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AsslessBaboon OP t1_iun2v9y wrote

Still got a long way to go but the fact that at least same-sex partners can now start to apply for public housing like married couples, give them access to medical data and allow them to be beneficiaries in auto and life insurance

Its the little 'wins' that bring on an avalanche of change.


moal09 t1_iuodbxw wrote

Baby steps. It'll happen eventually.
The young generation already doesn't give a shit if people are gay.


beebopcola t1_iuqwnjc wrote

Not even remotely true.


Common_Art826 t1_iurkcpv wrote

i think its a little true atleast in my experience as a young gay person, people care so little sometimes that it makes me cry from joy. but also theres definitely still some homophobia especially in men for some reason but otherwise noone cares if u wanna kiss ur own gender aslong as its not them yknow yknow


beebopcola t1_iut1q27 wrote

Homophobia (not even casual but straight kinda disdain or fear) was weirdly common in Japan last time i was over there, and i talked to some people about it... its even in the young ones, too. was weird to see because here they absolutely don't care as much.


Zeronality t1_iurvnff wrote

They don't make it their personality trait, like in the west, but they do care


SilverNicktail t1_iunt957 wrote

That's how these things go all the time, eh? Smaller regions do it, society completely fails to collapse, and eventually every says "ah, sod it."


RusstyDog t1_iuqymk3 wrote

Honestly coming from the country that had go ernment officials saying "there are no gay people in Japan" not too long ago its a big step.


Stormy-Skyes t1_iurhohm wrote

I went to school with a girl who had traveled to Japan for a program she was in. She said they would get to interview people with this list of standard stuff in Japanese and they’d ask stuff in English to help learn the language, and at the end they got to ask a couple of questions that weren’t on the list just for more fun and practice. She learned how to ask “do you know anyone who is openly gay?” And she said that most people she asked just said no but a few people would burst out laughing and tell her “there are no gay people in Japan”.

That was in like 2006-2007ish. It seems like it was such a long time ago (especially for me now, looking back on the high school days hah). But as far as social and political changes go, it isn’t nearly as long ago as it feels.


KrimxonRath t1_iura6j0 wrote

Yes, I’d like to solve.


ding ding ding!


elcabeza79 t1_iurapob wrote

So the gays moved to Japan recently, eh? You think they'll get into Iran eventually too?


Jacecam32 t1_iuoqff0 wrote

Got a lot of old people to die off first