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curien t1_iuiqvi0 wrote

>“And one day Coretta Scott King called my mother and asked if her kids could be part of the school because they were having a hard time finding a place that would accept her kids.”

There's so much going on under the surface of that sentence.


PositiveStress8888 t1_iujre99 wrote

You know what else is news ... in most countries you don't have to pay to have kids in the hospital


69_420_ t1_iuk3r26 wrote

Yes you do! Nothing is free


Cloudeur t1_iuk41c7 wrote

Am Canadian, my wife gave birth last year. No bill was sent to us. Nothing to pay out of pocket. It’s all paid through our taxes.


Mugtra t1_iuk57we wrote

While technically not "free", I'd still rather my tax dollars go to funding my medical bills, roadways, and general public health instead of lining the pockets of people who refuse to help anyone but themselves.


noodleboxxer t1_iukbvts wrote

Am Australian, I gave birth 2 years ago and paid nothing. Everything including check ups and scans were free. Plus Australian pay about 5 percentage points above the US on average income.


69_420_ t1_iuk6ek8 wrote

Yes. So you paid for it... Don't worry you'll understand how taxes work one day


Helstrem t1_iuk6xza wrote

Did you know that Americans pay more per capita in taxes for healthcare than Canadians, Brits, the French or Germans? Then we add premiums, deductibles and co-pays on top of that.


69_420_ t1_iuk78q3 wrote

Yeah, but that's misleading because most of those taxes come from employer companies paying it, not individual taxes.


Helstrem t1_iukbq0t wrote

That is 100% irrelevant. Do you think the NHS taxes are all from private citizens? The fact is our system is so fucked that even though more is paid per capita in taxes alone we have significantly worse outcomes. That is ignoring all the personal funds we pay after taxes, from whatever source, have already been paid.


Cloudeur t1_iuk6x5t wrote

I just explained how we pay it through our taxes and we don’t have to expect a bill when we need treatment. Don’t worry, you’ll understand how to read one day ;)


mathpat t1_iuk7uuh wrote

I'm an American. No, unfortunately he won't. Being willfully ignorant is seen as a badge of honor to one side of the political spectrum here.


69_420_ t1_iuk7bb6 wrote

Paying for it to the hospital and to taxes is the same thing essentially. Do you not understand that? You're paying for it either way


Cloudeur t1_iuk7s9m wrote

No it’s not.

Directly would be incredibly expensive per individual. Through taxes it’s collectively paid. That’s the biggest difference.

People reference their healthcare services as « free » because they don’t have to pay out of pocket.


69_420_ t1_iuk8xt9 wrote

Jeez someone is in for a rude awakening. You collectively all pay a giant sum. You personally pay a one person sized slice of that sum. Then when you go to the hospital you use a one person size slice of that giant sum. That is not a different cost than going to the hospital and paying a one person size slice to them


bSQ6J t1_iuirqin wrote

"Family relies on generosity from others in order to not go into medical debt"

Not really uplifiting?


nphased t1_iuiuamb wrote

The story as a whole is uplifting with J Robert’s mother and the Kings helping each other.

The circumstances of each side needing the help in a society of unequal economic and racist constraints is of course not uplifting.


the_ginger_weevil t1_iuji6e3 wrote

Of course not. Uplifting sentiment is frowned upon and will not be tolerated unless found in its purest form, a form as yet undefined by Reddit.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_iujtjhu wrote

I swear a story could get posted like "Girl who lost legs in accident gets cybernetic robot legs that she can feel and move like it's fucking magic holy shit"


Like Jesus Christ how do these people enjoy anything in life


islandofcaucasus t1_iujvx3i wrote

Bull shit. Julia Roberts is, what, 45? 50? In that time frame, Americans are still having their lives ruined due to debt and in stead of doing anything about it, we pat ourselves on the back over "feel good" stories like this. We should all be outraged, where's the fucking anger?


HarkARC t1_iujxjnt wrote

On the other subs where that sort of thing is more appropriate. This sub is here to give people a break from thinking about all the negatives. Nobody's forcing you to be here.


islandofcaucasus t1_iujy6hn wrote

Man puts out fire he started, only 2 of the 5 inhabitants are dead.

Not really an uplifting story, is it. Seems like there should be some threshold for what counts as uplifting


HarkARC t1_iuk097g wrote

I'm not sure what point you're trying to illustrate by making up that example. I'm just saying that if you're determined to be miserable, there are plenty of other subs to go do that on.


islandofcaucasus t1_iuk4317 wrote

My point is: despite your gate keeping that nobody is allowed to point out a lack of "uplifting" news, there is in fact an understood threshold of what's actually uplifting. We'd both agree that my example would not fit this sub, in simply arguing that the julia Roberts story doesn't either


SurprisedPotato t1_iuk3ezo wrote

Given that it is bad that people get trapped in medical debt, it is uplifting to hear of a family that was not.

Aim for the mountaintop, celebrate each tiny step.


2much2do2littletime t1_iuit1ke wrote

Wow! That is quite the connection! History is all around us!


Zealoussideal t1_iujxs6g wrote

She shows class by keeping this hidden all these years.A lot of people would have carried on about this for years for some type of clout.


tkbuddha t1_iuir0gy wrote

I thought for sure this was an onion article


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Not_n_A-Hole_usually t1_iujvdi0 wrote

For some reason I feel like I had heard this somewhere else before a while ago