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Candeler0 t1_iuqn1gj wrote

Are we not talking about the fact that this was cross-posted from r/upliftingmews with an "M"? I find that hilarious


Hleigh000 t1_iurdfon wrote

I love that you pointed that out cause I never would have noticed. Now I have another cat sub to look at lol


spoung45 t1_ius9x36 wrote

I feel someone else should cross post the cross post here again.


Sariel007 OP t1_iutu4b5 wrote

This guy gets it.

Also checkout /r/PupliftingNews


Qwearman t1_iusglar wrote

I was so confused bc I didn’t see the cat on mobile at first. Now I’m only 50% sure “worlds tallest living cat” isn’t in reference to the man in green lol


USS_Hornet t1_iuppkff wrote

This is a junk world record. The cat is only 2 generations from a wild cat, hardly makes him domestic. There are people who domesticated mountain lions and lynx. The Egyptians domesticated Cheetahs. This cat doesn’t even come close.


FederalSlutInspector t1_iupqmx5 wrote

Yeah definitely not the tallest cat. Tallest house cat maybe. Cat Stevens is also at least 3 times as tall.


Fausterion18 t1_ius6bex wrote

The point is this cat isn't a real domestic cat, but rather a hybrid with a wild cat.


FederalSlutInspector t1_iustwe3 wrote

Guessing you don't know who Cat Stevens is cuz I was making a joke that must have went over ur head..


LadyKalliope t1_iut6hur wrote

If you took the time to read the article, the cat is the world's tallest domestic cat, not the tallest cat in existence.


B9f4zze t1_iuqm4ui wrote

ITT people expecting a 17ft housecat


mynameisalso t1_iuqs4x3 wrote

>ITT people expecting a 17ft housecat

How is that your take when they said it wasn't a real housecat?


Numbah9Dr t1_iuqygwg wrote

He's only 3 inches taller than my son's orange cat, with no wild blood.


hazpat t1_iurnpkm wrote

17% difference. The difference of 6'0" vs 6'11". That's significant.


aldorn t1_iur6zc8 wrote

I wanted to see a house cat, as in it was so big you could live in it.


westbee t1_iuqo69m wrote

What about Savannah cats?

I've seen pet cats taller than this one.


VIPERsssss t1_iur8ddo wrote

This one is crossed with a Savannah cat. I think that's OPs point.


Pporkbutt t1_iurmzm9 wrote

It IS a savannah cat, and only an F2 at that


USS_Hornet t1_iut2615 wrote

Bengals, which this is are crossed with an Asia Leopard cat while a Savannah is crossed with a Serval, a different wild cat. Both have an extreme amount of energy compared to a plain housecat and many owners are narcissistic but lazy and can’t deal with them


Pporkbutt t1_iut3vx9 wrote

The article says it's an F2 Savannah, so the grandbaby of a Serval.


TowerGuardGames t1_iupz380 wrote

18 inches tall. Like when all four paws are on the ground? 18 inches isn't a extraordinarily big cat from head to foot


nmzj t1_iupztf6 wrote

Animals are typically measured to the shoulder.


Yrvaa t1_iuqhp64 wrote

48 cm for non-american people here.


devilbat26000 t1_iuqrdr5 wrote

A 48 cm tall house cat is absurd, what are the people in this thread on about?? Thanks for the conversion.


GagOnMacaque t1_iuqbzz4 wrote

F1 Savannah is WAY bigger.


N1ghtbeat t1_iuqy7ij wrote

Formula 1?


NoSoulGinger116 t1_iuq28hw wrote

His cats died in a house fire. It's bitter sweet that he was such a responsible pet owner that his cats physically couldn't get out and harm any other living thing instinctively. Good on Dr. Powers and I'm sorry for his loss.


d4rk_matt3r t1_iuqo1zk wrote

This dude gives his cats awesome names. Fenrir, Altair, Cygnus, Arcturus


JimmyRedd t1_iuqoq4f wrote

Fenrir? Why not just name your cat "dog"?


SobiTheRobot t1_ius45gv wrote

I had a cat named Sirius once. Sirius Black, because he was a black cat, and the other cat we had was "Pesky Pixie Pesternomi" or Pixie for short.


oatmeal28 t1_iuqigmb wrote

He’s not even that tall. I bet I’m taller


KiloCharlieOne t1_ius0osh wrote

And he’s a Dr? Leave some pussy for the rest of us champ…


PM-ME-RED-HAIR t1_iuqebyr wrote

What about FIV patients and human shelters ?


_KeyError_ t1_iuqt2l9 wrote

The cats not that tall, that guy is clearly holding him up


ObfuscatedAnswers t1_iuqu4y3 wrote

Not native English speaking so I'm curious. Wouldn't a cat be 'long' rather than 'tall'?


Bearloom t1_iuqwzq6 wrote

In this case, the measurement is the distance between the ground and his shoulders when he's standing on all fours.


ObfuscatedAnswers t1_iuqzy9q wrote

Ah, gotcha. I was fooled by the picture where he held the cat up standing on it's back paws.


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Pandafrosting t1_iuq397c wrote

I didn't know cats can contract HIV


I-Am-Yew t1_iuqc4lq wrote

The cat doesn’t have HIV. His owner is an HIV specialist doctor and the cat acts as therapy for those patients. Weird title words and such.


ethot_thoughts t1_iuq41jl wrote

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a virus specific to the cat family. It is similar to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, the cause of AIDS in people) in that it attacks and weakens the immune system and there is no cure. FIV was first recognized in the mid-1980s and has been found in cats worldwide. It is a species specific virus that harms only cats, and poses no risk to humans or other animals.


BennySkateboard t1_iuq4302 wrote

Was expecting him to be as big as a lion at least


BilboSwagginz t1_iur2w00 wrote

It makes me sad that Samson is no longer the record holder. Watching that unfold on Instagram was so heartbreaking


pungen t1_iur39ry wrote

This guy's parents named him will powers


rbtfstr t1_iurm5zh wrote

The world’s biggest cat (iiin the US).


Materva t1_iury6o7 wrote

Longcat is long!


zyx1989 t1_ius8vdx wrote

Mmm, Punctuation matters, after reading the headline I thought the cat was in support (as for example political support) of animal shelters and hiv patients, and my mind was trying to warp around how and why the cat does that...


Remydope t1_iuszsdy wrote

For some reason.... I definitely feel like my Norwegian forest cat is bigger.


askofsic t1_iut5x03 wrote

Like... It goes to rallies and fights for reform?


mere_iguana t1_iw6zrlr wrote

The tallest cat in the world lived here in my town for many years, until this one took the title.

I suppose this one is more of a philanthropist. TBH ours was pretty lazy


[deleted] t1_iur5gvt wrote



Gamechamps t1_ius56xi wrote

The cat is hypoallergenic and many of his patients who have cat allergies were delighted to be able to be near a cat without problems for the first time.