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USS_Hornet t1_iuppkff wrote

This is a junk world record. The cat is only 2 generations from a wild cat, hardly makes him domestic. There are people who domesticated mountain lions and lynx. The Egyptians domesticated Cheetahs. This cat doesn’t even come close.


FederalSlutInspector t1_iupqmx5 wrote

Yeah definitely not the tallest cat. Tallest house cat maybe. Cat Stevens is also at least 3 times as tall.


Fausterion18 t1_ius6bex wrote

The point is this cat isn't a real domestic cat, but rather a hybrid with a wild cat.


FederalSlutInspector t1_iustwe3 wrote

Guessing you don't know who Cat Stevens is cuz I was making a joke that must have went over ur head..


LadyKalliope t1_iut6hur wrote

If you took the time to read the article, the cat is the world's tallest domestic cat, not the tallest cat in existence.


B9f4zze t1_iuqm4ui wrote

ITT people expecting a 17ft housecat


mynameisalso t1_iuqs4x3 wrote

>ITT people expecting a 17ft housecat

How is that your take when they said it wasn't a real housecat?


Numbah9Dr t1_iuqygwg wrote

He's only 3 inches taller than my son's orange cat, with no wild blood.


hazpat t1_iurnpkm wrote

17% difference. The difference of 6'0" vs 6'11". That's significant.


aldorn t1_iur6zc8 wrote

I wanted to see a house cat, as in it was so big you could live in it.


westbee t1_iuqo69m wrote

What about Savannah cats?

I've seen pet cats taller than this one.


VIPERsssss t1_iur8ddo wrote

This one is crossed with a Savannah cat. I think that's OPs point.


Pporkbutt t1_iurmzm9 wrote

It IS a savannah cat, and only an F2 at that


USS_Hornet t1_iut2615 wrote

Bengals, which this is are crossed with an Asia Leopard cat while a Savannah is crossed with a Serval, a different wild cat. Both have an extreme amount of energy compared to a plain housecat and many owners are narcissistic but lazy and can’t deal with them


Pporkbutt t1_iut3vx9 wrote

The article says it's an F2 Savannah, so the grandbaby of a Serval.