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afriy t1_iuhpjm8 wrote

sounds like a good idea - if implemented by a small community where everyone is on board with it. community plays a huge role in this making even the slightest impact


ZomboFc t1_iuiw2x2 wrote

I like the internet because sometimes I like going out to a bar, grabbing a drink, reading an article and then heading home.

There are lots of times I am literally uninterested in what someone has to say.

Example : boomers at a bar trying to say people our age are too consumed on their phones, and things used to be different.

I don't care, they repeat the same thing 14 times and think they are some sort of clairvoyant. If your only conversation and identity is your age and talking about how much better your generation was, I literally don't care to hear what you have to say.

Now some article/ paper / code about something I'm interested in ? Much better than the dribble I have to hear from some people.

Just because you know how to speak doesn't make you interesting or intelligent.


Yes_hes_that_guy t1_iuhe9o5 wrote

Might want to try a better link that doesn’t require downloading an app.


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