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According-Carpenter8 t1_iu0mklk wrote

….why? There’s no one alive in Edinburgh today that took part in slavery or colonialism. The sins of the father are not the sins of the son. It’s like me apologising for my ancestor stealing someone’s mammoth fur carpet from the Stone Age, it’s idiotic, pointless guilt that serves no purpose.


ExternalSeat t1_iu0p9zf wrote

Brutish Colonialism is still a recent (and arguably ongoing) phenomenon. When my grandmother (who is still very much alive and voting) was born, the UK controlled 40% of the world's surface. When my father was born, the UK still had massive colonial holdings in Africa. Britain arguably still has an abusive relationship with Ireland (given how little respect the Tory government has shown for the legitimate concerns of the Irish Republic during the Brexit process).

So the people who were actively involved in the British Empire are still very much alive and active in British society and the wounds of British Imperialism are still fresh around the world. So these apologies are necessary and help start a dialogue towards healing and reconciliation for many.


MarkVarga t1_iu18b5c wrote

> the UK controlled 40% of the world's surface

That's absurd. The British empire controlled some 23% of the world at its highest.


julietOscarEch0 t1_iu1ncuc wrote

23% of population right? Land area about the same. Given the extraordinary naval power I'm generously guessing "world surface" here refers to oceans controlled too, which might get you to 40%. Seems unnecessary to quibble when we can all agree on "unreasonably powerful and exploitative".


julietOscarEch0 t1_iu1ms9r wrote

Britain arguably has an abusive relationship with Scotland too, pulling it out of Europe without consent and refusing it an independence referendum.

Don't see Westminster making apologies of this sort until/unless the conservatives are out of power. Most of them don't even see the harm in imperialism...


coolade32 t1_iu0p3f1 wrote

an apology is worthless without addressing and improving the material conditions of the descendants of said slavery.


ExternalSeat t1_iu0pofc wrote

Agreed, but it is an important first step towards more direct actions that can change those material conditions.


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jezra t1_iu0x8ua wrote

cool, now confiscate all royal holdings, sell them, and use the proceeds to improve the lives of the marginalized.


BdotEscro t1_iu4t3i5 wrote

TRULYTRUE TRUE, I agree with you completely absolutely and I agree with your perspective.