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VentureQuotes t1_iu04lt7 wrote

Since the war is in fact happening, we can only hope for and work towards positive outcomes from it.

Or, maybe another way to look at it: Russia’s invasion didn’t cause disruption in Russian gas & oil markets—the Western response to the war did. It’s like how British rationing during WWII (a response to Nazi aggression) caused the British population to develop a taste for horrible canned food. Except a taste for renewables is actually good


That_Boy_42069 t1_iu05xkw wrote

>horrible canned food

I'll have you know baked beans and spam are the pinnacle of culinary excellence and I won't hear a bad word said against the great British canned delights!

Although I like the rest of your post, you have a point there.


VentureQuotes t1_iu1uo5e wrote

Sorry mate, I was out of line, thanks for Cadburys, you guys are crushing it keep er up bud