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drstu3000 t1_iu6yw46 wrote

What, like Costco?


yeswithaz t1_iu75hhc wrote

The brand Kirkland is named after the town.


danteheehaw t1_iu7j4xb wrote

Wrong way around. The town is named after the brand. Town voted to rename the town after falling in love with Kirkland frozen Pizza.


rynil2000 t1_iu7o6js wrote

That cauliflower crust supreme is pretty amazing. No lie.


itmaywork t1_iu7pttm wrote

It’s the only one I get anymore


OscarDivine t1_iu8puwx wrote

guess I'm taking a trip to buy some frozen cauliflower crust supreme pizza. wow never thought I'd actually say that combination of words in that order...


BearsAtFairs t1_iu8u6ey wrote

No joke, it’s really good! As is the four cheese gluten free pizza. I have celiac and those are really the only two pizza that I’ve tried that hold a flame to what I remember normal thin crust pizza tasting like. Highly recommend!


jimbris t1_iu7qw1j wrote

Could be worse, I live in Fleshlightville.


danteheehaw t1_iu7r869 wrote

Named after Nancy and Ned Fleshlight. Who famously served their nation by being fleshlights for the soldiers.


Guac_in_my_rarri t1_iu8akd8 wrote

Balls, NY, climax, NY, peepee township, oh Poopoo point, Washington

My two favorites: shafter, Ca and Weiner , Ar


lolzomg123 t1_iu8fxy3 wrote

Unlike the Tukwila location that named the road Costco.


Le_Gentle_Sir t1_iu7uar5 wrote

Kirkland used to be such a nice suburb of seattle, too. Now it's just wildly overpriced housing and some of the worst traffic in the country wah wah. Seriously, don't ever find yourself on the 405 near kirkland anytime during daylight hours.


Foxhound199 t1_iu7vo5w wrote

It's still nice. 405 is only a minor inconvenience, it sucks more if you're in Bothell or even further out. Traffic on surface streets hasn't returned to pre-pandemic levels. Best part is all the lakefront parks! And an awesome restaurant like Cafe Juanita doesn't hurt.


vera214usc t1_iu8dgck wrote

Yeah, I used to live in Kenmore off of Juanita and I love Kirkland, especially Juanita Beach Park and Juanita Bay Park. We're planning to move back soon and Kirkland-area is our target.


justahominid t1_iu8qex0 wrote

Misread that as “it sucks more if you’re in Brothel” and thought, “wow, maybe the joke about naming the town after your favorite store isn’t so far off.”


Le_Gentle_Sir t1_iu7vtv7 wrote

> 405 is only a minor inconvenience

As someone who sat on that god forsaken parking lot every day for 8 years, I should cut you with a box knife.

I have literal PTSD. I keep piss bottles in my car in case I randomly wind up stuck on a freeway for 3 extra hours for absolutely no reason.


yeswithaz t1_iu7uh3x wrote

I live in Seattle and I can’t remember the last time I was in Kirkland. Maybe never?


Le_Gentle_Sir t1_iu7uvmm wrote

Well you don't work at Costco corporate, obvs.


vera214usc t1_iu8dd83 wrote

Costco corporate is in Issaquah, not Kirkland.


yeswithaz t1_iu7ytug wrote

I don’t, but it’s now in Issaquah, another town that’s gotten way too ritzy.


NFLARP t1_iu966aa wrote

Uh oh “the 405”? That’s the spy right over there, officer. 😉


dvoecks t1_iu7d30v wrote

She's a surprisingly good chef, especially considering what you pay for her.


OddJobss t1_iu84f0t wrote

Yeah this is just so they can continue to sell us delicious lox at low low prices don’t be fooled by the headline.


Mydesilife t1_iu8ixwc wrote

My god, I’m out of touch. I was thinking wait, what? One of those Costco demonstrators chef guys steams his little schtick online, seriously?

Edit- I mean her


handleurscandal t1_iu724hk wrote

Read the article


drstu3000 t1_iu72f74 wrote

No, hence my comment


handleurscandal t1_iu72jx4 wrote

😂 they’re referring to Kirkland, WA. A town. And the chef there that has a creek running behind her restaurant.


Bkwrzdub t1_iu7gxpj wrote



blbd t1_iu7ti32 wrote

Nah they don't pronounce it that way in metropolis part of WA. But they do use warsh occasionally.


stevenspass t1_iu7v38o wrote

From Washington and we say crick. Picked it up from our cousins near Vader.


blbd t1_iu7vtmf wrote

East side?

Nope, looks like the middle of nowhere part though.



IDontTrustGod t1_iu7ivzh wrote

This is how you protect business interests as a chef, we don’t want what happened to the crabs to keep happening.


lunaticloser t1_iu7va9n wrote

What happened to crabs?


2robins t1_iu7vlcb wrote

In Alaska, crab season got cancelled because over 1 billion crabs just do not exist anymore.


corn_sugar_isotope t1_iu7y8f7 wrote

Snow Crabs, Dungeness crabs are still being slain. Also acidification of the ocean is a new threat to these species. Edit: King Crab not Dungeness. King is The Gulf of Alaska, Dungeness is PNW


awesomturtlepoo t1_iu8ufn0 wrote

Alaska canceled all crabbing and hasn’t been crabbing king for over a year already.


Marlfox70 t1_iu832c5 wrote

Wasn't it several billion crabs are missing and there's only about a billion left?


Tankeverket t1_iu83fdq wrote



Marlfox70 t1_iu842qo wrote

"There’s an annual survey of the Bering Sea floor carried out by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which estimates that the crustaceans’ total numbers fell to about 1.9 billion in 2022, down from 11.7 billion in 2018, or a reduction of about 84 percent, Yahoo reported."


Xale8 t1_iu8618i wrote

1.9 billion is a lot, but, relatively speaking, seeing it drop so fast from 11.7 billion is really bad


QuinterBoopson t1_iu88akl wrote

Yep. That is horrifying. If a verified time traveler said “There are 7 billion humans in 2022 but only 1 billion in 2026” we would all freak the hell out


ommnian t1_iu8ab7n wrote

Exactly. Imagine if some disease came through and wiped out 3/4 of all humans next year. That'd be bad.


Gamer_Mommy t1_iu8gjyf wrote

Something for sure tried in 2019, 2020 and even 2021. It looks like at this point this planet would have to try harder to get rid off us.


jam-and-marscapone t1_iu88edh wrote

1.9 billion is fuck all if we are talking about how many things live in the ocean (and are eaten by things in the ocean).


The_bidding t1_iu963ff wrote

Except the reason why the crabs died (ocean acidification/climate change) along with algae blooms are killing billions of other creatures every year. Literally every commercial fishing spot in the world is overfished and we are on the tipping point of no return for an incredible amount of species.

Its not just the crabs.


my_general_erection t1_iu8cy1g wrote

I mean if COVID wiped out 84 percent of the population we would call it Armageddon


Han_Ominous t1_iu8dydc wrote

Depends on how you vote....


d3athsmaster t1_iu8iona wrote

Nah, we still would. There is no way they survive. It's all a hoax, remember?


PlatschPlatsch t1_iu8917e wrote

Well, thats a lot to us but to an entire ecosystem its a worrying trend


dramaking37 t1_iu8z8cq wrote

What's your plan down the road, eat old tires and huff glue?


Scizmz t1_iuarowq wrote

Yes only. It's like if something happened that caused the human population globally to drop to 1.4 billion in 3 years. That would be devastating to those left behind.


DestroDub t1_iu7zuhx wrote

Juanita water is a cest pool. The sewage lines are always leaking in to the streams, lakes, ponds. All of this is bullshit. The Salmon came back in every part of the state. They closed rivers early this year because coho are flocking up the streams(endangered). This 100% isn't because of a small business noticing a lack of fish after '22' years.


independentchickpea t1_iu8otmu wrote

Then we should…. Stop eating them?


ChrisssieWatkins t1_iu8sx1i wrote

Blasphemy! I want to eat the very last one. /s

jk go vegan for the planet homies


CelestialFury t1_iu8vty5 wrote

> Blasphemy! I want to eat the very last one. /s

We need to make sure Zoidberg's people don't come here, then.


ThatDudeRyan420 t1_iu9yv4l wrote

Vegan is very difficult. I think pushing for more veggies and less meat on a plate or trying for vegetarian is better.


ChrisssieWatkins t1_iue3buc wrote

I don’t personally find it difficult, but any steps toward veganism people can take is great. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing to make an impact.


TheMaleBodyPillow t1_iu9rzzq wrote

Probably not because too many people will just say "no". We do need to stop taking all of the cookies out of the jar though.


caronare t1_iu8tvwf wrote

People in the industry all know that Russia has been over fishing crab to offset war expenses. The crab haven’t just disappeared, Russia is scrambling to fill their war coffers


FatalFinn t1_iu7pl4s wrote

This has also been ongoing trend in Finland where people restore old streams and rivers. The fish will quicly return so it's very rewarding.


stephenisthebest t1_iu8jogf wrote

Same in Australia. A country town I worked in consulted local Aboriginal elders to find how to make the creeks and springs operate like they did before European settlement. People thought the creek was a lost cause and impossible to fix. They grew a lot of "weeds" on the banks that farmers were angry about, that were actually indigenous greenery. These weeds stabilised the banks, and improved the soil quality.

Their theories were similar to this, lots of spots where the water can slow down, shade to reduce evaporation and protection of the banks. It was amazing seeing a creek come back, as it once was, and what it will always will be.


ill_effexor t1_iu7qk45 wrote

This is what I do for a living glad to see more people doing it.

Please Reach out to the Salmon Restoration Foundation found here.

If you are also interested in doing this kind of work you can apply here and here.

I can also talk to anyone whose interested in working with us too and point them in the right direction.

There is are also select U.S. Veterans positions that help with retraining veterans in new positions. I am one of these veterans on the tail end of this retraining.

Hope to hear from anyone interested.


samm4 t1_iu7rk5i wrote

Hi, just wondering what program you're using? Skill bridge? Also, the job links aren't working, do you have any other links? I'm starting to plan for my military retirement and this sounds fun. Thanks for the info


ill_effexor t1_iu7uz4q wrote

Hey really happy to talk! There are two Programs.

The California Conservation Corps is the program I'm currently in. They have a fantastic Veterans Program however it's limited to people under 29.

If you are retiring Americorps is nation wide and to my knowledge not limited by age and has even more option to help and give back to the community and the environment.

Here is the application link for the CCC.


turk4lyfe t1_iu7sd8h wrote

Are people allowed to fish for the salmon after?

In middle school we raised salmon for release, thinking we were doing a great thing by restoring salmon populations. Then I found out we allow people catch salmon. I didn't, and still don't, really understand the point.


ill_effexor t1_iu7vrkc wrote

Rehabilitation work isn't really done in the main stem of a river to my knowledge, I could be wrong I'm still in training myself, but the reaches ghat I've worked in wouldn't be very good for fishing. They are difficult to reach and very cramped or on privately own logging land.

They are being turned into spawning grounds for salmon near the end of their life cycles.

Sadly one of the biggest problem I've seen is exactly what you point out despite our efforts to save them people refuse to stop fishing for them and it would be next if not impossible to change the laws regarding them do to special interest groups.


shrimpfrierice t1_iu8ph4c wrote

Stream fishing for salmon absolutely does not affect the population of migrating salmon, plus they start dying the minute they hit fresh water.. damns, and hydroelectric energy are what is killing them off because they can't get back up stream from the ocean to where they were born


Marco-YES t1_iu7ou4z wrote

Kirkland signature river


DofusExpert69 t1_iu7rtde wrote

doesnt take much to make a big difference in the world - this applies to people as well ( a little bit of kindness)

reach out


glowwup t1_iu806gz wrote

my hometown:0 i’ll be supporting their business!


rozen30 t1_iu87e2d wrote

I can't be the only one who though a Costco food service worker did this.


OscarDivine t1_iu8prqn wrote

Was confused for a hot second then I remembered that Kirkland is a real place and that it isn't just a Costco brand


Kipp1 t1_iu8tnp9 wrote

Great news, but sadly this is a widespread problem. Nearly all salmon rivers are affected in various degree by human intervention, whether it be through sewage pollution or agricultural runoff of macronutrients, both of which increase toxicity and cause deoxygenation of the streams due to bacterial growth. Rivers are also directly disturbed by being partially put under ground into pipes, often cutting the salmon off from the upstream breeding grounds. Lots of streams are also being used for hydropower, where dams either reduce or even fully stop the flow for periods of the year.

The good thing is that once conditions are restored, fish populations may rise quickly. However, it usually takes alot of work from locals, often cases this may be sport fishing clubs or even contracted by authorities, in continuing the efforts to yearly release smolt (juvenile salmon) in the rivers, in order to have them return to the same river later to spawn. Restoring previous populations takes time and effort!


Wjreky t1_iu7x3kv wrote

Not a judgement, but can someone please explain why this would have cost $100k?


Chaos43mta3u t1_iu81xla wrote

Fucking right!?!? They didn't even explain what exactly they did outside of remove blackberries and show some chains around stumps


samuswashere t1_iuaiv2l wrote

Copied from my comment above:

> I do this for a living. $100k is very cheap. A large driver of the costs are environmental regulations. You can’t just call up a contractor to show up and jam wood in a stream. The stream needs to be assessed to understand what can be done. It needs to be surveyed so you have a base to work from. It needs to be modeled to ensure that whatever you do doesn’t increase flooding. It needs to be designed to ensure that what they put there is going to stay put. Then it has to go through a rigorous permitting process. All that work needs to be done by experts who are expensive. That’s me - though I now work for a public agency myself.

> Once it’s finally time to construct the project, again you can’t just start ripping up a stream. You need to have biologists go through an capture all the wildlife. You need to carefully pump or divert the water so as not to harm the wildlife outside of the project. You need to protect the stream from any sediment or spills that could pollute the stream. All this is on top of working with natural materials that are oddly shaped requiring field adjustments as you construct.


BeneGezzWitch t1_iu8dc2a wrote

I’d like an explanation regarding naming an Italian restaurant Cafe Juanita


jackalope134 t1_iu8tdp6 wrote

I was confused as to why Costco was doing this but then wouldn't put it past them for some quality Kirkland Salmon. And then I read the article. Still good news though!


btc909 t1_iu80qy8 wrote

Thrashing fish kill mosquito larvae.


CritikillNick t1_iu8c0q0 wrote

Legit used to smoke weed near this creek when I lived in Kirkland lol


jsim3542 t1_iu95xc2 wrote

Man I love costco


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Brownie3245 t1_iu8ffwr wrote

This is awesome, but adding stumps and removing plants cost 100k?


Adam_2017 t1_iu97q62 wrote

Good for Costco. :)


Greedy_Ad954 t1_iu9nh23 wrote

Fuck yeah I love stream restoration


Trinniedaze t1_iue7nmd wrote

Finally a good news story about the environment!


itmaywork t1_iu7q3pi wrote

Kirkland chef restores stream after deflating ham candle


EnsignUnknown t1_iu9gljz wrote

I read that as "Kirkland chef restores steak..."