pedantic...thats rich, ain't my fault you didn't read what I wrote.


Troll-Tollbooth t1_iu0chm6 wrote

Literally you did. Holy shit.


ElleRisalo t1_iu0flmb wrote

I literally didn't.

Brain Rot indeed. Lmao.


Troll-Tollbooth t1_iu1f1ve wrote

Did I misunderstand you implying that the fences were keeping Americans from fleeing into Mexico?


Kattekop_BE t1_iu0lwzc wrote

salty Mexicans downvoting a comment depicting facts?


121PB4Y2 t1_iu00q2v wrote

“College students”.

They were pseudo communist shit stirrers who attended a school known for causing endless trouble, who would block roads and hijack trucks and cars.

Around they fucked and out they found.


lcmaier t1_iu04xs8 wrote

Even if this were true, being a pseudo communist shit stirrer who hijacks cars is not grounds for mass murder!


121PB4Y2 t1_iu05w6d wrote

The reality is, until you've lived in an area terrorized by these types of people, you will not be able to understand why people in Mexico laugh at this situation and say well done.

Which is why people in the US can't see the appeal of Bolsonaro, Bukele and Duterte types, while anyone living in a shithole country says damn that's exactly what we need, and lights a candle for General Pinochet.


maluminse t1_itzgw0p wrote

They have free or reduced cost health care. Rich friend of mine went there for an operation.


Drodriguez164 t1_iu05txa wrote

A lot of people go to central or South American countries for healthcare, my wife’s family are Colombian and always go back for any surgery they want to get done.


maluminse t1_iu0twhw wrote

Isnt that crazy. '1st world' country citizens have to travel for healthcare.


Drodriguez164 t1_iu0xhfv wrote

Yup and I had to go to the hospital for 3 hours where they drugged me up and sent me home (also lost my labs) and they charge me $8000. Thank god I didn’t use an ambulance, I literally told my wife “no ambulance, let’s wait for a Uber”


maluminse t1_iu10o46 wrote

G t f o. 8k

We live in a society which totally reminds me of medieval times where the proletariat scrambled for scraps in the mud while the kings court feasted on the takings from those very same people.


lovinganarchist76 t1_itziqe2 wrote

Lost cost of living, tons of mountain view land for sale cheap, fertile soil in the central portion, decent cell and internet network…

Something tells me I’ll take home more per paycheck down there


dedicated-pedestrian t1_itzkhfp wrote

People who telecommute have been moving to Mexico City a lot for similar reasons, it's driving up housing costs and the locals are not happy about it lol.


mrmotey01 t1_iu0ye3r wrote

They already do that. Not literally but gringos cross the border to get cheap medical and dental assistance.

We even sell them things like Valium without a prescription. Among other things.

Then they get all crazy when we cross the border to literally do the jobs that they don’t want to do just so we can send some money to our families.


SuperCerealShoggoth t1_iu07vda wrote

Trump did say he'd get Mexico to pay for it.

He never specified how they'd achieve that.


Eag310 t1_itzxa96 wrote

They already are... retirement.


Savahoodie t1_itzk0ve wrote

Lmao even when America is ahead of the curve in something they get shit on. Just can’t win.


TechieWithCoffee t1_iu0fh2r wrote

It isn't woke to give America credit for anything positive it's done or has. It detracts from the victim complex


TylenolJonez t1_iu1u6yk wrote

You mean Mexico did something America did years ago?


FoxRush17 t1_iu0ao3w wrote

I think one guy said that… at that rate everyone is a huge bigot.


WestShallot9317 t1_iu0ldb2 wrote

MFW when normally conservative, majority Catholic Mexico is more progressive than the USA.

¡Viva México!


Klai8 t1_iu0u83z wrote

Amusing considering the catholic Mexicans in CA were responsible for prop 8 passing…

(Granted there were some Baptist black congregations but in way fewer voting numbers)


ChavitoLocoChairo t1_iu10ik9 wrote

In 2008 even Obama was against gay marriage


Klai8 t1_iu129pq wrote

Yeah that’s why I refuse myself from this lawyer funded political lobbyist bullshit.

It was politically convenient


ChavitoLocoChairo t1_iu10syg wrote

Most countries that have gay marriage are Catholic like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, France. Canth say the same about Protestant, Muslim, or even Atheist countries like China and Russia.


diosexual t1_iu1i7se wrote

Well, most Mexicans are against this (only 34% support according to the latest poll), it's only become a thing because the left-wing party got a majority in Congress and in most states in recent years.


MevalemadresWey t1_itzcx86 wrote

Hold it... Almost all states, we're still missing one, Tamaulipas.

Edit: Learn from my idiocy, take 8 seconds to at least read the headline and introductory paragraph.


Agrt21 t1_itzeftm wrote

The article is about Tamaulipas


MevalemadresWey t1_itzem0e wrote

Well, that happens when people talk out of their ass without reading the articles.


Agrt21 t1_itzqa4h wrote

Username checked out, al menos al principio antes del edit jajajaja


CuentaAlter t1_itzwxbk wrote

Hey, dont feel bad that what i was thinking too. I was so confused because i was sure there was only one syñtate left.


JaxRhapsody t1_ityfn6y wrote

Mexico has states?


ce_miquiztetl t1_ityh1ti wrote

We have 32 'federal entities' (entidades federativas): 31 states and Mexico City.

Our federal capital has full statehood (de facto) with completely autonomous local institutions (executive and legislative power), full representation at the federal legislative chambers; but we aren't considered a state (de jure).

Our official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos (Mexican United States).


JaxRhapsody t1_itykk38 wrote

I did not know that. Thank you for that geography lesson, I never even thought if Mexico had states, provinces, or was just a large area with cities in it. The maps here don't even call it Mexican United States, just Mexico. Is there counties, or perishes, too?


zvug t1_itzjs7g wrote

FYI basically every single country on the planet has provinces or states.

The minority that don’t are extremely small or just edge cases like Vatican.


darkajax t1_iu0cius wrote

States in Mexico are divided in municipalities, which are kind of equivalent to the counties in the US


MotoSlava t1_iu0ptrk wrote

We don’t really call a lot of countries what their official name is because usually it’s some distinction of their political organization.

Morocco is the Kingdom of Morocco. Russia is technically the Russian Federation. China is technically the People’s Republic of China. India is the Republic of India. Algeria is the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.


DuckyDoodleDandy t1_itz8snm wrote

Parishes (in case El Maestro is using a translator) (El Maestro = teacher or professor or master of a subject)


maluminse t1_itzh2ht wrote

So each province has their own laws? Are some states much more strict? Are some states like Nevada where prostitution is legal? What are the drug laws in most of the states? Asking for a friend.

Side note when I was young we used to go there and get cabritio. So good.


magmanta t1_iu00rht wrote

Yes. States have their own laws, just like in the U.S. For example, some years ago, abortion wasn’t legal at a federal level, but it was decriminalized in some states. Same with weed.

Mexico is a Federal Republic, which means we have a president and representatives at both federal and state subdivision levels.

Hope this helps.


121PB4Y2 t1_iu03kjz wrote

Yes. Much like in the US.

However, there are things that by law have been delegated to the federal government.

Public healthcare is handled exclusively by the federal government, with the exception of state (and municipal?) employees, who get it through each state.

Federal highways are exactly that. Unlike the US who allocates federal funding to the states to fix interstate highways, it’s done straight up by the federal govt here. Law enforcement is federal, although some road sections are under joint federal/state jurisdiction for those purposes.

Airports are mostly privately operated (some are federal government operated) but law enforcement, taxi licenses, and some other details are handled at the federal level.

Taxation is handled mostly at the federal level, with exceptions to payroll and hospitality taxes, which are state. Then the federal govt sends money to the state tax agency to fund the state government operations. So individual citizens only file federal taxes, and only get federal taxes taken out.

Internal agricultural checkpoints (like the ones entering California by road, or Hawaii by air) are handled by the federal government equivalents to the US FWS and APHIS.

Municipalities (“counties”) issue alcohol licenses for retail establishments, and the governors and mayors are free to declare dry laws during special situations or emergencies, but there are no liquor control boards, no restrictions on interstate transportation of alcohol or shipments (unless there are those situations, happened during the international flu of 2020).

Truck weight laws are at a federal level as well (so we don’t have any of that grandfathered 164,000 lb on 11 axles stuff that Michigan has), and while cities and states are allowed to restrict certain types of vehicles within certain sectors on certain roads, they can’t do it completely at a state level or on highways maintained by the federal transportation department. (They can mandate that all thru traffic of doubles takes a city bypass, but they can’t ban them completely at a state level).

Drugs will fall within the federal government realm, unfortunately. So until it pleases the crown, one may not consume stimulant leaves for pleasure.


maluminse t1_iu04akt wrote

So alcohol sales to the public is unregulated?

Pot and cocaine is illegal? Is it enforced?


121PB4Y2 t1_iu05llx wrote

  1. No, it's regulated, but not overregulated. There's no LCB mandating the max amount of alcohol you can buy, the maximum ABV allowed for supermarket sales, or restrictions to only buying from StateAlcoholmart. But cities and states can restrict license issues if establishments are within some radius of a school, set hours, etc.
  2. Illegal. Enforced depending on whether or not you get caught and how white you are and how much you bribe them.

r_m_8_8 t1_itys83w wrote

Mexico's official name is actually "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" (United Mexican States).


YourAverageGod t1_ityh3pw wrote


31 states and the capital similar to DC


drunkenmonkie2 t1_itzxeps wrote

Nope. Mexico City became a state a few years ago.


diosexual t1_iu1ilxa wrote

It's a federal entity, on the same level as a state, but not a state. Like Berlin in Germany.


drunkenmonkie2 t1_iu1lw81 wrote

Huh, you’re right, its not a state, Im a dumbass, please ignore me 😬


pablossjui t1_iu0sxtq wrote

Why is that surprising? Don't most countries have states?


JaxRhapsody t1_iu17e8t wrote

The only other country I know has states is Australia. Canada has provinces.


ChavitoLocoChairo t1_iu0zn8q wrote

No. Most countries have just the capital and cities


DaughterEarth t1_iu1fihd wrote

That's not true. Most countries have states, they are just called different things. State, province, or territory are most common. There's small differences between them but the idea of smaller regions within a country is pretty universal.


crusdapuss t1_iu31etw wrote

I know it's surprising but most countries use some type of provincial structure


CraftyCoconuts t1_iu0ebkz wrote

Eat shit you religious, LQBTQ-hating bastards. With love ❤️


maluminse t1_itzgnr1 wrote

They're going to be more free and progressive than the US. Scotus has that in their sights.

It's our own fault. It's like the internet fosters Puritan values.


teslaguy12 t1_iu0klln wrote



ChavitoLocoChairo t1_iu10c2p wrote

Mexico has gay marriage written into law by its 32 state legislatures. USA has gay marriage because of a Supreme Court decision that could be over turned any session. So in a way Mexico gay marriage is like a constitutional amendment so it's way more robust than what the US has


teslaguy12 t1_iu10xx6 wrote

Any of the 32 Mexican state legislatures can choose to overturn gay marriage at any time, and US state legislatures can only choose to do so if the SCOTUS overturns the Supreme Court case.

I don't see how the protections are different, neither Mexico nor the US has a federal constitutional amendment guaranteeing gay marriage.


hadapurpura t1_iu0ordt wrote

Congratulations, Mexico!!! 🎉


boharat t1_iu0j7wh wrote

Holy shit, amazing! Finally, some legitimately good news!


MelonElbows t1_iu039qh wrote

Another win for the good guys!


Nullhitter t1_iu0nzwo wrote

Mexico would be a great country to live if there were no cartels or poverty.


pablossjui t1_iu0tbjr wrote

The United States would be great to live in if it had no school shootings, police brutality and racism


seb_red_ t1_iu1j3or wrote

The world would be great to live in if it had no people.


HungerMadra t1_iu1ocig wrote

Some parts are really nice to live in and have almost no cartel activity. Some parts are essential run via vigilante justice. It's just like any other country of sufficient size, though they do have a larger criminal presence then many other countries of similar size mainly because of the demand for illegal drugs in the us. The cartels are mostly a delivery service to meet us demand for cocaine.


mrmotey01 t1_iu0ypxg wrote

So far from God but too close to the United States


sidsidroc t1_iu0nup5 wrote

finally! this is what happens when you get a progressive liberal government, previously we had only conservative like liberal governments


Slobbadobbavich t1_iu1e8vq wrote

Mexico is now on my list of great places to go and visit.


saebeas t1_iu23gsq wrote

Que Bueno


kokoronokawari t1_iu23j86 wrote

Crazy how Mexico is doing better with same sex marriage and abortion rights than what the usa is supposed to stand for. I am proud of Mexico!


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Deathbysnusnu17 t1_itzs82q wrote

I’m too old to not know that Mexico has states… I just thought it was a country with cities.


mcslootypants t1_iu0gk01 wrote

Pretty much no country in the world is set up like that fyi. States/provinces/departments are broken up into municipalities/counties and then into cities/towns.


danielks_13 t1_itzty7j wrote

This could be relevant, I saw a more recent post about this same topic but couldn't find it


[deleted] t1_iu6sqaf wrote



Deathbysnusnu17 t1_iu6t7t5 wrote

Have a fantastic day friend. :)


[deleted] t1_iu6u2ax wrote



Deathbysnusnu17 t1_iu6zjev wrote

You are really angry. Especially over me actually criticizing myself lol. It’s ok buddy. It’s just the Internet. Take a deep breathe. Step outside. Hope you have a great life.


DorpvanMartijn t1_iu1utr9 wrote

How long untill Americans are rushing the border to Mexico? Do they need to build a wall?


NE_Pats_Fan t1_iu1vp65 wrote

What exactly is illegal there?


mymar101 t1_iu2qppt wrote

Before this? Marrying someone of the same sex as yourself.


acawas t1_iu31dq5 wrote

Because of the vast reach of cartels, how much weight would this legality actually carry? In real life.

Is it "technically legal" but you automatically die the moment you actually try to?


Bowella t1_itzv462 wrote

) to make same-sex marriage invalid. And some of them are toying with making interracial marriage go away. I’m seriously about to lose my mind. Seriously.


aisalah56 t1_iu1bfjs wrote

Lmao do people think abortion and same sex marriage legalization is an achievement lol


mymar101 t1_iu2quav wrote

I guess I should be in jail for the rest of my life because I decided to marry/have sex with someone of the same gender as me?


WittyWise777 t1_iu1dymm wrote

The Aztects were all about sacrificing babies so makes sense Mexico would legalize abortions.


Ssunnylee24 t1_iu0aaw1 wrote

This will change the whole "Mexicans with multiple kids" picture.


DutchLudovicus t1_iu0m2mv wrote

How does this sub even work? Rules are pretty unclear and arbitrary. Who decides what is 'uplifting news'? (Mods?) It seems like an echo chamber for a hive mind, in which there can be no discussions.


Mach12gamer t1_iu188ff wrote

Please explain how this wouldn’t be uplifting news.


DutchLudovicus t1_iu3ew60 wrote

I had a question how this subreddit works. My personal opinion was not that relevant, as I could have picked anorher topic on this subreddit to ask this question.

But you are dying for my personal take, which again has little to do with my question. I am in favor of marriage being in line with the unitive and procreative aspects it entails. And if it does not fulfill these criteria than there is no marriage to begin with. It is akin to start calling penguins, zebras. Does it bother me, yeah a bit, a penguin is not a zebra. But than again if majority would like it, than that is what majority rule entails. But I wouldn't applaud another country to change their own fundamental understanding of words into things it by definition could not be. As a penguin could never be a zebra. And a SSM could never be unitive and procreative in intent. Well I supose people could want to change definitions of words, but in my book, that's not how words ought to work. Want to use a word to mean something new/different adapt a new word for it.

But again I wasn't dying to give my opinion on this topic, or on any other topic. I just wanted to know how this subreddit even works. Which quite frankly is still unclear.


Mach12gamer t1_iu3ktzo wrote

Crazy how the “just asking questions” crowd always turns out to be bigoted. Fun fact buddy: people have been having kids long, long before marriage was invented (for primarily monetary and political reasons). Thanks for not lying about being a homophobe though, makes it so much quicker.


Throwaway00000000028 t1_iu1g6ly wrote

If you don't think it's uplifting, just cast your downvote and move on. Clearly the vast majority of people agree that legalizing same-sex marriage is a good thing.

It's not a hivemind. The purpose of this sub isn't to debate what is or isn't uplifting.


DutchLudovicus t1_iu3dwxu wrote

I was just asking how this sub even works, I expected a reply someone explaining this subreddit.


luckylebron t1_itzb4rx wrote

I bet the Tax collector person is happy.


[deleted] t1_ityogsh wrote



r_m_8_8 t1_itys664 wrote

List of countries that legalized same sex marriage ONLY once they solved all other important issues:


Omonoms t1_ityub5l wrote

How do you solve many issues? One step at a time.


secondliaw t1_iu09bth wrote

Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, physiological need and safety should be the priority to address. I am not saying same sex marriage is bad or anything. But when you are in a country overrun by drug cartels and crimes, their government needs to prioritize these problems first to make everyone safe. Legalize same sex marriage is great, but you know what is better than that? A country not overrun by heavily armed organized crime gangs that control everything and can kill you in any given moment.


r_m_8_8 t1_iu3s69j wrote

The US legalized same sex marriage even though it hasn't dealt with gun violence, police brutality, systemic racism, etc.

This idea that countries can only focus on one issue at a time is beyond absurd. This may surprise you, but governments have different divisions which deal with different issues. In Mexico's case, the Ministry of defense or the military have -nothing- to do with who gets married. Crazy that you need to be told this.


Fraankk t1_ityuw5r wrote

Correct, so? should they stop pushing other policies or what are you implying?


soupreme t1_ityyjlh wrote

Its possible to deal with multiple issues at once.


king_flippynipss t1_itzcm1r wrote

As do most countries. Doesn’t mean they should stop progressing in other ways. Thank god your not In charge of anything important.


itsyagirlJULIE t1_itzcm4e wrote

So you're a gay person in Mexico then? Or just saying words for fun


gee_gra t1_itzjkqy wrote

Ever walk and chew gum at the same time?


Even-Willow t1_itziaux wrote

Like kicking out those “secret” Chinese police stations they have set up in countries throughout the world. But thankfully most people are capable of working to address multiple issues at the same time. Fuck the CCP.