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gsoClarke t1_iuwyc63 wrote

The Fousing First model made a lot of sense when I first saw it in 2009. It will take a little time to verify the data based on the night in January census. Deaths could also account for it based on the very little information provided in the article. I would like to have seen some other ratios and counts.


artcook32945 t1_iux1vv5 wrote

My first thought was also wondering about how deaths might play into this. Vets who did combat are an aging population.


runbyfruitin t1_iux4y30 wrote

For the 2020 to 2022 period - wasn’t most of the country under an eviction/foreclosure moratorium? I wonder if that plays a part.


NewsYouCanShmooze OP t1_iux8shi wrote

Good point. That probably did play a role. We can conclude the moratorium had a positive outcome.


jdogburger t1_iuya3i9 wrote

How many vets died from covid complications or opioid overdoses during that period?


artcook32945 t1_iuyl6fe wrote

And, being homeless, makes both of their problems more deadly.


NewsYouCanShmooze OP t1_iuwyoo5 wrote

Yes, more data is always good. On the face of it, though, this does seem to be very uplifting news.