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Minionz t1_iv1vf6y wrote

Ah yes. Black Licorice, the candy that can inadvertently kill you if you eat a lot of it.


MHarbourgirl t1_iv22l5x wrote

Yep. Great for people with low blood pressure, in moderation. If you've already got high blood pressure, stay away from that nasty stuff.


[deleted] t1_iv4nfl0 wrote

don't tell that to the Scandinavians


FriendoftheDork t1_iv5f3aj wrote

As a Scandinavian I've never heard of that. Appearently you have to eat more than 50g per day over a week, which is quite a lot.


[deleted] t1_ivi1394 wrote

That must be the weight of one of the toxic components of it. Cause I have eaten more than 100 of salt sild or tyrkisk pepper several days in a raw before


FriendoftheDork t1_ivi5c1u wrote

You eat 100g licorice per day for a week? If you do, you may be in danger.


>Å spise mer enn 50 gram svart lakris om dagen i minst to uker, kan føre til potensielt alvorlige helseproblemer - som økt blodtrykk og uregelmessig hjerterytme.

There are very few cases of this happening, and you're at risk probably only if you do this over time and/or are older than 50.


[deleted] t1_iviigb0 wrote

Damn. Man laerer noe nytt hver dag. Bor ikke i Norge lenger saa har ikke tilgang til ekte lakris lenger. Men skal huske aa be mamma om ikke aa sende for mye lakris til jula I aar haha


FriendoftheDork t1_ivk6x2q wrote

Bare spis litt mindre av gangen, eller ha noen "fridager" i jula uten lakris