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waetherman t1_iv2cc7c wrote

After seeing how badly some trick-or-treaters behave, taking the whole bowl of candy, this was definitely uplifting. Someone raised these kids right.


Spicy_Sugary t1_iv4z830 wrote

I left a bowl out with a sign saying help yourself. When I got home it was late and the bowl was half full.

A few late stragglers turned up around 9pm as I was packing up. I told them to empty the bowl, but I had to repeatedly assure them it was okay. Most kids do the right thing.


waetherman t1_ivfi7jq wrote

I had about 200 trick-or-treaters of all ages, and I was surprised how well behaved they were. But I was supervising the handouts, so I don't doubt a few of them would have dug deep if I hadn't been there. But yes, most are good.