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islandofcaucasus t1_iujy6hn wrote

Man puts out fire he started, only 2 of the 5 inhabitants are dead.

Not really an uplifting story, is it. Seems like there should be some threshold for what counts as uplifting


HarkARC t1_iuk097g wrote

I'm not sure what point you're trying to illustrate by making up that example. I'm just saying that if you're determined to be miserable, there are plenty of other subs to go do that on.


islandofcaucasus t1_iuk4317 wrote

My point is: despite your gate keeping that nobody is allowed to point out a lack of "uplifting" news, there is in fact an understood threshold of what's actually uplifting. We'd both agree that my example would not fit this sub, in simply arguing that the julia Roberts story doesn't either


SurprisedPotato t1_iuk3ezo wrote

Given that it is bad that people get trapped in medical debt, it is uplifting to hear of a family that was not.

Aim for the mountaintop, celebrate each tiny step.