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tehpwarp t1_iu86w7p wrote

>The passenger was riding Colorado’s Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad on October 10 when she spotted the hiker through the window and alerted the train conductor

>The hiker, a woman from New Mexico, went missing after she began a hike on the Colorado Trail, says the office. She left the trail and headed along the Animas riverbank, where she fell, breaking her leg. She spent two nights injured in the wilderness, according to the office.

>After the second night, she managed to find a high-visibility spot on the riverbank – and flagged down the passing train.

>Two train staff who were also trained medics crossed the river and stayed with the hiker until the Silverton Medical Rescue team arrived, according to the office.

Really lucky for her. Surviving like that with a broken leg. Reminded me of "Touching the void" by Joe Simpson.


Rwiegman t1_iu8xwe3 wrote

Really good she was found and is safe. However, she was hiking alone (assuming without a sat phone or telling others where she was going), and went off trail. These wrong decisions are invariably why people get injured or die every year on hiking trails.


gophergun t1_iu9pygl wrote

Going off trail with no supplies in shorts and a t-shirt at the start of snow season.


darkmatterhunter t1_iu9xekh wrote

Pretty sure I just saw a post in the hiking sub with the viral packaged Halloween costume that is exactly this lol. It even said “sense of direction not included.”


curiousarcher t1_iuc4gyg wrote

Plus no food and shorts on! She was very lucky to survive 20° weather!


BiggestFlower t1_iucouso wrote

I’ve done that. Psychologically it’s very different from the alternative. I accept the small risk of death in return for the psychological benefits.


KmartQuality t1_iu9d5mg wrote

Yeah, she should have stayed on the paved walkway to official wildlife viewing area near the parking lot and ADA compliant restroom.


Rwiegman t1_iu9df76 wrote

What does that mean, other than being a dick to someone? Probably a bot just stirring hate, 195 days on Reddit


jennanm t1_iu87p40 wrote

That railroad goes through some gorgeous, but really remote and challenging areas. It's a miracle she made it to the spot she did to be found.


EmperorGeek t1_iu8b4fh wrote

And that the passenger alerted train staff in time to stop the train and help her.

So many things went wrong to put her where she was, and so many things went right to get her home again.


Aporkalypse_Sow t1_iua0r8x wrote

>So many things went wrong

Just one really, broke the first rule. Don't go alone without some way of sending out an SOS.


EmperorGeek t1_iua1qgz wrote

Another broken rule, don’t go back country alone!


shavemejesus t1_iui6e23 wrote

Oh no, I broke my leg while hiking. I know, I’ll just flag down a passing train. That’s some luck.


Wonderful-Cup-9556 t1_iu8kbeq wrote

So fortunate for that woman to be seen- the pain of a broken bone is terrible and she had to be cold, tired, dehydrated and in great pain- kudos to the passenger looking out the window!
Definitely good news


certifiedintelligent t1_iu8ywe5 wrote

Please folks, if you’re going into the wilderness without cell service, get a PLB or satellite messenger. This woman could have had help on the way to her exact location the moment she was injured if she had one.

Edit: yes, I know apple and others are coming out with satellite messaging on phones, but that technology is brand new. PLBs and SPOT/InReach/Zoleo type devices are proven technology with thousands of lives saved. As an avid hiker/backpacker/camper, I personally want my last-resort-before-death option to be a proven piece of equipment that is dead simple to use.


filipehenrique t1_iu947qq wrote

I don’t believe this is live yet, but Apple built in the capability to request emergency help/rescue through satellite directly into the iPhone.

T-mobile and SpaceX also announced that they’ll support texts through satellite and all existing mobile devices would be eligible.

I am really happy to see that slowly we are starting to close these communication gaps in remote areas. I hope to see many rescue stories come out where people’s own personal devices were able to save them.

Though if someone is planning something more intense than a day hike on an established trail, it is important to have a backup on hand in case your phone dies or is broken.


jeeptravel t1_iu9cwbv wrote

I hike / camp all the time in remote areas without cell service. I should look into a phone like that


alohamistrhand t1_iu93xl5 wrote

Or the new iPhone.


certifiedintelligent t1_iu95q8l wrote

Eh, while it's better than nothing, I certainly won't be replacing my PLB or sat messengers until it proves it's worth.

Honestly, I probably won't ever replace the PLB. There's no screen to worry about, it's guaranteed waterproof, only have to replace the batteries every 3-5 years, operation is 1: extend antenna 2: push button.


alohamistrhand t1_iu997ej wrote

For sure. I do think this new feature will be a game changer for the more casual folks who don’t have dedicated devices.


cubs_rule23 t1_iu96c19 wrote

All new cell phones from this year on will have sat messenger capability with global use starting soon. This was announced by the major carriers this year. Most cell phones are also waterproof now. To each their own.


whoisthecopperkettle t1_iubib1w wrote

Cell phones have so many other modes of failures.

Broken screen, hosed. Cold, battery won’t work. Hot, battery won’t work. Software glitches, lots.

I’m glad phones are there for backups, but they should be secondary backups until the tech proves itself.


biomeddent t1_iua7gcv wrote

Thank you for this. Been wanting something for my husband but didn’t know what to search for.


Pithecanthropus88 t1_iu92pog wrote

This emphasizes the importance of being completely prepared for going on a hike: dress appropriately, carry provisions, and know where you are going.


bushpotatoe t1_iuac8zg wrote

I'm amazed at how many people don't think to even bring a signal whistle. Almost nothing increases your chances of being found more than a whistle that can be heard from thousands of feet away.


TheDeadlySquid t1_iu9fk48 wrote

Hiking in shorts and a tank top in Colorado in October. Is she insane? The IG photos are not worth your life.


Alpaca-Bowl420 t1_iu8qt13 wrote

Goddamn that’s going to be an expensive ass hospital bill.


Boogerchair t1_iu8x9t9 wrote

Depends if they have insurance or not.


slipperyzoo t1_iu95oju wrote

Insurance rarely covers air rescue. Typically costs $30k+.


Boogerchair t1_iu9b1am wrote

Medical necessity, out of pocket max, etc.


slipperyzoo t1_iu9gzuy wrote

Yeah and medical necessity is subjective with an insanely high bar. For example: ground would result in an amputation, but air saves the limb. Insurance will deny paying for air because it's possible to live without a limb. Two days lost and a broken leg wont be enough for her to qualify. It has to be immediately life-threatening. And also there's plenty of examples like this case:

As usual, our system fucks whoever it can, however it can.


Boogerchair t1_iu9k42e wrote

Linking an article written to garner attention about a worst case scenario doesn’t mean anything about the average case. It doesn’t mean anything about this post either. I said it depends on insurance and it does. Some insurances will cover airlifts and some doctors would insist it’s medical necessity. This person could wind up paying 30k as you suggest or nothing, neither of us know their situation.

But living life assuming the worst case is default must be exhausting.


avidiax t1_iuartbi wrote

The "worst case scenario" in this case is being deliberately expanded for the profit of private investment funds.

Nobody has insurance that covers more than a small percentage of "out of network" claims.

The courts are siding with the investors charging a 700% markup for an air ambulance ride and refusing to join any insurance networks and negotiate.

So is it the "worst case scenario"? Sure. It's also going to be the most common scenario soon, if it's not already. All that 700% profit buys allows them to buy up any outfit that's charging reasonable rates.


curiousarcher t1_iuc57yo wrote

This is insane! “I wrote last year about a young man whose family initially got hit with the full cost of the air ambulance – a whopping $58,000 – after he was involved in a motorcycle crash. Even after the health insurance company paid $15,000, the young man still had to pay $43,000.” Seems like it’s almost not worth it to be airlifted unless you’re definitely gonna die otherwise! Yikes.


Xylem88 t1_iu9yyi1 wrote

Mine did (Cigna). I paid less than $1k for a $50k air rescue bill


Boogerchair t1_iua8ifr wrote

That’s great. Everybody has a different situation, I don’t know why that was a contentious idea.


turtleheadpokingout t1_iu9xqar wrote

That is a truly awesome train ride. I'm a cynical bastard and didn't want to go with the family, but super glad I did. If you get the chance, ride that train.


altw460 t1_iu9ywbd wrote

How did you not want to ride behind a steam engine


turtleheadpokingout t1_iua7t7b wrote

I wanted to go to the bar. Turns out there's a bar on the train!

Seriously that was an awesome experience. It was gorgeous and snowing. Like no bs fuckin magical like fairy tale kinda experience. The coal soot gets in your teeth though if you're on one of the outdoor cars. It was snowing so much though we had to turn around at wherever the lunch pavilion is- like halfway, but that was still plenty of train riding. That one kinda wears you out how it sways back and forth constantly.


Cash907 t1_iu9ppj8 wrote



Whiteflager t1_iu9dz0p wrote

Considering medical fees in USA, I guess the hiker is bankrupt now, isn’t she?


arcana73 t1_iu9hcuh wrote

I’m sure someone started a godundme for her and everyone will donate because of her bravery. Don’t worry she’ll be ok


gophergun t1_iu9q889 wrote

Especially considering she needed an air ambulance, which are notoriously expensive.


cfperez t1_iua09su wrote

It's a story of the greatness of Humanity when you see something, do something.


yeohdah t1_iuam5uv wrote

How did passenger know she needed help? I wouldn't necessarily pull the emergency cord just because I saw someone waving at me. The hiker must have done something special, like spelled help with rocks, or she was just super lucky


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hudnix t1_iu9thp6 wrote

> Two train staff who were also trained medics

They were staff on the train, and also medics, so of course they were trained medics. No need to be redundant.


zspade t1_iu8sh1o wrote

What happens when we stop staring at our phones for one minute a see the world around us...


ViR_SiO t1_iu8yjqj wrote

We get lost in the wilds you mean?


zspade t1_iu8z9m2 wrote

I meant you might observe something that wound have otherwise been missed. I could just imagine a train full of people passing by this person, in their phones, missing this.

But yeah, you could also get lost in the woods.


maybeitsme20 t1_iu90gqx wrote

As you post this from a phone or a computer...


zspade t1_iu910fa wrote

Of course, the irony is not lost on me.


whoisthecopperkettle t1_iubil0t wrote

And yet, here you are responding.

Go look outside and touch some grass. You could be saving someone!


zspade t1_iubiuae wrote

Eh, I built a paver firepit today, that's enough outside for... this month.


whoisthecopperkettle t1_iubj4rl wrote

I don’t think I can trust you. Prove you can do it by coming to my house and building one where I can see it. 🤣


zspade t1_iubjd4v wrote

Best I can do is an up vote for the chuckle.